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  1. Nevermind then.
  2. Our Wolf SS will look like it fits normally in game eventually. Mappers should take advantage of the extra enemy. Hopefully Raymoo will agree to committing the unfinished version. The unfinished one is vastly better than the current pirate. Once sprites are added, I think mappers would be more enticed to actually use it.
  3. Here it goes. Placeholders are not entirely terrible actually. All based on modified freedoom sounds. There are a few alternate versions that are labelled. For submission:
  4. Very much help! Ill craft a tone and make a new sounds wad. But there is still a problem, we need people that can make sounds to actually use it. What I have found does work, is to make a terrible placeholder. So all players will be forced to hear it, influencing their decision to just make their own.
  5. Sounds are tricky. I made a missing_sounds.wad awhile ago. It is hard to tell if a sound is missing, so the blank sounds I replaced with a beep. I am sure there are also more blank sounds.
  6. Mappers should have a wide range of textures and flats to use. Some mappers want to use custom textures that fit best with their maps. Some of the aquatex textures are not that great and I do not see anyone actually using them. Maybe we should have a resource wad with all submitted textures and flats. Besides stock textures/flats for compatibility, only the textures and flats that are actually used should go into iwads. We will save a lot of space in the wad, and allows many more textures/flats to be available to mappers.
  7. A few is not bad. As long as they are actually used, and really add something to the map.
  8. I have always thought of Earth. Freedoom guy goes far forward and back in time to kill the monsters that invaded through time portals. Monsters are from Earth, just far in the future or past. AGM scientists invent time machine, monsters from the far future invade the past, present, and future.
  9. Don't forget our new C1M5. Make a 180 degree turn directly at player start, then follow path on the right. Door opens just enough for player to see a powerup on other side. Door fully opens when player goes around and approaches from other side. I did mess up the sound though, the false sectors should be closer door makes sound.
  10. Sounds like it needs nodes. Run ZenNode on wad.
  11. New textures/flats are ok but creators need to submit them.
  12. New MAP15 seems ok. Going to miss the computer maze. Could have shortened it, instead of entirely remove.
  13. More like why is the blue key in the yellow switch room. Blue key is now visible, and player beats area to obtain. This routing allows player to play half of either side of map first. Once they hit dead end, a door opens. Yellow key side has blue key, blue key side has yellow key.
  14. While we are at it, MAP12 is a true switch hunter. I thought of making all/most doors directly openable. But the hidden switch doors be keyed. So player knows they can backtrack to goodies rooms once they find the key, instead of guessing what door open. Important function keys can be replaced with switches. I think this may work.
  15. Only the plasma gun is a switch hunt, reason why I moved blue key from there. The old blue key/new plasma gun room were not in the obvious routes of map, player would wind up hunting. I thought of leaving the plasma gun switch hunt and tagging room as secret. While the rest of the switches are not intuitive, they open areas I made sure player would easily find. Having no immediate feedback from a switch is not bad, if player finds out very shortly. Room full of switches does not seem to do anything, but player leaving room would be directed down the newly opened route. When player hits a dead end, they will backtrack to find more doors open. Not really a switch hunt. Check out the C2M5 on repo, finished a week ago. It had quite bad switch hunts. Important doors/areas opened much like the random MAP15 switches, But player was not directed into their path. A true switch hunt. I added a switch to open blue key trigger room with overlooking window and also moved door to blue key trigger room, so as player hit switch, they see door open. Also on C2M5, The secret exit red key switch open a door outside, almost visible. I widened, lowered, and shifted windows, player could now easily see door opening as they pressed switch. Also switch wall was taper designed for more visibility. I forgot what else I did.