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Everything posted by nue

  1. I rotate through many games and doom is on the rotation with brawlhalla and geometry dash at the moment
  2. nue

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Nope, simply was being overconfident in my admittedly amateur skills with map data and saved it in slade. Theres literal thousands (80000 lines in this tragedy) so handpicking them out would be a massive waste of time
  3. nue

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    It was me combining portions of two different maps by lazily copying the UDMF mapinfo script onto one another. Obviously now that I think about it they both have sector/linedef 1,2,3 etc so they all just meshed. Basically just trashed a map
  4. nue

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    oooooooo my stupidity is really testing my dignity
  5. nue

    DBK01: Dungeon Synths (RC2 released!)

    Jesus you guys simply dont stop putting out projects
  6. nue

    Hangar or Entryway?

    I prefer Hangar but imo Entryway comes very very close
  7. nue


    Well here comes another caco
  8. Fantastic fantastic voice and good performances too
  9. nue

    What are your favourite album cover arts?

    Freddie Gibbs - Bandana Daughters - Self Titled MFDOOM - Operation Doomsday King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King
  10. nue

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    legitimately the best map I've been making
  11. nue

    All my maps are here

    Dude, make independent releases for these, you can keep this thread a repository for all your works but putting this out solo might help get attention, attention that you very much deserve
  12. Ive learned to play anything by pcorf so I guess Ill have to add this to my neverending list
  13. Ill take a map if any are open
  14. nue

    How to stretch a sky?

    Can you provide screenshots of the problem?
  15. nue

    Thoughts on a wad idea

    Go for it, sound pretty cool
  16. Yeah I do see that, and if done improperly someone can come out as egotistical.
  17. Heres a thought: If a user wins a cacoward, they can choose to display it on their profile page, hovering over the award (Which can differ from a normal caco) will be a link to the award. This feature could be turned off if the user chooses to.
  18. nue

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    I just got through a majority of TPH and I think its worthy of a nomination
  19. Brawlhalla has been occupying most of my time that I have. Im ranked Gold IV which is slightly above average for most people. Its strange cause I'm usually not that fond of fighting games but Brawlhalla is a whole lotta fun
  20. nue

    About You: List 9 important Doom WADs.

    Pro tip. Start requiem now.
  21. nue

    Favorite Map Theme.

    Your maps are my favorite map themes tbh with Mayan Mishap and Paradise
  22. nue

    6 years of Doom sobriety.... what have I missed?

    Hey man welcome back. I hope you decide to stay and become more involved
  23. nue

    Can you make large text?

    Im not fluent in HTML whatsoever, so i was just going around in inspect element and pasting the code wherever what it do