Title: Alien Vendetta
Filename: levels/doom2/megawads/av.zip
Size: 8.62 MB
Date: 12/26/02
Author: Martin Aalen Hunsager
Description: Alien Vendetta offers 32 all new levels, ranging from small fast-paced tech-styled ones, to complex medieval- and hellish-themed maps. Variety was to be expected considering several authors had a hand in the making of these maps and as no specific criteria were given to them. AV originated in '96 as a one-man project, but saw many transitions and was eventually made a team effort in August 1999. What started out as a pure "Hell Revealed" follower balanced out to be something in-between that and a more classic looking megawad. We decided to put more emphasize on detailed architecture while trying to keep the at times ultra hard gameplay in focus. Admittedly recreating the intensity of "Hell Revealed" while trying to create more commonly scaled maps turned out to be quite a challenge. As a result the hardness was tuned down a bit, and fun gameplay became more important than making it as hard as possible. When that's said, AV still holds a somewhat harder skill setting than any serious megawad with the exception of "Hell Revealed" and its sequal. In the tougher maps it will indeed challenge the best players on Ultraviolence, and would probably be more frustrating than fun for the common Doomer. Fortunately we put effort into all levels of difficulty, and would advise anyone who is not looking for hordes of monsters (and the need for planning in order to survive) to play skill 2 or 3. AV skill 3 plays much like "The Plutonia Experiment" does on its skill 4. Skill 2 would be the favourable pick for anyone who wants to have a more relaxed journey through the levels (be warned tho, even on skill 2 AV holds a few surprises =) Altho map continuity exists between a few levels we decided to go for variation instead of a one-themed 32 level scenario. This difference in scenery from map to map hopefully contributes to less redundant gameplay. Each level is completable from scratch, but when approached this way it should be noted that secret areas become vital for health and ammo supply. The first episode consists of a variety of "earthly" themed maps/bases and a few tech facilities. Difficulty here leans more towards easy even on skill 4, and primarily functions as a warm-up. Episode 2 starts out with a series of techbases and ends up in a more brick styled fashion. The first really hard scenes for the average player will occur in this episode. The final chapter is mainly hell themed and holds the most extreme levels in terms of hardness. A few of these are up to "Hell Revealed" difficulty. If you're looking for a challenge combined with atmospheric levels, Alien Vendetta should be right up your alley. Enjoy :)
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