Title: Newdoom Community Project
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/ndcp.zip
Size: 7.02 MB
Date: 01/08/06
Author: various Doom Community members
E-mail: vilecore@gmail.com
Credits: id software Espi, Mystic, Doom_Dude, iori, Doom_Goat, DoomedAce Lutrov71 and Danimetal for providing various textures. Exl for doing the ingame graphics (Doom_Dude made credit graphic). Aliotroph?, Looney2ner, PumpkinSmasher, Phoebus, and Nuxius for Playtesting.
Base: From scratch
Build time: 3 years ++
Editor(s) used: See individual maps below. ZenNode used for final nodesbuild.
Bugs: Hopefully we squashed the worst of the bugs....
Rating: (70 votes)
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