Title: Dominus Diabolicus
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/dominusd.zip
Size: 16.3 MB
Date: 03/29/24
Author: Bofu
Description: Dominus Diabolicus is a (mostly) solo project, and an ambitious one at that. As my first real release, I wanted to do something a bit more challenging than just a single map, and instead, made a 33-map megawad. The idea was to make something that feels close to the spirit of the original Doom games while also adding new enemies and more detailed environments.

Difficulty starts off fairly standard. By the end of Episode 1, things get a little spicy. By the end, things are a considerable challenge but fair for the average Doomer. Super secret levels, however, are incredibly difficult and long.

Optional episodes have been implemented to start at MAP01, MAP12, or MAP21, though continuous play is supported. All maps were tested from a pistol start on UV. Co-op and Deathmatch are all supported, though some levels will not be as robustly supported as others in that regard. Co-op enemies are also present. Recommended difficulty is Ultra- Violence for pistol starts, and Ultra-Violence with co-op monsters or fast monsters enabled for continuous play, for a challenging experience.

There are multiple new enemies in this megawad. First is the Former Human Vanguard, who wields a super shotgun and drops it upon death. Next is the Summoner, an Arch-Vile variant that summons new enemies instead of resurrecting existing ones and functions as a miniboss. Third is the Cybermancubus, whose fireballs deal lingering acid damage based on where they land. Fourth is a custom boss monster.
Credits: Level Design: Bofu Dehacked: Bofu Sprites: Amuscaria, Bofu, Raven Software, Xim Textures: Bofu, Hambourgeois, Mek Music: Bofu, Lee Jackson Sound: Bofu, Midway Software, Napsalm Playtesters: LabyrinthDoomer, seejay, T-117, WSADKO, Lucky_Edie, Napsalm, Vytaan, galileo31dos01 Special Thanks: decino, Doomkid, DavidN, stx-Vile, PsychEyeball, Annie and Binx, and the Doom community
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 2.5 years
Editor(s) used: Ultimate Doom Builder, SLADE
Bugs: Brightmaps not added for new/replaced sprites Older versions of GZDoom will cause issues with the Former Human Vanguard dropping lamps instead of super shotguns on death Older versions of Doom Retro will not properly activate certain map actions on MAP30 and MAP33 when monsters are killed
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