Title: HX8
Filename: utils/serial/hx8.zip
Size: 16.4 KB
Date: 08/20/96
Author: Armin Rigo
Description: HX8 allows you to play Hexen, Doom or related games with up to 8 players together, and this over standard null-modem or modem links. Thanks to in-the-fly compression, it doesn't require much bandwidth (see below).

It has been successfully tested with The Ultimate Doom, and, extensively, with Hexen 1.1.

HX8 is an enhancement of HX3. No full documentation is included; please download HX3.TXT for full documentation.
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Bugs: HX8 sometimes hangs up during handshake process. If it happens, interrupt it (press Esc) and retry. Sorry, bug origin is still unknown. But it did never happend during the game itself, so it is considered as minor.
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