Title: Ex Nihilo: Directors' Cut
Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/hrs28og.zip
Size: 165.67 KB
Date: 05/12/24
Author: tonytheparrot and Monsieur.E
Description: REQUIRES HRS.WAD OR HRS-TEX.WAD You wake up, a supershotgun and 20 shells infront of you, and suddenly, you hear the roar of multiple barons behind you. "Terrible... slaughter stuff, just make some normal mapset, please. Elitist gameplay all over the place." you mutter in frustration. Apparently, your mission after chasing the intergalactic cow is to investigate the cursed Temple (Of Fear) which was born out of nothingness. To find out more about your mission and have a chance at deciphering what the intergalactic cow is, play Hell Revealations linked below!"

Ex Nihilo: Directors' Cut is a vanilla* [complevel 2] challenge map and is the original unedited version of the Hell Revealations' Map28: Ex Nihilo, as it was submitted to the project around a year ago which had to be revised to its current state in hrs.wad as project lead, Arsinikk, found it too overbearing and its difficulty far higher than the intended scopes of the project. The directors' cut features a completely cut fight, the original final arena before it was heavily modified, and about 700 more monsters among other differences. The map was designed and playtested primarily by its coauthors, tonytheparrot and myself.

Music: Mist Ache, composed by Lee Jackson, originally from Rise of the Triad.

The map REQUIRES hrs.wad or hrs-tex.wad (https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/megawads/hrs) to be loaded alongside the map and is slotted at MAP28 to be played (simply idclev28 upon booting both wads up and making sure you loaded hrs.wad before this map) Playtested primarily on dsda-doom -cl2 and on CRL, chocolate doom, and crispy doom for compatibility.

*while vanilla compatible, a limit removing source port is recommended to avoid sprite flickering due to the presence of too many monsters on screen, intercepts overflow may be disabled.
Credits: Arsinikk who suggested we publish this and for assistance with vanilla compatability, and for being a great project lead during Hell Revealations providing clear and honest feedback!

NinjaDelphox for assistance with vanilla compatibility Yonatan Donner, Haggay Niv, Jonas Feragen, Dubbzzz, TimeOfDeath, and Dannebubinga for inspiration
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 3 weeks/1 month-ish for mapping, 1 year for the actual release
Editor(s) used: UDB and DBX
Bugs: probably a few texturing misalignments and some areas can cause intercepts overflows or ghost enemies
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