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  1. Our demon is 11 years old, pretty sure Realm667 has our monster. Whoever made the lost soul on there would need to submit it.
  2. If I forgot to post before, I am not fixing MAP12. Even with doors closed there is massive HOM and VPO. Many areas are quite salvageable, but gameplay and routing will be highly affected. Maybe will fix later, but no plans.
  3. So many maps are getting replaced, updated, or shuffled I do not think we need to worry about the list for awhile.
  4. Actually at the moment map specific bugs should be posted in the development threads.
  5. Please make a thread so people have some clue as to what is going on. 3 bugs posted in your cluster, pretty sure two of those are entirely different by now.
  6. This thread was mainly for bugs that are vanilla related, but almost all those are gone and many maps are being updated right now. I am not updating the first post anymore either. Can still post bugs in here to keep them on record. The issues page on the repo is probably best place to post bugs. I also I saw a new MAP08 recently, so map will probably be entirely different in the future.
  8. That is a common well-known vanilla bug. Do not kill last manc or spider before second to last has finished its dying animation. Related. Do we really need a standard MAP07? It could be any other style map, map does not need mancs or spiders.
  9. <Mastrius0713> Yo! problem on e1m7. The lifts that lower into the toxic waste pool have a damage effect. on zdoom
  10. Looks awesome.
  11. All Doom maps in iwads and nearly every pwad are designed to pistol start.
  12. I would rather just slightly modify the sector than use fancy node options, so all maps are built the same way. Push around vertexes slightly, split sector into two, or something else that is minimal should get rid of problem. "a tiny slice of sector 49 running through sector 42" that could be key. Move the vertex a little, and/or add another or two and make the line a bit more jagged. Should force nodebuilder to make it better.
  13. Happens in vanilla too. Right in the middle of a sector. No idea. Maybe move some vertexes around a little.