Title: Ancient Aliens
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/aaliens.zip
Size: 35.85 MB
Date: 07/17/16
Author: Paul "skillsaw" DeBruyne
Description: Ancient Aliens is a megawad featuring 32 colorful, action-packed maps for Boom compatible ports.

Go on a journey to discover the truth about the enigmatic origins of human civilization...

I'm not saying it was aliens, but... the truth is out there.
Credits: NiGHTMARE Espi Eriance Fredrik Johansson Janitor DaGGeR Ola Bjorling Vader XDelusion esselfortium RottKing Nuxius Afterglow AgentSpork Enjay Huy Pham SargeBaldy Tormentor667 Iikka Keranen Cage FuzzballFox 40oz Mechadon zrrion the insect Nightfall Blue Shadow Sock Roger Ritenour Spackle Tarnsman lupinx-Kassman (see LKTex for details on individual resources) skillsaw GothicDM Team Eternal Doom Team id Software Ion Storm Raven Software Rogue Entertainment Valve Software
Base: Texture wad based on 32in24-14 resource
Build time: 15 months
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 2 , GZDoom Builder, Slade, WhackEd, GIMP, Notepad++
Bugs: None
Rating: (89 votes)
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