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  1. Catoptromancy

    Playing Freedoom maps with vanilla Doom assets?

    Use ultimate doom so the resources are almost entirely there, only missing Doom2 monsters. Need to use Gez's method get all the doom2 monsters and will be compatible with more ports. Freedoom can also be built only using maps and textures not in doom2.
  2. Catoptromancy

    Ozonia Boom Megawad [RC3 Out!]

    If needed I can do skill balance testing on all the skills, also playing to 100%. Will take awhile though, at least a month. Playtesting: MAP01-MAP02 : Done
  3. Catoptromancy


    There is no iwad or pwad. There are some assets on 3 git hubs to look at.
  4. Catoptromancy

    [Megawad] Tarnsman's Projectile Hell - RCF

    All drops are just ammo pickups. Need to find a shotgun to use shells.
  5. Catoptromancy

    [Megawad] Tarnsman's Projectile Hell - RCF

    Finalized my reporting post a couple posts above. https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/2405199 Last couple things, tree softlocks and such: Nice maps and mods. Going to need something else to playtest.
  6. Once more things are done, having demo code would be useful. Stabilizing features is a great point to lock in demo compatibility.
  7. Catoptromancy

    how to make Dehacked compatible with windows 11

    Make a textfile in your zdoom folder. Rename the .txt at the end to .bat. Type "zdoom -deh dehacked.deh" into the text file, save and close. Now just click on the .bat. Or just drag and drop the .deh onto zdoom.exe The .deh already exists, I think just getting to load in zdoom is the issue.
  8. Catoptromancy

    RAY MOHAWK 2: 20 Vanilla Maps! (Now on /idgames!)

    I wish I had time to playtest this one. Played the first map, looks much awesome.
  9. Catoptromancy

    Is it possible to achieve this effect in GZDoom?

    I slapped this together to see if it would work. Except for skies, this works in vanilla. Using boom can make the actions faster and triggered more smoothly with voodoos on conveyors. https://www.geocities.ws/catodemos/freedoom/catoptromancy/2021/walls.wad
  10. Catoptromancy

    [Megawad] Tarnsman's Projectile Hell - RCF

    E3M5, E3M7, and E3M9 are easily my favorite doom maps. A long time ago I started to make a modern version of 21ratmaz. Much like all my other maps, I did a bunch of work but never really felt like I got layouts right. E3M9 is a modern 21ratmaz done perfectly. It has inspired me to fire up an editor and move some more vertexes around. Giant sprawling maps with tons of routing options are my favorites and what I try to do for my maps. Report on reporting:
  11. MAP06-MAP08 : Done using 12/04/2021 release. Skill Balancing: Other Reports: Getting started:
  12. Catoptromancy

    You Should be Using DoomMake

    I am posting in this thread because this thread needs more posts.
  13. Catoptromancy

    Suggestion: demo recordings & videos on the cut maps of Freedoom?

  14. Catoptromancy

    [Limit-Removing] GoopW - 3-map compilation (idgames)

    Looks like the rest of the maps in all skills can 100/100/100 stats in a dsda-doom and eternity. I really hope this style of skill balancing catches on. Skill 3 playing like UV, skill 4 as UV+, and skill 2 its own thing. Skill 2 is a nice refresher after the first skill. Looks like crispy supports some boom actions, but complains it doesnt know about them. The map works fine.
  15. Catoptromancy

    [Limit-Removing] GoopW - 3-map compilation (idgames)

    Excellent first map. I love the rush strategies, having to carve out a safe space. I have yet to play the rest. I really like what was done with the skill tags. Everyone needs to try skill 2. The teleport thing for the elemental isnt tagged for skill 3. I also made a few demos so far, all play back in anything that supports vanilla. https://www.geocities.ws/catodemos/playtesting/goopw_rc1/