Title: Path of a Fallen Angel
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/angel.zip
Size: 1.05 MB
Date: 10/13/95
Author: Darrell Esau
Description: After the fall of the big bad-asses in Doom and Doom2, you make your way back home and pitch in a hand in rebuilding Earth. After years of hard work, Earth has had a rebirth in technology that was so necessary for the recovery. This new technology also spilled over into the armed forces, especially the Marines who are, after your escapades, at the head of protecting Earth from any outside evil force. Mankind had just begun to enjoy a new peaceful life when a radio beam comes down to the UAC COT (Communications to Outer Territories dept.) from Saturn. Your were on call when the distress message came down, and it shot streams of horror down your spine as you heard the screams. It sounded so much like the call you got when you were stationed on Mars. You recalled a budy yelling in total terror, "There's something fraging evil coming through those gates!" Arrangements are made immediatly to transfer the remaining Marines down to Earth. When they arrive, they tell the grusome story of a new strain of pure evil coming through a sort of portal onto the surface of Saturn. Apparently as the technology of the Marines grew on Earth, somebody, or something was watching their every move, and copying their every weapon. The new P950 plasma gun has been stolen, the new phase 2 rockets and launcher have been stolen. They know of our technology, and have weilded it. Now it is up to you to use the new technology to bash this new evil. You grab your stuff and head out!
Credits: All the guys at ID for making this AWESOME game. Steve Kazsuk for "The Warehouse of Death" Scott McNutt for "The WaterFront" Randy and Steve for "Death of a Hero" Shawn Birkel for "Eighteenth Hanger" All fellow Doomers for keeping this going for so long!
Base: None
Build time: 70+ hours
Editor(s) used: DCK v. 2.2 by Ben Morris WadEd v. 1.83B by Mathew Ayres
Bugs: Some bad HOM on level 7. Sorry, no way around it.
Rating: (9 votes)
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It does appear that the author took some decent maps by other guys (not caring if permission had been granted or not) and added some rotten sound effects and graphics (an uninspired mapping) of his own. Boo, hiss. 0/5x
Mixed bag of maps, some great and some so-so. MAP02 is a slightly modified version of Fava Beans E1M2, but the TXT file doesn't mention that. Hopefully the others are more original (didn't recognize any of them). Worth playing at least once if you like old school Doom.x
Since the above reviews aren't very informative, I'll attempt a fair one myself: this is a run-of-the-mill 1995 megawad, with 7 levels. There's some forgettable new music, new graphics (sprite recolorings) and cheesy replacement sounds that sound out of place and become annyoing after a while, as usual. The levels themselves have pretty simple layouts. Some of them have interesting large outdoors areas, but it's mostly a copy and paste. 2/5 -Maesx
Incredibly bad.x
I freakin' love these maps. 5'd.x

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