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  1. And FreeDM.
  2. Could just use an older iwad.
  3. I think we should work with DM players. They can figure out what is salvageable or help remake them. Maybe submit some new ones.
  4. I would really like a streamlined or highly playable Chocorenderlimits. Meaning that all controls, features, and F keys work as normal and can be played exactly like chocolate-doom. The ` (console key) toggles renderlimits mode, rebinding all the F keys and enables all the screen spam. There would also be two modes of playing with "renderlimits mode" off. In Mode 1, If a vanilla limit is reached or very close(user defined range), the Disk Icon pops-up and stays for a few seconds, maybe plays DS_RADIO. Gameplay is otherwise uninterrupted. Mode 2, if a vanilla limit is reached, gameplay stops with a message "visplane/other limit has been reached, press Y to continue" this stops player movement in specific area, allowing for screenshots, save games, turning on "renderlimit mode" and such. Pressing Y again will allow player to continue for 5 seconds without another message, so player has time to leave affected area. And a third mode that is completely silent. This would make the truest limit removing port. No bug fixes, or even the slightest extra feature. Just higher limits.
  5. It is a map later in the game, I think its fine. Only affects pistol starters, and people pistol starting know they need more strategy. Lucky its not one of those megawad maps that require you to run past hordes of enemies to grab the weapons.
  6. Having to slightly explore for ammo while being chased is part of the gameplay.
  7. We could add raymoo's unfinished wolf ss as a placeholder until its finished.
  8. Chainsaws in every exit? They are pretty much pointless cept for trolling. Otherwise they all look most awesome!
  9. Monthly bump. This still needs committed.
  10. Bump. There is stuff that needs committed.
  11. We have been playing choco deathmatch lately. Need updated maps in a pwad to playtest updated maps.
  12. Are the new maps routinely added to the repo? I think we can get lots of testing done, but should/need to use a repo build.
  13. Exactly. It is confusing. There is no reason to not just call it vanilla. Calling it "vanilla-compatible, except for possible savegame buffer overflows of certain levels" makes it sounds like it is mostly vanilla except for this one issue. Do the classic definitively vanilla megawads say "vanilla-compatible, except for possible savegame buffer overflows of certain levels?" They are just called vanilla.
  14. Ideally all wads should include skill level settings. So any pwad with skill settings should be good.
  15. Our demon is 11 years old, pretty sure Realm667 has our monster. Whoever made the lost soul on there would need to submit it.