Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/chordg.zip
Size: 103.11 KB
Date: 04/03/99
Author: Malcolm Sailor
Description: MAP29 Dark underground marble/rock thing covered in vines with detailed lighting, balanced and ridiculously dificult gameplay (most people will want to play on skill 3). One of my best maps, I'd have to say. You can judge for yourself.

There is a miniscule HOM by the yellow key... if anyone knows what causes it, mail me.

I'd really appreciate any feedback. Please!
Credits: Ben Morris for dck Matt Dixon for testing/input throughout the maps development. Patrick Martin and Cocoon for playtesting. Eric james roberts for offering to feature it on his page. All the good authors for giving me inspiration. Whoever made Zennode and whoever made RMB. Lee Killough for BSP. Also thanks to those who tested this wad.
Base: An alienated and psychopathic weirdo.
Build time: No idea whatsoever.
Editor(s) used: Dck 3.62, by far the very best editor. Try it, it kicks deu's (and all the others) ass. Read the docs.
Bugs: Possibly, if you find any, email me, please!
Rating: (46 votes)
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