Title: Quoth the Raven
Filename: levels/heretic/Ports/puss28_qtr.zip
Size: 27.14 MB
Date: 11/19/23
Author: Various, Led by Death Bear and Egregor
Description: Quoth the Raven is the 28th installment of the Pineapple Under the Sea Speedmapping series, created by BluePineapple72. The event ran during June of 2023, in which maps were created in a time limit of 8 hours or less. Episode 3 was created in July. Mappers were to create Heretic maps using a custom texture pack and calling back to several of the design tropes from the original Heretic. It contains 3 episodes, with forced secret exits, for a total of 27 maps.

This contains four files: a full version that can be played in most Heretic-supported limit removing ports, and three split episodes that allow a bypass to Heretic-hardcoded midi repeats in ports that don't support mapinfo.
Credits: Texture and Sprite Credits: Heretic, Hexen, Blood, Doom Hambourgeois, Jaeden, ETTiNGRiNDER, Medeival, Baker's Legacy, Hymn, Heretic Treasure Chest, KWC, Walter Confetti, TravyB, Gardevoir, Joy of Mapping, Not Jabba, Pistachio at Open Games Art, Egregor, ED3, SEREZHA, ETC, Peccatum Mihzamiz, Amber Graham for Frog Texture, Eevee Doom Text Generator LOGO, M_HTIC, TITLESCREEN, CREDIT, FINAL1 EDIT, FINAL2 EDIT: Death Bear HELP1, HELP2, ADVISORY, LOADING, and ENDTEXT: Peccatum Mihzamiz Additional Special Thanks: to all our event staff, playtesters, collaborators, and mappers! Beta Testers: Death Bear, Egregor, Peccatum Mihzamiz, and LGmaire RC1 Testers: eharper256, demogorgonzola, theShep, LadyMistDragon, nitronumber9, phoenyxwinter, profbloom, catoptromancy, notjabba, zeroandneko
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Maps made in 8 hours in June and July of 2023.
Editor(s) used: UDB, Slade, Gimp, Clip Studio Paint
Bugs: Full Version: Certain midis repeat based on Heretic hardcoding in Crispy Heretic and DSDA-Doom (Split episodes bypasses this), Some features are NOT fully supported in DSDA-DOOM (0.27), Switches and Animated textures not fully supported in older versions of Crispy Heretic
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