Title: Kill Gates
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/billgate.zip
Size: 160.22 KB
Date: 04/24/98
Author: Ceremn(aka Mike Watson)
Description: In a nutshell, replaces all Imp sprites with Bill Gates. Will alter your doom2.wad(very safe)but the second you quit DeuTex will remove the gfx from your main wad. Don't worry!!
Credits: id Software for making Doom][, the dudes at #DooM2 on IRC for inspiring this and Bill Gates for being the richest nerd in the world. Oh yeah, and http://www.ihatebillgates.com for Billy's mug, and Ty(I don't wanna misspell his last name) for helping me out with the wad merging and how to do it, etc.
Base: New level from scratch and new graphics from scratch (except old Billy Bob's face)
Build time: I'd say 8-12 hours
Editor(s) used: Waded, NWT, DeuTeX, PSP
Bugs: When you subtract 3 from 3.1 the calculator says the awnser is 0. And When you shut it down it whines at you for not shutting it down the right way. Oh, but MY wad has no bugs(I hope)
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Run deusf over gates.wad (deusf -app gates.wad), and then it should work fine with most ports. It's still junk though. Also, the REJECT is bad, and it only takes about 10 seconds to reach the exit.x
This zip-file contains two wads: one with a map and the second should replace all imps by Bill Gates. This didn't work for me. Imps were still imps. But I doubt that Bill Gates would have made anything more interesting in this map, which I finished in 1 minute. It's small, simple and download is a waste. 0/5 -Milianx
A gag wad, basically, like a pet rock being a gag gift. Moreover, making fun of Gates has become a cliche. Ho hum.x

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