Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/akmwad1.zip
Size: 400.02 KB
Date: 05/21/06
Author: Paul Noble
Description: 5 levels varing types from mass destruction to run'n'jump to teleporter sections.
Credits: My brother Alexander Noble Authors of DCK and Deu2
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DCK 1.0, 1.1, DCK 2.0 Deu2
Bugs: Level 4 has a odd side def on the top of the main room Level 5 has a dodgy half linedef in the winding staircase Also the Switch to secret level just returns player to start again.
Rating: (14 votes)
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After playing the first few maps this was meh. x
heheh, wow, i totally forgot about this wad pack, and to be honest i cant remember for the life of me what the levels even played like, or looked like. coming back to look at the reviews below and the description i'm pretty horrified that i'd release something with tex errors in it, its over 10 years old and if i recall - was the first pack ever released. i stopped making levels after the Silo's map and my all time favorite map riverfrt.wad (which i've subsequently lost :( ).x
This is dated 26 March 1995, on which day I was nineteen years and six days old. The sensation I felt most whilst playing these levels was one of weariness. Although there are Doom 2 monsters in some of these levels, they are basically crude old Doom 1 levels that have been upgraded slightly. They are user-hostile, with mazey layouts and switch hunts that lead to further switch hunts. I give up.x
These levels are far from bad. They present some very interesting game mechanics that you rarely see in any modern wads. Sure, they are unpolished and suffer from poor texturing (or lack thereof), but they were entertaining for me, and I'm a tough critic. 5/5 for balance. -EarthQuakex
Annoying and boring :P 1/5 - Optimusx
This is a Noobwad, but not too bad after all...2/5x
Pure shite. Looks terrible and plays even worse. The author later on made one of my all time favourite levels, MM2 map 27, "The Silos". I guess we all have to start somewhere, but this wad is waste of space. 1/5x

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