Title: Freudian Slipgate
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/freudslp.zip
Size: 9.47 MB
Date: 01/05/16
Author: Alter, Obsidian, Pinchy, General Rainbow Bacon, TheMisterCat, Marnetmar
Description: You are playing Quake, you walk into the Slipgate only to find out it's Freudian, suddenly, you are in Doom.. #doomtwid realm, you have angered the #doomtwid gods and they throw you into the random maps for invading their privileges on internet.

Are you agitated enough to survive the Bull#$@$ maps?
Credits: All friends who tested this mapset and all the guys who made the music including Jimmy, Jmickle and the vgmusic composers. Also Nmn who I had a chance to co-work with on an another project where some of my maps come from, that we cooperated on. (we split off due differences in what we wanted Stomper to be and I took the maps I worked most on)
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 5 Months
Editor(s) used: DB2, Slade
Rating: (27 votes)
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Well, it starts somewhat amateurish in architectural design (simple shapes, orthogonal alignment), but the gameplay is relaxing and fun. Then things turn up a "notch". Maps get better in architecture, but gameplay becomes projectile spamfest in vast, open areas. While some maps are reasonably beatable, some others are simply frustrating. A weak 3*.x
Totally gorgeous and pretty damn fun too! (I still need to beat it but I'm getting there)x
Dr. Stein
Great stuff. Had a lot of fun playing through it!x
Some real nice and fun to play maps. Good architecture and for levels are even quite grand. Nice balance of item and monster placement, and good balance of difficulty. Textures and theme are quite oddball at times but kept me interested and playing. Not a masterpiece, but it's definately worth a playthrough.x
Bunch of bad maps.x
Sweet map set. Covered all my bases. Some beautiful maps, too!x

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