We have a problem with a pure vanilla compatibility. Many otherwise easily convertible or already exitable vanilla maps have savegame buffer overrun crashes. All these crashes were tested while standing still at the player start, meaning more maps can overrun if player saves the game after waking up many enemies.

Now there is philosophical question. Chocolate-doom has a compatibility option to turn off savegame buffer overruns. Should we go for true vanilla compatibility or chocolate-doom with enabled savegame buffer protection compatibility.

If Choco wants to ship freedoom1 and 2 in a Linux repo, it will need to flip the savegame buffer overrun protection on as a default. Random linuxers will just otherwise assume a crashy game. Maybe savegame buffer overrun messages can point players on how to disable them.

We need to severely strip many vanilla maps, or chocolate-doom needs to enable buffer overruns by default.

EDIT> After good discussion, Freedoom's ideal target seems to be vanilla compatible, excepting for the savegame buffer. Freedoom's only real incompatibility would be with the commercial dos binaries, but only if trying to save a game.