Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/arachna2.zip
Size: 64.76 KB
Date: 11/06/95
Author: Bjorn Hermans (all the editing and design work) and Holger Nathrath (testing & comment)
Description: The evil Spider Mother has made her lair in a Holy Church and turned it into a place of Supreme Evilness.
Credits: Id for DOOM I and II, Raphael Quinet for DEU, John Anderson and Jim Flynn for DETH, the creators of WARM, NWT and WINTEX, and all the persons who played our previous WADs.
Build time: A few days (I spent most of the time on play-testing).
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.2 and DETH 6.2.
Bugs: If you shoot too much switches at a time in the dungeon that is in the south, DOOM MAY bomb out with some kind of switch-overflow error. Normally this won't happen.

There was a spot which kept causing a VISPLANES error: the door which has to be opened with the blue key. If you'd stand next to the door and turn around, DOOM would bomb out quite often with a VISPLANES error. To fix this I have moved the side walls inwards (creating a sort of niche). The error seems to have been removed by this action (mail me if I'm wrong!).
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November 1995. The Doom II version of id=3679. You fight 188 baddies in a good-looking E2-style castle. It's switch-hunty and by Christ there are a lot of lost souls - although you have the double shotgun this time - but the gameplay doesn't mess about and there's lots of action. The spider arena at the end looks splendid, although it's odd that the spider mastermind is outside the actual arena. Seven plus seven is fourteen.x
Nice design, good action. 4/5 - Optimusx
Date finished: Nov 06, 1995... At that time, Doombuilder wasn't existing, and aligning texture was really very hard. I made it for my wad 777, using Wdeu32 (Win DEU), and it was time consuming!!! That said, I agree, PC. I add that this wad has a very good gameplay, and a very interesting architecture, like "Arachna", for Doom1. - 4/5 - Jivex
Good level. Would be much better if textures were aligned. 4/5 -PCx
Kick ass.x

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