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    • By Liberation · Posted
      Very short, but some nice effects used.
    • By everennui · Posted
      That was a pleasant surprise. For a map that's older than 20 years it's damn good. I don't come across something like this a lot. Sound replacements for Shotgun, Chaingun and Plasma rifle. Custom sounds for switch actions, monsters and more.    Honestly, I only played the first 4 maps, so based on that I think it's good.

      I liked it.

      It's certainly not up to 2017 standards, but it's pretty darn good - given the era. The maps were made in WadEd, so I can forgive the 90* angles all over the place.
    • By felgro · Posted
      Mediocre but playable maps ruined by yet another twit that thinks waves of lost souls and pain elementals are "entertaining". Their novelty well and truly wore off over 20 years ago. Why do people do this?
    • By everennui · Posted
      It's a map from 1999, but it's not a very good one. It's hard to understand a lot of the triggers. The exit was on the unique side, but could be missed if you're not keeping an eye open.
    • By everennui · Posted
      Nice little map. I'd probably give it 2.5 stars. It's not very challenging on UV, but it was very reminiscent of a map from original Doom. I liked the open door when you go up the lift. That's always nice to see. The pipes were a good touch. There were some cool light effects, moving textures... boomedit.wad?

      Thanks for sharing.

      I did UV Max in 3:31.