Title: Imperfect Hatred
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/imphate-v4.zip
Size: 9.6 MB
Date: 05/14/21
Author: Various, compiled by BluePineapple72
Description: Imperfect Hatred is the sixth edition of PUSS, BluePineapple72's monthly speedmapping series. These maps hate you, and you will love it.

Maps were designed for pistol start. Using idclev warping to play each map is highly encouraged. Via MAPINFO, pistol starts are enforced on Zdoom based ports.

It was created in February 2021 with the following gimmicks: - 6 hour time limit - Each map must tribute E4M2 of the Ultimate Doom - Each map had to have at minimum two of the following: - A Cyberdemon Turret guarding a secret BFG - A hot start with a caco swarm - A circular room with barons of hell on the perimeter. - A rocky cavern beset with lost souls and spectres/pinkies - A central platforming section connecting multiple areas. - A dangerous damaging floor central to the whole map only escapable by running up damaging stairs to the start. - DOOM 1 Monster Roster and No Super Shotgun - A large secret area, accessed where the secret exit would have been.
Credits: cc4-tex - Various Imperfect Hatred logo by 4MATC Interpic by Death Bear
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 6 Non consecutive hours from Feb. 1-26
Editor(s) used: UDB , Slade , DB2 , Photoshop , Notepad , GIMP,
Bugs: Look pal, I'm not omnipotent
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