Title: Adonis: Escape from Urania
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/adonis.zip
Size: 5.58 MB
Date: 06/29/19
Author: riderr3
Description: 17-map Boom megawad, sequel of Urania. After defeating the tyrant monster from Urania, your spaceship was hit by unknown forces and you had to catapult back to the surface of Urania, in the industrial area, between the jungle and the mountains. Earth coalition ships are under fire and cannot help you. Received information from the command center: this time the threat comes from the moon of Urania - Adonis. The task is to find a way to get to Adonis and destroy the enemies there.
Credits: ID Software for Doom; Realm667 for resources; Jimmy, Enjay, NiGHTMARE, Talon1024, Soundblock, Cage, David G, Da Werecat, MIR.wad, gothictx.wad for textures; Ravage for torches; SilverMiner for boom compatible sliding doors prefab; Espi for sliding door patches; Eradrop, Mechadon and Plums for skies; Aubrey Hodges for sounds; Daniel for STBAR; Leonard for MAPINFO tips; galileo31dos01, Deadwing, hawkwind, seed, Talon1024, Spectre01 for feedback
Base: New from scratch, except MAP33
Build time: 2 years and 6 months
Editor(s) used: GZDoomBuilder-bugfix, SLADE3, Whacked4, WadSpy, Endoomer, Doom Writer, GIMP, Anvil Studio (midi editing)
Bugs: None as I know of
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