Title: Zone 400
Filename: levels/doom2/megawads/zone400.zip
Size: 1.66 MB
Date: 07/20/21
Author: Paul Corfiatis (Pcorf)
Description: A 32 level megawad of small maps for Doom 2. Your mission is simple. Blast you way through techbases, spaceships, dungeons and hellish abodes and save Earth from a demonic pandemic. These maps contain no more than 400 linedefs apart from the much larger super secret level. Zone 400 = Short, quick and simple.
Credits: id for Doom, Codeimp for Doom Builder, and the authors of all the other software.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 16 February 2020 to 17 July 2021
Editor(s) used: Gzdoom Builder, XWE, Slade, Cakewalk Sonar 7 for the music
Bugs: In Vanilla sprites can disappear at times due to the sprite limit. In MAP32 there is a HOM due to seg overflow near large waterfall. No bugs in Prboom-plus or Zdoom.
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