Title: Modest Mapping 2: Wretched Coven
Filename: levels/doom2/megawads/tmmc2.zip
Size: 15.09 MB
Date: 07/18/22
Author: Jark, Pegleg et al
Description: A few years had come to pass since defeating the renewed Icon of Sin, putting an end to the occupation of Earth. However, a wretched coven comprised of 6 cyberdemons come to light and muster their remaining power to cast a spell to send you into the future, where you cannot stand in their way. You awaken in a dank cell, with growling nearby...
Credits: Check the maplist.txt for all mapper/musician credits

Pegleg, couldn't ask for a better co-host

Man With Gun for both the TITLEPIC and M_DOOM

Gothic Team for GothicTX

Operation Biowar for Episode 3 sky

Greenwar Team for Greenwar2TX

Visual Vincent for Doom Writer

Viperkiller for dehacked ideas

ID Software for making DOOM II

Immorpher for MIDI conversions to vanilla

NuMetalManiak for quick, useful playtesting
Base: New from scratch
Build time: June 2020 Start -> March 2021 RC1 (then nothing happened for a year, my fault - Jark)
Editor(s) used: Doombuilder family, Slade, Eureka
Bugs: - Several maps break save game limit, disable the limit in Chocolate Doom's setup exe. As for DOS... just don't save. - Some maps overstep the sprite limit of 128 leading to sprite flickering (DOS and Choco only) - In Map30 if the player alerts the cyberdemons, who then teleport into closets, then the player saves and loads - the cyberdemons will be stuck in the closets due to 'forgetting' player (DOS and Choco only)
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