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Interstice - Keagan Dunn ("Dunn & Dunn")
--- A single relatively-small puzzle map for Boom. The progression is mostly linear, with the puzzles focusing on paying attention to your environment. Secrets are aplenty and spread about this mysterious brown techbase, c...
Perpetual Powers - Michal ''Lorenzo'' Kurowski
Perpetual Powers is a 21-level megawad made for and tested with GZDoom and Zandronum. The wad is split into three distinct episodes, each containing 7 maps - usually short to medium sized ones, with a large one to end the ...
Doom 2 In Spain Only - AD-79, Alfonzo, Breezeep, Esselfortiu...
Vanilla-compatable megawad
Sol Ank - El Inferno
Mishmash of slaughter speedmaps which I was spontaneously making over the last 6 months.
7's First WAD - 703337
3 short maps.
Monroe's Killer - TheGreenZap aka Paul J. Beel
Single map for Doom. Limit-removing Story: Dr. Monroe was once a highly regarded professor, but rumor has it he started delving into the dark arts and experimenting with demons. He hasn't been seen in some time and his l...
Technicolor Anniversary Box - Major Arlene
A void-style map with cute, bright colors- but don't get too comfy- this map has some bite. Anniversary edition, recolored and re-mixed with Supercharge 2.8.
The Mean Green 2 - Chris Hansen
3 medium sized levels for Doom II. A mixture of tech and Hell with lots of damaging floors, tricks, traps and nasty monsters! These maps continue where "The Mean Green" left off meaning that they will be a step up in d...
Doom II: Demonic Destruction! - mxbobbie49
this is a 22 map megawad, it starts out easy but gets harder, my last released wad was easy but ive meant to be meaner to the player this time. Theres also map21 but its not an actual map it doesnt have an exit, but the re...
Breathless_v2 - Nirvana
Breathless is a large, Boom compatible slaughter map for Doom 2. The theme is deep blues punctuated with cyan and is heavily inspired by Swim with the Whales, both in aesthetics and difficulty. The wad is inspired by a lot...
Skynight Garden - inflame the dragon
this is a single map PWAD that takes places in some kind of lushy garden build above water, it's surreal and full of nature! the map's design is based in just one arena full of enemies! understand the map, choose your...
The Deep (TM) - Major Arlene
For Realms Deep Map Jam 2021, this colorful void-esque map plays
March of the Speeddemons - Various, compiled by BluePine...
March of the Speeddemons is the seventh edition of PUSS, BluePineapple72's monthly speedmapping series. These maps were built with Doomkid's Rowdy Rudy resources; a wad packed to the brim with DEHACKED goodies handmade to ...
Syringe - Pavera, Tarnsman, Marcaek, & Xaser (...PTMX?)
6+1 action-packed maps about reviving a dying universe using guns and large pointy things.
Anti-Zuckerbergism - Timothy Brown (MArt1And00m3r11339)
Are you a boomer who is fed up with Mark Zuckerberg's insane policies where you could post anything and get banned? I am no different than anyone else out there. I have a map that is based on all of the stuff that Facebook...
Slith - Pistoolkip
For maps featuring run-and-gun gameplay in a Thy Flesh Consumed aesthetic with Plutonia-level difficulty.
Meatbox Slam! - Clamgor
A short fun combat map. Don't get swarmed. Find all keys. Good luck!
Soaked in Blood - T.Will
A simple TWID-inspired Episode 1 replacement. What started as just one map to challenge myself to adhere to Doom 1's limitations became a whole episode. Ultra-Violence is the preferred difficulty though feel free to pick w...
Mission: Techbase - mxbobbie49
vanilla compatibility, the e1m1, e1m2, e1m3, e1m4, title screen and intermission screen have custom midis i made, this is also the first wad project i have actually finished. Not too hard.
Big Dill - Alexander Schuetzner aka "Killerratte"
A map centered around a circular design, in which you explore a large techbase with many nasties inside. This version uses different music.
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