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  1. Catoptromancy

    Which sourceport to use to play heretic nowdays?

    Was figured out on the zdoom discord.
  2. Catoptromancy

    Which sourceport to use to play heretic nowdays?

    Crispy heretic for what works with it. gzdoom for gzdoom mods. Needed zdoom 2.8.1 for heretic amp because its not compatible with gzdoom anymore.
  3. Catoptromancy

    My Freedoom music entry

    Need to make public.
  4. Catoptromancy

    DOOMKID.wad - 6 New Maps

    I have posted in this thread.
  5. Catoptromancy

    Misc heretic & hexen demos

    https://www.gamers.org/pub/idgames/levels/heretic/a-c/avatar.zip Almost 50 attempts. avatar-s340.zip
  6. Catoptromancy

    Blasphemer discussion

    Made a repo build with the new sounds and updated e3m8. https://www.geocities.ws/catodemos/blasphemer/builds/blasphem-jun2023.zip
  7. Catoptromancy

    Blasphemer discussion

    Very nice sounds. Still not sure if CC0 is a compatible license, but will work for now probably. Original material is best and modifying something from the Freedoom attic will also work. Here is the complete list of sounds. The ones labelled as placeholders definitely need replacements. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Blasphemer/blasphemer/master/wadinfo.txt
  8. Catoptromancy

    Misc heretic & hexen demos

    https://www.gamers.org/pub/idgames/levels/heretic/Ports/burialgr.zip https://www.geocities.ws/catodemos/demos/heretic/Ports/bu-340.zip E1M6 Speed (3:40) First demo upload and speed attempt. bu-340.zip
  9. Catoptromancy

    Blasphemer discussion

    I think most sounds can be redone. There are many placeholders and trying different monsters on E6M3 seemed fairly silent. Not sure using other licensed material will work. The public domain stuff is considered a placeholder to be removed. The Freedoom attic is great source for extra sounds though, the licenses match. https://github.com/freedoom/attic
  10. Catoptromancy

    Blasphemer discussion

    Here is an unofficial repo build. Includes darkened automap by 50%, crispy-heretic menu graphic, and last frame of mumm* is also aligned. The extra fixes have been posted to the contributions channel on discord. https://www.geocities.ws/c/a/catodemos/blasphemer/builds/blasphem-jan2023.zip
  11. Catoptromancy

    Time for another release!

    Its been long enough and lots of new stuff. To prepare for another release many things are being done on the discord. Planning playthroughs on specific skills, making in-game coop demos, or general bug reports or submissions. Maybe you just want to watch it all happen, come join the discord. Discord Link Can also post issues in this thread or catch up on the github for the very latest. Latest Git Log
  12. Catoptromancy

    Classic doom maps but with more difficulty

    It is a good idea to just include resources changed instead of entire iwad.
  13. Catoptromancy

    is Chocorenderlimits still a thing?

    This compiles in linux, has vilebomb, and all F key features. http://www.geocities.ws/catodemos/doom/chocorenderlimits.zip
  14. Catoptromancy

    Ozonia Boom Megawad - on /idgames!

    Almost done, very cool maps. The style and background areas were nicely detailed. Was nice a lot of the visuals relied on textures or sprites instead of millions of linedefs and still looked amazing, my computer was thankful heh. The gameplay was great too, I liked that it never really felt too hard but also required specific strategies in most encounters. The story and hubs were pretty cool too. The skill balance was almost perfect already in most maps. Hopefully the reports help to polish up some awesome maps.
  15. Catoptromancy

    Freedoom Classic Megawad 0.01 Release

    I attempted to find most the original, yet best playable versions. Pretty much all the boom maps that were stripped to vanilla, or removed entirely were added. Some of the original boom submissions had bug fixes, so I tried to use the bug fix versions. Knowing which port target the current iwad was is helpful. The first version that was limit removing, definitely had lots of boom stuff stripped from the boom maps.