Title: PUSS XXIII: Mappin' Round the Doommas Tree
Filename: themes/xmas/puss23-mrdt.zip
Size: 4.4 MB
Date: 06/18/23
Author: Various, compiled by BluePineapple72
Description: Mappin' Round the Doommas Tree is the twenty-third edition of PUSS: the Pineapple Under the Sea Speedmapping Series. I got bored on the 23rd and said 'screw it! 2 PUSSs in one month won't hurt!' And it didn't! Check out the Chilling Winds of Dis!

Mappers had 1 hour to make a map using the doomxmas wad compiled by doomkid. They were also forced by gunpoint to pick two rules to use from our previous Christmas events. You'll have to install and play those wads if you want to know what they are.
Credits: Doomxmas - Various see doomxmas file Titlepic by Peccatum Mihzamiz Intermission Screen by Man With Gun Interpics by Muumi Logo by Danlex
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 1 hour for each map from Dec. 23-24
Editor(s) used: UDB , Slade , DB2 , Photoshop , DBX , Notepad , GIMP , DoomWriter
Bugs: None
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