Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/bdsdoom2.zip
Size: 344.99 KB
Date: 10/21/00
Author: Barry D. Sebastian
Description: I wanted to provide several hours of GOOD level design for total immersion - and have it fit on one diskette. BDSDOOM is the result...

As usual in the BDS*.* levels, I've tried to give a lot of attention to detail in BDSDOOM. BDSDOOM is actually a five level game that replaces levels 3 through 7 of ID's DOOM2. The fact that you have downloaded these files shows that you (like myself) are ate up with this stuff, and I hope you enjoy playing them!!

I'll briefly describe each level, and tell you how to play them as a game, or individually. I've also included a demo of each of the 5 levels in case you want to check one out (recorded on medium difficulty).

Some general advice:

- These levels are for intermediate to advanced players - you need to have guts, and be able to think logically (and being able to jump well helps too!).

- Save your game often, especially before going into a new area (even if it looks quiet!).

- Some doors can only be opened by pistol, chaingun or shotgun fire...(and sometimes this affects remote doors...).

- If you're playing deathmatch, try it with the "nomonsters" parameter (it makes things less "cluttered"). There are helpful items available in deathmatch that aren't available in single player mode.

- USE YOUR MAP !! There are some helpful hints that can be had by looking at, and thinking about the map!

- Don't Cheat !! Really - It's More Fun...
Credits: Makers of WINDEU32, WARM 1.1 nodebuilder, and all the creative minds out there making cool levels,

---------------- -------> and of course: | ID Software. | ---------------- I'd also like to acknowledge Michael Kelsey for the neat "hanging door" idea from his well made SHOOTEM3.wad (E1M5 in the Kneedeep series).
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time: Lost count a 100 hrs ago (!conservative!)
Editor(s) used: WINDEU32 v5.24, WARM 1.1 Nodebuilder
Bugs: None (If you find any - let me know, thanks!)
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Not as puzzle-oriented as the author claims,but it has a bit of old school charm to it.The"puzzles" are more of switch-hunts or"how to access them" deals.Jumping and crouching are needed for this mapset,which starts on level#3 and ends with an Icon of Sin showdown on level#7.Kinda surprised this has been in the archives for 9 years and no votes.3.5[4]/5 x

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