Title: Antithesis (updated May 2000)
Filename: levels/doom2/v-z/voyage1.zip
Size: 98.96 KB
Date: 05/13/00
Author: Christian N. Hansen
Description: No storyline! I cannot and will not attempt to create a ridiculous and poor story like the last one for this level! It is im- possible to achieve the same level of Trek atmosphere as the Voyager writers are capable of.

This level is a highly modified version of my Star Trek: Voyager DOOM2 level. I have removed/moved some iritating bugs (some new have occured though) and added Astrometics and Sevenīs cargo-room. I have also made it darker and more "damaged" as if it has suf- fered from an attack. All in all it has become a much better and complete level than the first one!

Remember: One of the doors on the level has a technical error as a product of Voyagers severe damages which means that it can only be operated from one side. Find another way in! (applies to a door far inside the level) Level gameplay is not the same as in the original (e.g. keys and doors).
Credits: Those weird brains at ID for Doom and its many successors. Matt Tagliaferri for a userfriendly yet strange level editor. The creators of TNT (they sure know their stuff!) Kasper Tidemann for his website And Wes Burd for his too!
Base: New level from "scratch"
Build time: Ahh,.....50 hours and another 12 for improve- ments.
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The text-file clearly states: "Made for Final Doom: TNT Evilution." There are no missing textures.x
This is a decent level based on the final Star Trek television series. It dates from a time when Doom fans - indeed, the majority of PC gamesplayers - were generally into science fiction and were of a certain social, economic, and racial type. Nowadays the games market is a lot more diverse. This level is solid and dull but marred by lots of missing textures (perhaps the textures are from Final Doom, although the level is for Doom2, and are fixed if you run it with Windows 95 Doom).x
not support jdoomx
The gameplay is OK (though nothing special), but the main strengths of this map are the excellent recreations of areas of Voyager.x

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