Doom is 18 years old. I guess it's significant, because if Doom were a person it could vote, smoke, and drink in some countries. Doom is an adult now.

Of course, like all birthdays, it seems like everything is to be different, but really everything is the same. Like these Cacowards, still coming like clockwork like they have for the last seven years.

There are some changes to the awards this year, though. The worst wad category is gone, because it's sort of dumb to reward people for piling extra shit into the archives. Also, the jokewad category is gone this year, because joke wads are rarely ever funny and there's no point in giving an award to fill a category. However, this year there is a brand new category, best gameplay mod.

We hope you enjoy it and all of this year's Cacowards, and we hope you'll be here for the bigger events in the life of Doom. Like when it can drink in the United States, or when it can order off the senior menu at Denny's.

- Hobbs

2011 Cacowards

Page 1

  • Plutonia Revisited
  • Vapordemo
  • Lunatic

Page 2

  • Double Impact
  • Vanguard
  • Reverie

Page 3

  • Jenesis
  • Icebound
  • Mandrill
  • Khorus' Speedy Shit

Other Awards

  • Best Multiplayer
  • Best Gameplay Mod
  • Mordeth Award
  • Mapper of the Year