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Fixed the pictures - December 9, 2003 - Just fixed the Images page so they all work now and put a new counter on that works.

New look and stuff - June 20, 2003 - Well after almost a year of no updates I decided to update this old page, I couldn't beleive this site had 30 thousand visitors and also the top link for 'doom shareware' on google links to this site, but it wont work anymore cause I've changed things around. I've been meaning to do this for a while and after I got the new nvidia drivers and was playing doom upside down I decided to finily finish the job. Though all I've done is moved the pages around and ptu some together, get rid of some of the pictures to make it load faster, get rid of the screen shots page but I'll replace with a link as soon as I find that zip file again, and thats about it. So yeah, enjoy the new look, email if you don't like it or if you find any fuck ups.

Many Images - September 11, 2002 - Monfriez has done it again, with some more images this time, I have split the sections up now so you can navigate easier. One day I will do the same for the Sightings section.

Doomed Email - August 11, 2002 - Just a small note that I've got a new email address from those folks who keep on giving at doomworld and telefragged so send all your flames to I think I've changed all the links for the new address on the site but if you happen to see one that has my old address why not test out the new one and drop me a line. Also I saw some doom2 for GBA screenshots so expect a new page for that.

More Pics - July 4, 2002 - Put some more pics in the Doom Images page. Also changed the title pic cause I got sick of the impaled man, poor guy. I think I'll do a better one in the near future. Update: I made the new title, I hope you like it, I'm not sure if it's as good as my old ones but it is different.

Pic - July 1, 2002 - Tom Servo has sent some pics of the doom novels and a poster. I put them along with others on the new Doom Images page, which has pics of box covers, cd covers, book covers and a poster.

Interview! - June 20, 2002 - Monfriez has sent me an interview with Chris Klie who was one of the level makers of The Lost Episodes of Doom, head over to the Lost Episodes page to read it. Monfriez also sent me some nice big ads for the Doom Adds page, one for Ultimate doom and one for Doom 2. Look out for more pictures in the near future. I also added a few new points to the GBA Doom page.

A nice little link. - June 15, 2002 - Here's a nice little link from David Rowe, Shows all the Doom miniatures. I want them :)

More late and link - May 25, 2002 - Actually I didn't get the files uploaded till now thanks once again to Kevin. Also Cyber Mage gave me his link check it out for some deathmatch maps.

Some late update - May 6, 2002 - Thank's again to Kevin who sent me the rest of the alpha and beta copies of Doom, and sorry to everyone that I didn't get them up till now. I also heard that id software has announced that their new game will in fact be called Doom 3, you can read the press release here. Lucky for me I don't have to change the title on the Doom 3 page, but I will probably change my fantasticly edited logo :).

An actual update?? - April 17, 2002 - I've added two new pages to the site today, Doom Adds with a few pictures of adds from magazines, the larger images are pretty big though and Collectors Ed. all about the new Collectors Edition of Doom. Big thanks to Kevin also sent me some older versions of Doom that I uploaded since died. monfriez also sent in some stuff such as a quote from Chris Klie who worked on the Lost Episodes wad.

Just a few more and more errors - April 2, 2002 - More errors, Some broken links here and there thanks again monfriez. is gone or atleast completly changed, so the links to the alpha and beta doom games dont work and I've lost my copys so if anyone has some links please send an E-Mail
. Also I played the new doom game id software sent me. April fools!

Just a few more errors - March 7, 2002 - Just a few more errors here and there, thanks monfriez, There's a doom logo in Quake 2 or it might be Quake 1, if anyone can tell me where it is it would be great, I've only seen it in level editors. Also if anyone remembers a level making team called something like "After midnight productions" or were in that team I'd like to hear from you because i sure to be a part of it and i'm wondering what they are up to now. Oh and the site has reached 16000 now :)

Just a few errors - February 25, 2002 - Just a few errors with pictures on the places pages, thanks Samus200. I also got the date wrong, though now theres only 10 mins left of today so i better hurry and get this uploaded.

Doom 3D - February 23, 2002 - Monfriez has sent another Sighting, this one is from Duke3D "Thats one doomed space marine" hehe, he's doing more work on this site for me!

John's Hair - February 16, 2002 - Nothing to do with this site really, but I just read over at Planet Romero that John Romero cut his hair, which he has been growing since 1991, it was older than doom! He is also selling his Ferrari at ebay, but this news is pretty old and i think he already sold it. Update: I just moved some of the old news to the Old News page, nothing earth shattering.

John's Links - January 13, 2002 - I'm fixing up the Creators page to have a little more info, though so far I've just dont a bit on John Carmack and added some interviews with him in on the Links page and some other links.

Sight Returned - January 1, 2002 - Happy new year, Just a little spelling fix up with the Bad guys page, thanks to Aaron Solomon

Sight Returned - November 3, 2001 - I'm back again with a new isp for another update, A few Sightings and a bit of fixing here and there.

Long Time No See - August 16, 2001 - Been a long while between updates, but I finaly got the page files from my old computer to my new one. I updated the pages Sightings, Links, Doom 3 and I added a new page about the upcomming Game Boy Advance Doom at GBA Doom.The forum still isnt working so I'm taking it down and the counter is different. Thanks to everyone who emailed me with stuff and sorry to everyone and for not updating.

Stuff - March 29, 2001 - Been a while since the last update, theirs a bit of new stuff around, a new sighting fixed up one of the quizzes. Soon I hope to be adding a page on the Gameboy Advance version of Doom.

World of Doom - January 21, 2001 - Well much after the sites second birthday (December 19, I forgot and thought it was January 13th like on the counter, very strange) have agred to host the site, thanks doomworld. But if your looking for any archive file they are located on the old site untill I can put them on's ftp site.

More Old Characters - January 10, 2001 - Two updates today, one from Kevin who sent some more keys for the Alpha & Beta page, and darnell woods has sent some more information for the Characters page in the Doom novels. While I have been taking shots of corps.

Historic Alpha Characters - January 3, 2001 - There are some updates in various pages, at the Doom History page Maonth told me where the name 'Doom' came from, Kevin sent me some more cheats for the Alpha & Beta page, darnell woods has been busy writing up about the Characters in the Doom novels. Thanks everyone.

Jupiter Moonies - January 2, 2001 - Just a Quick note that the forum is back up, and does anyone know where Final Doom takes place, the TNT:Evilution story says that there is a UAC base on a moon of Jupiter, but thats all I have. According to TeamTNT, id software made up their own story after they bought it from them.

Novel Characters - January 1, 2001 - Happy new year everyone! We have had a huge update in the Novel section of the on the Characters page with help from darnell woods, A bit about a Doom 3 article in a 1995 computer magazine at the Doom 3 page thanks to Giltygear, and some cheats for the Alpha 4 & 5 and the Press-Release beta over at the Alpha & Beta thanks to Kevin. The Forum appears to be down, but don't worry, no one uses it anyway.

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