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  1. Catoptromancy

    Blasphemer discussion

    Here is an unofficial repo build. Includes darkened automap by 50%, crispy-heretic menu graphic, and last frame of mumm* is also aligned. The extra fixes have been posted to the contributions channel on discord. https://www.geocities.ws/c/a/catodemos/blasphemer/builds/blasphem-jan2023.zip
  2. Catoptromancy

    Time for another release!

    Its been long enough and lots of new stuff. To prepare for another release many things are being done on the discord. Planning playthroughs on specific skills, making in-game coop demos, or general bug reports or submissions. Maybe you just want to watch it all happen, come join the discord. Discord Link Can also post issues in this thread or catch up on the github for the very latest. Latest Git Log
  3. Catoptromancy

    Classic doom maps but with more difficulty

    It is a good idea to just include resources changed instead of entire iwad.
  4. Catoptromancy

    is Chocorenderlimits still a thing?

    This compiles in linux, has vilebomb, and all F key features. http://www.geocities.ws/catodemos/doom/chocorenderlimits.zip
  5. Catoptromancy

    Ozonia Boom Megawad - on /idgames!

    Almost done, very cool maps. The style and background areas were nicely detailed. Was nice a lot of the visuals relied on textures or sprites instead of millions of linedefs and still looked amazing, my computer was thankful heh. The gameplay was great too, I liked that it never really felt too hard but also required specific strategies in most encounters. The story and hubs were pretty cool too. The skill balance was almost perfect already in most maps. Hopefully the reports help to polish up some awesome maps.
  6. Catoptromancy

    Freedoom Classic Megawad 0.01 Release

    I attempted to find most the original, yet best playable versions. Pretty much all the boom maps that were stripped to vanilla, or removed entirely were added. Some of the original boom submissions had bug fixes, so I tried to use the bug fix versions. Knowing which port target the current iwad was is helpful. The first version that was limit removing, definitely had lots of boom stuff stripped from the boom maps.
  7. Catoptromancy

    Delta Touch on Android

    Very awesome app. I have been meaning to post sooner, using Delta Touch for maybe 6 months now. Its been massively convenient for mostly easy mobile pr+ and choco playing. One of the things with all mobile games is the massive glare using a phone outside. I first wound up using gzdoom with r_visibility to 255 to make everything fullbright, looked pretty awful but was visible. Since I was using my playtesting dehacked on pr+ and choco I remembered that a single key lite-amp toggle does the same thing as gzdoom's r_visibility, but more flexible and chocolate compatible. Patch File for DeHackEd v3.0 Doom version = 21 Patch format = 6 Cheat 0 Lite-amp Goggles = l If my gamma and screen brightness are maxed out and game is unplayable, I simply press "l" on keyboard, then reset gamma to lowest visible. I have never needed lite-amp googles with both other settings also maxed out, screen and gameplay is plenty bright by then.
  8. Catoptromancy

    Blasphemer discussion

    https://www.geocities.ws/catodemos/blasphemer/builds/blasphem-f24b.7z BigprojectAlone deer demon was replaced by Rei's Ghoul as the mummy. The deer demon can now by found in the Attic for future use. Rei's set include a proper death animation that replace every part of the mummy's, wich was previously missing.
  9. Boom floor scrollers can push a voodoo over many linedefs.
  10. Catoptromancy

    TNT 2: Devilution (Semifinal beta released)

    Looks awesome!
  11. Catoptromancy

    Boom + DOSBox Setup

    I think for a long time "boom-compatible" actually meant whatever was the current boom, including pr+. When boom was a target for Freedoom, it was specifically mentioned as boom202 compatible and tested in dos. I think I remember other projects also mentioned boom202 when they were tested on the actual binary. So there has been a way to differentiate between the two compatibilities for awhile, even if not very precise and overlapping.
  12. Catoptromancy

    Ozonia Boom Megawad - on /idgames!

    I noticed a few odd jump related things over the maps and checked that MAPINFO had "nojump." Eternity Engine uses UMAPINFO fine, and can read "disable-jump" from an EMAPINFO on top of that. Basically already done while trying to see if this would work. I think/hope it is properly done, http://www.geocities.ws/catodemos/playtesting/ozonia/EMAPINFO.txt
  13. Catoptromancy

    Boom + DOSBox Setup

    Does any midi work on your computer? Any Doom ports missing midi? Also, many "boom compatible" wads were designed for prboom-plus, which add MBF sky transfers.