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ss4.jpg (45009 bytes)
Optional MD2 Models

ss3.jpg (56941 bytes)
I think I hit the jackpot. MD2 Models of most of the DOOM weapons. (6XG)

ss5.jpg (59847 bytes)
More Models

ss6.jpg (13474 bytes)
MEDIC!!! I'll get you next time.

ss8.jpg (49475 bytes)
Doom3D in a Window (replaced by 6XG)

ss7.jpg (29790 bytes)
Multiplayer over TCP/IP

ss2.jpg (23187 bytes)
Multiplayer without TCP/IP - the new Split-Screen multiplayer (6XG)

ss1.jpg (16731 bytes)
I was told never to shoot a man in the back, but who can resist. (6XG)

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