Wad Editor
Latest Version: 1.16 (2009.05.05)
Developed by Csabo


It's time I put up some more comments to illustrate the overall tone of user opinions. For the longest time, I only listed some negative comments on the front page. I thought those were funny. However, listing only those is misleading to newcomers, they just read those at face value and don't get the sarcasm.

Like XWE? Send your comments to me, it's nice to know that it's appreciated. Don't like XWE? If you tell me why, maybe I can improve it so that you do.

Emails received

Your program is absolutely the best! Please feel free to add any of my comments and my name, (J.S.Graham or psyren) to those at your homepage.
Since I like XWE (I don't even use WinTex anymore), I'd like to volunteer information about the two ancillary chunks ZDoom supports so you don't have to dig through my source code to find them. [Randy Heit]
I wanted you to know that I think XWE is an excellent resource, that is getting better. Keep up the good work. [Rex]
great tool. its nice to finally have an editor that lets me do what i want, without givng me a hard time :) [J Bulyk]
Thanks for the GREAT program. I hope you don't stop the proggress of XWE! It is a good wad lump editor! I like it. XWE's not gone. [Iyad]
This thing does a lot more than wintex/nwt or anything I've seen so far. I like it a lot.. [Virgil the Doom Poet]
I like your XWE program a lot! To me i would use XWE over Wintex anyday. [BJ Marriott]
i love xwe, it's the best wad editor around in my opinion [Beezee88]
First of all, thanks for caring to write again and for working on this wonderful editor. [T. Pichurov]
I LOVE XWE!! Thank you for such a great tool. [Blacklionent]
First I'd like to thank you for a nice tool. XWE is great! [Mårten]
I think XWE is a great program. [Draconio]
Anyway, great job Csabo ! [Darkstalker]
P.S. XWE Rulez [Carnage]

Comments from the forum

[ original ] XWE is great! [robindegen]
[ original ] XWE is great! (...) Thanks csabo for a great tool! [Lobo]
[ original ] But when I discovered how easy XWE was to us I jumped went "To Hell with Wintex" and almost never looked back. [TheDarkArchon]
[ original ] XWE is great. Thank you. [Kappes Buur]

Negative comments

[ original ] XWE is gay. Wintex ownz. [Josh Frazier/Inferno_45]
[ original ] Don't use XWE, that program really, really sucks (REALLY!)... [Alexis Aiello/Vegeta]
[ original ] YOU WONT HAVE TO WORRY 'BOUT XWE. IT SUCKS! [BlackFish]
[ original ] XWE sucks...doesn't use transparent gray color [dd_133]
[ original ] You can also use XWE, but beware, the program's very buggy. [Agent Spork]
[ original ] The help file blows monkey chunks. [Doom Dude]
Thanks to everyone who sent me their comments and suggestions.