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Abandoned Mansion
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#DooM Speedmapping Session 1

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Pigeon Speedmapping Session 5: The X-Files - Myst. Haruko,...
This is a speedmap project which the mappers did maps with a set of 3 themes (non-obligatory to do all 3 themes) and had a time limit of 3-4 hours for both sessions. The themes were sky/alien maps, 333 thing count and floo...
Port Glacia - James Collins
Originally a map for Jimmy's Joy Of Mapping 5, I ended up pulling it as it had gotten too large and ambitious, and its size & length would have really bogged down what was already a hefty community project. This allowed me...
Starlight Sanctuary, Enhanced Edition - InsanityBringer
You find yourself in a strange, mysterious world full of stars. Evil lurks within, so you'll need to fight your way through. Short wad with a fair amount of action.
Wolfenstein: Machines of Death - Donnel "Jazzmaste...
The Sequel to Wolfenstein: Shadows of Destiny. This Total Conversion is a homage to my favorite Wolfenstein 3d mods, specifically WSJ's Project: Eisenritter, and all the WolfenDoom TC throughout the years. I hope you enj...
Huntington National Laboratory - Jefferson Draney
Life in central Indiana is dull, but as you wind your way up the road to your job as night watchman at the nearby national lab you notice something seems different tonight. The gate, normally open, is closed, and when you ...
20 Heretics Community Challenge - Rachael Alexand...
Carrot Cake Massacre - mArt1And00m3r11339
Carrot Cake Massacre is a sequel to Oreo Cake Massacre that is based off of Ice Rage. The level consists of brown, white, and orange, resembling a carrot cake (as you see in the title and intermission images). This file co...
Maskim Xul - Obsidian
A set of Boom-compatible maps for Doom II with a decidedly Lovecraftian theme to the second and third and a fourth to stop the player from advancing. Also a MAP30 to avoid DeHackEd shenanigans.
Ezekiel (Abridged version) - 40oz, AD_79, Breezeep, me...
Ezekiel is a 3 episode mission pack for DOOM 2. Each episode contains 4 maps, plus a final map for a total of 13 maps. The abridged version contains only the first two episodes and the final map, as the third episode was n...
Monuments of Mars - Doomer Boards Community
A custom single player mapset by members of Doomer Boards (doomer.boards.net)
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