Title: ZPack - Random Maps for ZDoom
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/zpack.zip
Size: 35.28 MB
Date: 06/16/08
Author: Various
Description: A megawad of 3 themed episodes, each of them with numerous maps fully taking the advantage of ZDoom's features!
Credits: id Software for Doom Randy Heit for ZDoom Graf Zahl for GZDoom

Music 3D Realms, Duke Nukem 3D Attic Entertainment, Realms of Arkania Banshee, Painkiller Epic Megagames, UT2003 John Romero, Unreleased Doom Music Mark Garnet Monolith, Blood Parralax Software, Descent Russel Pearson, World Carnage Champ. Sam Wolff & Dave Phaneuf Simon "SlayeR" Judd Sivak Drac Square, Final Fantasy Xaser

Textures Eriance, Demon Eclipse Gothic Team, Gothic Deathmatch Nick Baker, 5th Episode & Recoloured Doom Raven Software, Heretic & Hexen

Graphics AgentSpork, BIGFONT SMALLFONT Menu graphics

Monsters Eriance, Diabolist Bloodfiend/Lurker Death Incarnate Hades Sphere Demolisher Cybruiser

IcyTux, Infernalspider/Minispider

Innocent Crew, Rocketguy

Nanami, Afrit

Tormentor667, Suicide Bomber Catharsi

Vader, Shadow Bruiser Demon Satyr Soul Harvester Terminator Lord of Heresy
Base: Various
Build time: 13 months (Started in May 2007)
Editor(s) used: Too many to count!
Bugs: At time of writing the recent version of GZdoom (1.1.4) seems to have massive problems with rendering polyobjects (among other issues), wich results in heavy "texture bleeding" everywhere polyobjects are used.

Either use GZdoom 1.1.0 to play this mod or simply use Zdoom (wich is the intended sourceport anyway!)
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