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RYB (2012) - Roy
(Find the keys Red, Yellow and Blue) Started in 2012
Grotesque Demonic Lair - DoomRevolver
The Beast - Thomas Morison
I was going to make multiple levels, this was the entrance into the mouth of the beast. I made it in 2014, couldn't figure out where or how to upload it - and forgot about it for a decade. I'm gonna upload it now. It's int...
Gunman's Arena! - Cacodemon124
Same thing, Same map..., Just like Puncher's Arena! But... With "WEAPONS!"
Ruler of Hell - pluh_girl_2005 on Instagram
Enjoy my Wad, all 8 Levels were made by me, the music was made by DoomKid and Aubrey Hodges.
The Craven - CravenCoyote
You've received a distress call from a UAC base. You'd have thought they'd have learned their lesson by now, right? You'll start off at the Landing Base. Make your way to the UAC facility - The doors are blocked off and yo...
Interlude: A break between breaks - Decay, Argent...
What was meant to be something else ended up being something else.
Hard Drive Failure - Uranium Hexaflouride (UF6)
Hard Drive Failure is a short(ish) linear map with a green/brown techbase thee. This is the first map I've released but not the first I've finished. If the end feels a bit rushed, it's because I ran out of ideas. Difficult...
Blue Winter - Rafael Farofa
a slaughter map accessible to average players, with custom textures, and a song composed by me called "Awake". the map lasts around 28 to 32 minutes... with big but easy battles! Of course, the map is supposed to be fun ...
Grejsimojs - Alper002
An anachronistic 90s-style E2 Replacement. There may be mandatory fake walls, among other contentious mapping tropes, but hopefully the maps may still bring a smile! Be sure to have the DEHackED file loaded so you see th...
Evil Eye's Arena(V1) - Cacodemon124
Survive... and complete the Evil Eye's Arena!
Yahoo - Human_Animal
Inside the canyon is a linear gauntlet with lots of revenants and lots of inescapable death pits. Climb the hill so you can face the cyberdemon and its friends.
Flashback - Cacodemon124
You're just revisiting... That's all.
Dungeon Synths - The DBK
Dungeon Synths is a 9+1 map musical odyssey from the Digital Bards Krew, merging the worlds of medieval fantasy and vintage synthesizers.
WANG - Argent Agent, Decay, HeavenWraith, Razgriz, S...
32 Extremely quick and dirty maps. 90S YEAH too bad Doomkid didn't participate.
Puncher's Arena (Boss Fight!) - Cacodemon124
Welcome to the aftermath. you'll meet The Nightmare Baron (Baron Of Hell), and he would be the final enemy to fight, to end the game...
Re-Hangar: A Reinterpretation of E1M1 - kinker31
E1M1 does not need a re-interpretation. But I did one anyways. Made for vanilla limitations, and HMP is the recommended difficulty.
Re-Entryway: A Reinterpretation of MAP01 - kinker31
Re-made Doom 2's Entryway one day, mostly for fun. Made with vanilla limitations in mind, and can be fully beaten with Chocolate Doom. This wad only has the single map, no other lumps are included.
alerted - Crowbar gaming
slower paced tech base with a multi step secret. You'll find the exit room nasty if you don't have enough heath. final note pojectile dodging will help here. Innermission: You where just dispached to go check out a SOS sin...
Puncher's Arena (ZDoom) - Cacodemon124
Survive endless waves of demons by punching them out with the Beserk...
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