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    • By Nine Inch Heels · Posted
      What happens when you try to make chillax more interesting and perhaps more difficult by spicing it up with a daring selection of custom monsters? You get Tarakannik 3...   This maximum-ridiculum spans 43 maps and is loaded with fierce opposition like you wouldn't believe. Make no mistake, this thing is hard to a point that even HMP-difficulty will stop most doomers dead. The author had the courtesy of warning me when I started playing this on UV-settings, and unless you want to bash your head against this madness like I did, you'd do well to listen to the advice given and tune it down. No, seriously, consider not playing UV unless you're either a doom-god, or you want to hone your skills to eventually become one.   So, what's going on here, how does it compare to, say, chillax? Where chillax liberally flooded the area with overwhelming opposition by way of numbers, tarakannik 3 oftentimes favours quality over quantity, even your seemingly bog-standard imp is a bit more threatening now, and imps, like many other demons in this set, come in different variations, some of which put scytheII's zombie-marine to shame. If you want to see a pinkie shoot a rocket at you when it dies (Which I think is hilarious), this is where that and many other things are going to happen.   The author expects rock solid execution when it comes to avoiding incoming damage. Whatever it is that you can possibly evade, you almost always need to evade it. Mistakes will get punished severely.   Aesthetically this is a mixed bag. Most of the maps are crafted either by way of copy+paste or with a fairly broad brush, without much attention to details in general. That's not to say Tarakannik 3 looks disgustingly ugly. There is some utterly absurd eye-candy to be had on occasion, map 41 and 42 in particular were... Oddly fascinating to just look at. If you've nothing better to do, you might want to consider IDCLEV-ing through this thing and have a gander, you may see something you actually like.   Note that you won't be able to run this set in PrBoom+ (at least I couldn't). I loaded this with GZDoom, and most of the maps worked properly, some just didn't for reasons beyond my knowledge/understanding. A fraction of the maps might cause the average machine's framerates to take a nose-dive to the point of being unplayable as a result of absurd bullet spammyness among other things however.   So, is Tarakannik 3 for you? If you're the type of player who actually enjoys playing chillax legitimately, however difficult it may be, this is a must-have. If you're curious to see how much frustration you can handle, this is where you can put your limits to the test. If you're looking for utterly ridiculous difficulty, you'd best start downloading right away.   I would have given 2.5 stars if I could, since some of the maps were unplayable no matter what I tried, but considering that this set made me laugh quite a bit here and there, and I generally like these utterly absurd maps, there's 3 stars for Tarakannik 3. How quaint...
    • By Dedalus 80 · Posted
      The battles are not that interesting but very difficult. Good idea at start (switches & cyberdaemon) but I think the switch are too little and too recessed into the wall. Not bad visually but too simple.
    • By Tango · Posted
      Really solid set of maps! I think it felt a little visually simple in places but generally it felt pretty polished. Loved the new resources too!
    • By galileo31dos01 · Posted
      Amazing megawad!! Very cool textures, music and atmosphere. I liked the concept of dividing the pwad into 6 episodes, with each episode in a different ambient. Also starting every episode with only the pistol and the weak fist really made me improve my skills, such as using the berserk for revenants and others. Gameplay is more or less like its prequel, the 1-9 maps are rather easy, the 10-20 increase difficulty, and 21-30 varies in massacre and slaughtery. I started to die repeatedly from map 23, and a few maps became really tedious and exhausting, mainly because of monster placement (specifically map 27, ugh...). The new enemies are, well, the afrit is cool, but the evil marine, annoying as f...  In general, secrets were nice. Ok, to me this was very fun but I doubt I would play it in UV, the differences between the difficulties is very notorious. So overall I'll give this a 9/10 
    • By felgro · Posted
      This one started of well enough - but another one I simply gave up on finishing. Suffers from overdoses of teleporting chaingunners, hordes of revenants and layout too confusing to be bothered with working out. What is wrong with simple elegance? Really.