Title: The Darkening Episode 2
Filename: levels/doom2/megawads/darken2.zip
Size: 4.29 MB
Date: 08/05/00
Author: Ola Björling
E-mail: nick@frad.org
Description: After a hard nights driving about in the galaxy, your trusted space vessel "Margie" runs out of fuel and you crash on some ugly planet.

Uhm... thats it I think.

Oh yeah; You have to kill stuff too.

(If you depserately need a storyline, go play something else or think of one yourself.)
Build time: I'd say about 80 hours. (yeah I'm slow...)
Editor(s) used: EdMap 1.31 EdMap 1.40 DETH 4.23 BSP 3.0
Rating: (152 votes)
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