Title: The Big Open
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/bigopen.zip
Size: 110.89 KB
Date: 03/12/95
Author: Mark Riel
Description: Thought I'd stretch the DOOM engine a bit. This level is wide open, with six main areas. Its the biggest PWAD I've made or ever seen. That is, big in area, not sectors and such. It did hang the game for unknown reasons, so maybe there is a size limit. Its too big for a good deathmatch unfortunatly, though the starts are there. I like the sense of moving to a distinct -new- area. DOOM has little continuity...one area, hit a switch, poof, new area. I would prefer a future with a wide open map...quake? You only get a sense of that here.
Credits: Creators of DEU, BSP, RMB (reject builder). And, of course, id Software.

And thanks to E.R. for playtesting & ideas.
Base: New level from scratch.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Deu2,RMB
Bugs: Some single column glitches. BSP seems to create these when there are a lot of curves.
Rating: (5 votes)
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average map..unchallenging fights and huge empty areas are cons..indoor areas are nicex
This is from February 1995. It's a mostly outdoorsy level with about 200 monsters. The visuals make it feel like an old role-playing game at times. You have lots of ammo and the baddies tend to infight. It manages to convey a sense of scale, and the indoors bits have some clever over'n'under details. Despite the size, you can finish it quite quickly. I imagine the author was disappointed with Quake, which didn't have any wide open spaces at all.x
Not bad. A bit too large for its own good. Could have been smaller, yes. Barren encounters. I say it's average. 3 out of 5.x

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