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Welcome to the Doom3D web site. Doom3D is a Win32/DirectX port of Id Software's DOOM. You will need a .wad file from either Doom(shareware, registered, ultimate, etc.), or Doom 2. You can download the shareware version from various FTP sites, either Id's site or one of the many mirrors. Many thanks to Id Software for releasing the doom source code, without which this wouldn't have been possible.

If you have any suggestions for improvements/extra features, bug reports, or just general comments, etc. please email me, or post on the Discussion Forum.

If you can't wait for the download to see what Doom looks like at higher resolutions on a 3D accelerator card, I've made some some screenshots.

Some modifications I made to the network code in v1.16 to allow splitscreen multiplaer mean that consistance errors are generated when packet loss occurs in normal netgames. I'm currently working on a fix for this.

People have been reporting trouble downloading recently, so I've changed the download links to the idgames archive, with several mirrors (this is now at 3DGamers).

Mailing List

Join Doom3D mailing list if you wish to be informed of new information about Doom3D (e.g. new releases, etc.). Should be a very low volume list.

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  • Sound and Music support
  • High resolution and windowed modes
  • Full TCP-IP Network support
  • PWAD levels, and sprites-in-a-PWAD
  • Hardware acceleration(requires Direct3D compatible 3D card)
  • Matrix support for full stereoscopic 3D! A Description of the matrix
  • Compressed WAD file support(including WAD file compressor)
  • MD2 model replacements for sprites
  • Supports GL-Friendly Nodes (fixes holes in floors)
  • Console (press "~" key)
  • Quake style key bindings
  • Controls added to the options menu
  • Split-screen multiplayer

System Requirements

  • Windows 9x/Me/2000
  • DirectX Version 6.0 or above
  • Existing WAD file from doom/doom2 v1.9

Patches to update Doom/Doom2 WAD files to to v1.9 are available here.

MD2 Models

These can be downloaded from the downloads page.

See md2.txt for more information.

GL-Friendly Nodes

Early versions of Doom3D had trouble rendering some floors/ceilings, resulting in gaps through which the sky was visible. This problem is fixed by supporting the use of GL-Friendly nodes.

To take advantage of this feature you will need to generate nodes using a GL-friendly node builder. Hopefully new maps will start including GL-Friendly Node information, but until then you'll net to generate your own. This is easily achieved using glBSP, which is available from the glBSP homepage.

NOTE: glBSP cannot read compressed WAD files, but you can compress WAD and GWA files after running glBSP.

Improvements in v1.16

  • Console (press "~" key)
  • Quake style key bindings
  • Controls added to the options menu
  • Split-screen multiplayer

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