Title: nHexer2.wad
Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/nhexer2.zip
Size: 109.82 KB
Date: 06/04/96
Author: Beni Chan 'Berserker'
Description: nhexer2.wad is an episode of 3 levels, originally from hexer.wad, also made by me. This wad is sort of an universal wad, which means that it can be played in several kinds of play-types: Deathmatch(2-4), single-player, cooperative play or even team-death- matches. I suppose it's very challenging and fun for all types. well, I tried to record a demo from me, playin' in single player mode and completing all 3 levels, without saving, of course, so I realized how difficult this episode is, espe- cially the first level. Finally I made it, after several HOURS of frustration. I completed it with turbo 255, but without running. This was in 'hurt me plenty'-mode. Well, I guess this is a pretty hard episode. Or can you do better than I? Send me an lmp-file and tell me how many days of hard training you needed to complete the levels... I have to remark that nhexer2.wad isn't an unfair wad, because if you're really good enuff, you can make it. The hardest points come, when you meet the fraggin' Arch-Viles; Revenants can be tuff, too. I had to take an Arch-Vile out of the wad, because he revived demons, which walk through walls and be- come invulnerable...guess you know what I mean. Yeah, I know, I'm writin' to much bullshit, enuff said.
Credits: Firestarter Productions
Base: the levels are (partly) based on a boardgame.
Build time: dunno, waisted too much time on this shit, though. :)
Editor(s) used: hmmm...ok, DCK is better than Deu. Anyways, I like and used both of them.
Bugs: well, ummm...none.
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