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Location: Binaries(470 kB) Source(556 kB)
Indiana (3darchives.in-span.net doom3d116.zip doom3dsrc116.zip
France (ftp.fdn.fr doom3d116.zip doom3dsrc116.zip
Sweden (ftp.sunet.se doom3d116.zip doom3dsrc116.zip
Finland (ftp.clinet.fi doom3d116.zip doom3dsrc116.zip
Australia (ftp.planetmirror.com doom3d116.zip doom3dsrc116.zip

MD2 Models

Full Package (4.64MB) containing (almost) all Doom/Doom2 models.

Monsters Only (1.51MB). Not required if you've got the full package.

The separate md2.ini previously available is no longer required, and the file from above packages should now be used.

Thanks to Doomworld, 3D Downloads and cdrom.com for hosting these downloads.

If possible please link to the main doom3d page, not directly to these downloads. This ensures that you links remain valid when I release a new version or if I move the download.

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