Title: Damage Inc. for DOOM ][ Deathmatch
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/d-f/damage22.zip
Size: 198.61 KB
Date: 12/08/95
Author: Luciano Fiocco -VGS Sysop
Description: Damage is one of the fastest PWADs i wrote, with some new sound and music, Put aside a couple of hours, set the volume to about 9 1/2, and get ready for some real damage!!
Credits: HOThead -This guy lives up to his name, trust me! The Users/Players on The Virtual Gaming Station. Getting better i see! -Denis Mollor NWT v1.2a Can't find a better sound editor! -Applied Personal Computing inc. The fastest 4-player game server! These guys did there homework on networks. Too bad the dudes from DWANG-SLOW didn't go to the same school!! Bigger is not better. - Author of AOW.WAD (wants your name?) Took his sound F/X. - id Software The MASTERS...(were's the QWAKE DEMO!!???)
Base: Update to v2.2f.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DCK v2.2f(yup good, but how do i make round objects)
Bugs: thing to high for sector. (ya right, just play it!)
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Simply cannot get the EXE to run properly :( x

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