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Deathmatch Warmup
This is not a deathmatch simulator, but rather a deathmatch warmup. Many enemies that not only look like but act like players in this patch/wad. Use this when you can't find somebody or need to warm up!...Date:01/07/98
Size:32.37 KB
Author:"Jjukil", Justin Madigan

Doom2 Deathmatch Training Facility
This zipfile is a package containing documents, recordings, and a Doom2 level (wad). These are intended to help a player develop skill in agility and aim for Doom2 deathmatch, and to increase understanding of the game specifics as they apply to d...Date:04/05/97
Size:857.82 KB

Heretic Deathmatch Tips
Don't you just hate it when some guy with no life who all he does is play Heretic on his computer challenges you to a game of Heretic? "Ahh, c'mon! I'll play easy on ya! It'll be fun!". Well, I don't know because I'm the one killing, maiming, a...Date:04/28/95
Size:5.93 KB
Author:Louis "Farmer" Gorenfeld

Jupiterian CTF
Jupiterian CTF is a new Capture the Flag mod that will revolutionize the world of CTF on DooM. This mod contains a series of maps that have balanced and blended gameplay, and will make for some intense matches for you and your friends....Date:01/02/13
Size:10.27 MB

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