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Final Fantasy Doom (version 2)
Waste Site
The Most Impossible Difficulty Ever!!!!!
Abandoned Mansion
Chosen 1.33
#DooM Speedmapping Session 1

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Cryogenics - Bemused
Set of 4 slaughter themed maps
So we decided to have a speedmapping session for some reason, which was held during the entire day of 03.12.2017. The participants had a choice of 4 various map themes, meant to be used one-at-a-time: 1. Shiny-ass silver m...
Unknown - SteveDude
A 10 level "Kilowad", my first attempt, it isn't balanced or levelled: I'll figure those out later. The maps are probably worth a shot though.
Doom 0 (abandoned beta) - Ilya Lazarev (Joe-Ilya)
This is a megawad project I started way back in 2013 but was burnt out of finishing it halfway through because I wasn't feeling like it despite having the rest of the maps sketched on my middle school notebooks and because...
I can't see shit without my glasses - SArais
Get Well Soon - Arjuna Gonzales
My first Doom map of any real size, started out of an offhand pic in a Twitter thread, grew into a decent sized level. It MIGHT have good deathmatch flow, but I haven't tested it for that.
Painful Cave - leodoom85
This is a speedmap that I was inspired by the speedmap sessions like the Pigeon Speedmap Session wad considering the limitations of the themes. This map was remade for the original map that I did. Expect some difficulty an...
By the Pricking of My Thumbs ... - ReX Claussen
Eleven maps, fully compatible with DooM2.exe, while including as much detail as possible. The first 10 maps pay homage to the first 10 maps of DooM2 Tested with Chocolate DooM & GZDooM
Pyrrhic - hobomaster22
15 tested and finely tuned maps for duel. Uses stock Doom 2 textures for a clean old school style. Hard difficulty includes BFG.
Ray Poward - Michael Jan Krizik (valkiriforce)
It's Ray Poward from Contra: Legacy of War. Bit of a rough translation from the PS1 game into Doom so hopefully it plays well enough to work.
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