Title: GROVE
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/grove.zip
Size: 574.53 KB
Date: 02/26/04
Author: B.P.R.D
E-mail: Burp_n_gurgle@hotmail.com
Description: GROVE- THE STORY CONTINUES (...from where?)- In your garden, you can sometimes see an angry looking fat dude steal your mushrooms. He's Smugla. Whenever he takes them, he leaps into a deep hole in the floor like a rabbit. You've never catched him. One day you think "Gee- I wonder why he lives in the ground?" So one day, taking your pistol to blow that mushroom stealer to bits, you jump down the hole. "Lets see how he enjoys my mushrooms now!"... Whatever that means. You hit the bottom of the hole, and you see the hole continue horizontally down. So you go down it, and hit a dead end. But then, you look up, and see another hole out "ha HA!" you retort. You climb out the hole, and look around- "Umm... where the hell am I?" You say, as you see the red skied, gold stared, tree covered, 7 frame per second frame rate world of Grove. You get out of the hole, and see Smugla's house infront of you, with HIS mushroom garden, which are really your mushrooms that he stole. You might as well take them. They are yours- even if it would anger him. Where is he anyway?

There is a map in his house, showing his X on it. Hmm. I wonder why he wants to go there? Well, he IS a trans-galactical mushroom stealer - maybe its a huge mushroom grove? or maybe an opportunity to get other mushrooms from other dimensions? Who knows. Do you? You do don't you- don't lie. Tell me- TELL ME!!


P.S- Sorry about all those trees. Its a relatively small level anyway. You just have to be observant at times and a good shooter. The ammo can be pretty tight at times I guess. You'd probably just IDDQD, IDKFA it to the end won't you. Tsk tsk.
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