Title: The Darkening
Filename: levels/doom2/megawads/darken.zip
Size: 1.62 MB
Date: 01/07/99
Author: Jan Van der Veken
Description: It has been 3 years since the destruction of the huge demon that masterminded the invasion of Earth. Your journey back home was almost as difficult and bloodthirsty as your journey into hell, but you made it. You had expected to be made a hero; after all, you had saved Earth and all it's worlds from a fate worse than death. But it was not to be that way.

Upon your return, you discovered that things had begun to change. The UAC, deprived of some of it's key personnel, had become more secretive and shadowy. You could swear that the Mars station's light levels were lower than you remember them. . . Instead of briefings by the top brass, troops were given datapads for their missions. Sometimes people would go missing. . . Some of the other marines decided that they would leave. Their ship blew up shortly after departure.

Recently, things have gotten worse. All remaining marines have been confined to quarters for weeks, and contact with Earth has been cut off for months. Some of your closest friends have started to disappear Perhaps hell won the fight after all. . .

Then, one night, it is your turn. Your dreams suddenly turn to nightmares, a Spider Mastermind strafing your body, it's manic laughter the only thing you can hear ... As the last bullet pierces your skin, your eyes blink open. Something is wrong. . . it seems even colder and darker than it did before. . . Suddenly, everything goes black. Fearing the worst, you reach under your bed for the pistol you always keep there. Your chaingun and shotgun are in the other room, but it is too late and too far.

Your sight begins to return to you. But where are you? You are in a tiny brick room, a silver door the only way out. Tightening your grip on the pistol, you open it and step through and prepare to discover the purpose of this ... this Nameless Project.
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