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    • By Doomkid · Posted
      Free-flowing maps with enough space to move around comfortably, well placed weapons / spawns and a very clean yet very classic aesthetic. Absolutely recommended.
    • By Anidrex_1009 · Posted
      Ah this looks interesting, a map with a bit of feeling, and it shows really, the map has a fantastic design and an excellent atmosphere, quite realistic and very incredible, I loved that attractive aspect of the map, however, the gameplay it's slow and very simple, if it were the first 3 maps of a megawad it would be great, but it's only 3 maps, so I would have added more enemies giving it a bit more difficulty, even so, the maps are fanstastic, map 2 is very incredible and I had never seen a map of that style, if it had a better gameplay, this was a 5 out of 5.
    • By Gato606 · Posted
      Es un megawad interesante/desafiante, las elección de texturas tal vez no es la mas bonita, pero los mapas tienen un sólido diseño.  Lo jugué con Complex Doom, por lo que los nazis se convirtieron en un gran dolor en el trasero.  Me incomodó en ciertas partes que la puerta se cerraba y no podía dar marcha atrás, pero bueno, supongo que es mas una cuestión de gustos.  Interesante haber puesto Led Zeppelin con Escalera al Cielo como música de uno de los niveles.
    • By Decay · Posted
      A modern mapset that captures the feel of oldschool maps perfectly. Many of these maps have the potential to become staples in OS duel and DM compilation sets. There are plenty of good set-ups yet they might be considered unconventional, making these maps stand out from other releases in recent years. Standard vanilla themes, clean texturing and structuring. Constant clean-ups minimized any outcroppings that might catch a player for smooth movement. Good variety of weapon spawns and usage, only a few SSG slugfests. Overall good variation in heights throughout the maps without being too over-dramatic.   An absolute must try for any OS loving pvp player, and a good time for 1v1 or 3-4 person free for all.
    • By dll · Posted
      Beautiful looking map that doesn't over do it, non-linear layout is a joy to explore and come to know. A few enemies can be handled maybe easier than intended as height differences stopped them being able to fight back effectively.   Great atmosphere, plenty of tension, and extremely consistent design.