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Dracula - Jason Seekings
Sucked into the twisted dimension of Count Dracula's realm, you must navigate through his blood chambers to find his coffin and destroy him once and for all to escape. I performed some "voice acting" in this WAD as well fo...
A1 SNiP3R - Mike Hopkins aka DarkOwl (aka Kowalski, a lon...
In 2016 I decided to do a 20th anniversary rework of the original A1-SNiPE, for the sheer fun of it. SNiPE was started by Michael Davies, with the main building. We built the rest of the level around it as a collaborative ...
Spasm - Jason Seekings
A simple map I made in a day when I was bored.
Real death - WAR
\Story A kind of of castle with labs on it somewhere on a village are responsible of kidnapping people for their experiments. You, which are you a retired marine Heard about strange desaparitions of persons, your investiga...
Technology outdoors - REBELVODKA
Sargasso - Michael Jan Krizik (valkiriforce)
Sargasso is an 11-map space adventure episode for DooM II which requires a Boom-compatible port to play. You play as Wolf - the leader of a mercenary ...
Doom: Catastrophe - Choi Ji-seong (Creativity)
I've come up with this project in order to make three schools in Korea including my school famous all around the world, which is what I want to accomplish for my friends. Doomguy was replaced to a female high school studen...
Sizzle - Jason Seekings
This WAD is the longest and largest undertaking I ever took in the history of my editing career, (which started back in 2005. While not anything breath taking, I am still very proud of it. I have worked on this map for ove...
Remnant - Aurelius
Remnant is a large limit-removing map for Doom 2, using the OTEX texture pack by ukiro and centered around creating a vanilla-ish gameplay experience within a detailed, atmospheric setting. The map features large open envi...
Could You Would You In A Box? - Micah "Jaws In Spac...
A 32 map Megawad with levels cofined to a 2048x2048 space
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