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Energy Flux - Matthias (enkeli33)
My map made for the contest on czech website https://www.high-voltage.cz/. We wanted to make a megawad based on the maps sent for this competition, but eventually there were only four. So we decided to let it be. But my ma...
Bifrost - Albatross
Single map based on the idea of rainbow bridges.
Innermost - Albatross
Single map set in a marble citadel. The gimmick here is that all the monsters are spectral.
The Hangar - Carlos Lastra
It's a map with extensive use of 3D Floors, with gameplay in mind. You should to run it with GZDoom, because sloped 3D floors can't be seen in software mode. They can be walked, but they are invisible. It's harder tan ...
Under a Freezing Sea - A.Gamma
Originally meant for "The Joy of Mapping 5", this Bioshock inspired map takes you to an underwater base infested with hellspawn. Lots of swimming and custom enemies await!
NoMonochrome - Micha³ ''Lorenzo'' Kurowski
This is an 8-level wad, where each map centers around a different colour. Different difficulties are implemented. The whole project is co-op compatible.
Sonic VS Green Hill Zone 3D - Jaxxoon R
Sonic VS Green Hill Zone 3D is a game I made for RAGE 2018. A short 3D platformer TC where you guide Sonic as he discovers the dark secret behind Green Hill Zone. Every time you saw Green Hill, that wasn't nostalgia you fe...
Vicarious Reality - Doomer Boards Community
Some 90's themed maps with new textures supplied by MagicMaha
Perilous Cavern - leodoom85
This map is set in a hellish environment where hellspawn will try to stop you no matter what. It uses scripting and UDMF format features. It was recycled from a map that was previously rejected in another project, so I gav...
Depths of Insanity - Novaseer
A short seven-map set - my first I've uploaded to the world. The story, as little as it matters, is: some time has passed since the events of the IWADs. Doomguy, now a little bit sick of all the demon killing, has to shu...
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