Title: Imp Dreams
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/imp_dreams.zip
Size: 4.71 MB
Date: 03/29/24
Description: Doom Guy goes to the therapist says he's been counting imps to fall asleep
Credits: A word on the midi files. They come from old games but the folder is wild and their names aren't always easy to find. Some of the games pulled from: Ultima, Descent, System Shock, Syndicate, KGB, Master of Monsters and other Hayato Matsuo works. No permissions were given of use of the media and no claim of ownership is made. A doom wad is a mixtape in some essence and so I hope this use is excused.

The imp variants were pulled from Realm667, much thanks to their original sprite artists. Skies are from Mechadon's box o' skies, also one by ukiro, many thanks for the valuable resource. The HUD and texture work is bespoke.

Extra gratitude for: Dragonfly, Ptoing, Tango. Vile for testing, demos and the constant stream of inspiration over the years.

Aurelius for all the technical help but also bringing his own unique vision to this. This mapset would not exist had he not helped.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Covid
Editor(s) used: UDB, Slade
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