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Column 1
This is a round, 16 sided column prefab....Date:04/18/98
Size:5.35 KB
Author:Rick Clark

Column 2
This prefab is two marble columns with an arch between them....Date:04/21/98
Size:2.73 KB
Author:Rick Clark

Column 3
This is a simple column with the torch and brick textures, however they are aligned correctly on a 16 sided column, so the torches look correct....Date:04/21/98
Size:1.53 KB
Author:Rick Clark

Column 4
A column and flame combination....Date:04/22/98
Size:2.25 KB
Author:Rick Clark

Assorted Crates
An assortment of crates....Date:05/02/98
Size:3.24 KB
Author:Rick Clark

Hey!! Here are 2 wads that would be perfect for somebody who wants to create a quick wad or 2! Whether single, cooperative, or Deathmatch, this is a quick and easy way to start a level! OK!!!! I`ll be honest here, I have no problem creating wads for ...Date:12/30/05
Size:76.75 KB
Author:Dude Krueger

Horizontal Spinning Fan in Doom
An example map which explains how a ceiling fan spinning horizontally is done under doom(2).exe....Date:12/31/05
Size:16.01 KB
Author:Derek MacDonald aka Afterglow

Splitdoor for DOOM2.exe
A door which opens in two halves, one half opening towards the ceiling the other to the floor. Both halfs appear solid with no visible split-line between the sections. Usefull for DOOM.exe/DOOM2.exe compatible maps but redundant for most ports....Date:01/30/03
Size:2.52 KB
Author:Lee Szymanski

fen boi's 3d examples
fenexam shows a simple walk under/view over passageway and a 2 level are similar a car-park (again walk under/view over) using the same technique. Doom.exe compatible, doesn't work in opengl/D3D ports. M_exam is the same passageway using Boom, you ...Date:12/21/02
Size:23.36 KB
Author:Lee Szymanski

Vanilla DOOM/DOOM2.exe elevators (Prefab)
fenlift provides a BOOM style elevator (floor and ceiling move together) for the standard exe's. It is restricted to descending and is non repeatable. Two elevators per wad are provided, the first only has an exit and the second both an entrance an...Date:02/07/03
Size:15.79 KB
Author:Lee Szymanski

Vanilla compatible light effects
Vanilla compatible light effects...Date:04/27/04
Size:11.34 KB
Author:Lee Szymanski

Floor Demo
A tech demo of 3D moving floors. There's still some things that I want to do to it, but as a start this is pretty neat....Date:01/21/13
Size:6.97 KB
Author:Ethan Watson aka GooberMan

Floor Demo 2
First revision of moving 3D floors. The change is that they're now proper 3D....Date:01/22/13
Size:6.44 KB
Author:Ethan Watson aka GooberMan

Floor Demo 3
Second revision of moving 3D floors. This time, we're using an MD3 for visual representation....Date:07/21/15
Size:392.2 KB
Author:Ethan Watson aka GooberMan

Hall 1
This prefab consists of a straight section of hallway and a right turn. By using sector rotation, you can create halls that point in any direction....Date:05/11/98
Size:14.5 KB
Author:Rick Clark

Hall 2
This prefab consists of a straight section of hallway, a right and left turn, a T-section and an intersection. It's a space style prefab....Date:07/17/98
Size:45.08 KB
Author:Rick Clark

Heretic Conveyorbelt Script Demonstration
An example of how to get conveyorbelt scripts running in vanilla Heretic as well as in Zdoom, Vavoom and Legacy. (Legacy in particular) The map is using the ALLTRIGGER linedef flag to get Legacy to run it's own conveyorbelt script. This obviously s...Date:05/13/09
Size:10.62 KB
Author:Kristian 'Kristus' Käll

Sector Alphabet
Maybe the dumbest thing I've made. It's a template for mappers to copy sector letters from if they want to put some text in their map for some reason. I've recently been putting in little hints in the auto map for secrets in my maps, and I got tired ...Date:03/22/14
Size:43.02 KB

Lights 1
This has various floor and ceiling lights. The floor lights illuminate the floor only and the ceiling lights illuminate the ceiling only. These prefabs have small sectors that don't have upper or lower textures. This is by design so that the light te...Date:04/25/98
Size:3.06 KB
Author:Rick Clark

monsters door.WAD
Prefab. Kill the monsters to open the door. No matter what order. Using BOOM's scrolling effects and lines allow monster activation....Date:09/07/98
Size:5.98 KB

Size:878.04 KB
Author:Malcolm Sailor

Power Core
This is a power core....Date:04/25/98
Size:2.76 KB
Author:Rick Clark

Room over the Room
Hi all! I made a DooM II MAP on BooM configuration. This is an example, that how to place a Room over another Room in DooM format. It's just a Illusion, and here is the example!...Date:07/01/11
Size:5.37 KB

Variations on a theme
This is a set of 11 prefab rooms to put in your Doom levels. The background is that the UAC, in an effort to cut costs, constructed a standard design for the bedrooms that its employees and guests use, giving new meaning to "economies of scale". The ...Date:11/22/04
Size:145.54 KB
Author:Woolie Wool

Replication Station
This prefab is a replication station. When you flip the switch, an item replicates inside the station and moves toward you to stop on the holding pad. This would be a great deathmatch structure to distribute weapons....Date:05/01/98
Size:2.39 KB
Author:Rick Clark

Three-way Sliding Door
This is a three-way hatch type door, like you see in Quake or Quake2. It opens to the left, right and down all at the same time. It uses some modified textures which can be improved....Date:08/14/98
Size:13.34 KB
Author:Rick Clark

Two-Way Sliding Door
This is an improved version of the sliding door that uses the glass-floor effect described in Jim Flynn's Boom editing wad. The effect is quite good....Date:09/06/98
Size:14.86 KB
Author:Rick Clark

SlideDoor for BooM v2.01 with DooM ][ Iwad
I was thinking about BooM last night, and I thought of a way to make *real* sliding doors. I figured that eventually someone else would think of it, so I wanted a level out as soon as possible. Since I'm already busting my ass on two projects, I didn...Date:09/26/98
Size:9.7 KB
Author:Nicholai Main

Teleport Booth 1
This is a teleport booth. It will teleport the player to the specified teleport dest....Date:04/21/98
Size:2.75 KB
Author:Rick Clark

Telebooth 2
This is another switchable teleport booth. This uses the ceiling and floor lighting effects as well as scrolling textures....Date:04/22/98
Size:4.23 KB
Author:Rick Clark

Telebooth 3
This is another switchable teleport booth....Date:04/30/98
Size:4.21 KB
Author:Rick Clark

Three Testing Maps
These are levels that I made for test DeHackEd patches....Date:06/17/04
Size:113.11 KB

Trap Demonstration
A simple demonstration for new mappers that showcases a few examples of monster traps. Includes: Basic door trap Basic floor trap Scroll-based teleport trap Scroll-based timed door trap Hidden floor raise trap Sound-based teleport trap Invisible wa...Date:07/26/13
Size:11.45 KB

Vanilla Doom Actions
(Version: 1.1) A simple Vanilla Doom (II) map featuring all available linedef and sector actions. It includes: * Doors * Floor actions * Ceiling actions * Lifts * Stairs * Crushers * Scrolling Wall * Teleporters * Lights * Damaging floors * Secre...Date:06/12/20
Size:284.89 KB
Author:Kid MarsCat. Uploaded with permission by Rick ''Red'' Commandeur.

Voxel Vehicles Pack 1.0
This is a pack of static decorative voxel vehicles for ZDoom and GZDoom. Guaranteed to to give some life to your maps! Instructions: Since voxel model collisions are handled like sprite collisions, only the very center parts of the vehicles are so...Date:06/07/13
Size:3.95 MB

Waffle Bean Castle
This prefab is a vanilla recreation of the waffle bean castle photo commonly spread around the internet and around Discord....Date:07/17/21
Size:20.48 KB

Window over window special effect
It's a just stand there and look at it....Date:04/03/99
Size:4.48 KB
Author:Eric James Roberts, aka Ricrob

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