Title: 32 in 24 5
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/Ports/megawads/32in24-5.zip
Size: 3.63 MB
Date: 10/04/07
Author: The 32in24 team!
Description: Another FFA 32in24, except with a unique app- roach: one person creates a layout, and another mapper focuses on detailing the layout heavily and overall refining the map to perfection. All layouts were completed in 24 hours, within 48 hours almost all were detailed, and in the next two days, the wad was compiled and released.

Here, have a maplist!

01 Shaikoten/Esselfortium - Mongolesium 02 Shai/Ajapted/Essel - Court of the Crimson Schwing 03 Shaikoten/mid - Microwaved Uterogestation 04 Fisk/Esselfortium - Proving Grounds 05 Tango/Brinks - Phrenetic Chainsaw Slaughter of a Crippled Infant 06 Ajapted/RottKing - Compound of Dripping Filth 07 ClonedPickle/doom2day - Suspenders at Dusk 08 Mephisto/DD_133 - Technical Hazard 09 daimonreloaded/RottKing - Tower of Total Crapness 10 Leileilol/Bucket - Dana Ken 11 Shaikoten/Killingblair - The Blair Shai Project 12 Catoptromancy/Worst - Deja Vu 13 Leileilol/RottKing - HEY FACK YOU MAN 14 RottKing/Esselfortium - Rectum? Darn Near Killed'em! 15 Ajapted/Esselfortium - Frozen Maiden 16 Bucket/Cybershark - Tower of Tor 17 ClonedPickle/mid - RB Takes Over 32in24 18 Shaikoten/Killingblair - Pewter City Gym 19 Kassman/mid - Hemoglobin Rig 20 Shaikoten/Esselfortium - Virtual Sea of Pizza 21 Esselfortium/Mephisto - Jungle Fever 22 Catoptromancy/Tango - Rolling Stones Collect No Moss 23 Mephisto/joe_ - Mucupurulent Offal Grinder 24 Shaikoten/Nes/RottKing - Spacious Fields of Anal Justice 25 RottKing/DD_133 - Octagon of Madness 26 Fisk/Killingblair - Argon 27 RottKing/Esselfortium - I'm Gonna Blow Ya Up! 28 Shai/Asspants/DD_133/Esselfortium - The Power to Believe 29 Fisk/Mechadon - Satyr's Delirium 30 Esselfortium/Tango - NiGHTMAREs Into Dreams 31 Worst/DaimonReloaded/Esselfortium - A Pocketful of Octopuses 32 Bucket/Kassman - Volcanic Panic
Credits: Esselfortium cheifly for putting in way too many hours in mapping, detailing, refining, tweaking, compiling, putting together the texture wad, editing posts, and never losing his head like A CERTAIN CO-LEADER OF THE 32IN24 PROJECT.

On that note, deathz0r for not only not contrib- uting, but also fucking up the release of 32in24-4.wad (CTF.) If you ever wondered why getwad downloads this wad, and then your client of choice tells you it's the wrong file, wonder no more. Turnabout is fair play!

DD_133 for initially compiling the wad!

Ajapted for finding a ton of bugs!

Tom_D for the map03 music! Bobby Prince, Raven Software, Apocalyptica, and some other people for the rest of it!

All the people whose textures we used: Gothic Resource Wad, Nick Baker's Greatest Hits Collection, Raven Software, id Software, SargeBaldy, Skulltag, Espi, RuinBros, Esselfortium, and anyone else we forgot to list.

Agent Spork for permission to use the Simplicity palette :) and for disappearing after the first night of mapping with a half done wad :(

And finally myself (Shaikoten) for coming up with the idea, organization, and making the interpic.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 24 hours for layouts, a few days for details
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder, SLADE, WadAuthor, XWE, SlumpED, DCK
Bugs: Should be tested to near perfection
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