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  1. Yesterday
  2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/g031rpox12j9uyf/athensvillage.wad?dl=1 sorry for the long wait, I got the link for to download so you can directly see whats wrong

  3. I like your avatar :)

  4. Last week
  5. Just released my first map on Moddb. Submitted it to the idarchives as well and awaiting approval...

  6. My latest soundtrack work has been released! These songs were written for the visual novel Heart of the Woods. The music is wintry and atmospheric with a focus on strings, piano, and acoustic guitar. My contributions make up the OST "Snowfall".

    BandCamp link


  7. Here is a slightly different version of my second (1st official) wad since I was a kid..


    Feel free to add more player starts if you all know how to play a wad with someone without a modem.


    If you know how to multi player play, and want to play with me leave me a message.





  8. Has the text on Google search results gotten slightly bigger? Or am I delusional?

  9. Arch-vile is dangerous when in open area or narrow hallways.

    Hide behind walls to dodge their attacks and use Super Shotgun (when close) or Plasma Rifle (when far) or BFG9000 (If you hate arch-vile.)

    1. Bashe


      thank's now i know how to beat that game (rly hard even on im 2 young 2 die :P)

  10. We all love Jim Flynn 

  11. Hello,


    This file is the new version of the previous post. 


    Only a few things are changed.  I added a door area between the main two areas.




    Please remember to use your proper settings


    I made this using doom builder 2, and am running it with gzdoom, as a heretic alteration.




    Thank you

    The Wad Mindset 2.rar

  12. Hey beloko quad touch is epic! But... Quake 1.5 seems to be crashing before it could start. Please help. I'm using the darkplaces engine.

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    2. beloko


      Hi, could you try copying over the quake15 folder again?

      I tried on my mail400 device and it seemed to work. Thanks

    3. DoomTheGuy
    4. DoomTheGuy


      Still doesn't work somehow. It usually crashes at loading text: zombie_new.mdl.

  13. I'm interested in a speed mapping contest for making a basic megawad for classic doom (any iwad). It would work like this : everybody has to upload one map per day and the wad has to be finished with in ~40 days.

  14. Hello,


    I decided to begin doom wad buiding again.  I did as a kid in the 90s, 1994,5,6,7..  I believe I did this in high school as well, but not as much.


    This is my first(second) wad that I made on this software tonight.


    It's just a room, and I am running it as heretic/on zdoom.


    It is intended be run through with shift on, gently strafing the walls for safety.  I intend on putting some secret entrances in the next edit.



    Thank you


    The Wad Mindset 2.rar

    #Wad #RunningMap


  15. Back to basics =]:o

  16. Deus Vult 2


    Back to Saturn X have returned.


    Can't wait for Scythe X to return.

    It had huge potential.

  17. Some of you may have already seen it, but the rest of you should check it out. This level that I made took me more than 6 hours to beat it. It is a sequel to Oreo Cake Massacre.


    1. riderr3


      Pretty familiar music.

    2. mArt1And00m3r11339


      @riderr3 It's the same music as "For NIH."

  18. Hello

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    2. Doominator2


      If you go to your account settings you can connect your twitter profile with your profile along with other social media accounts

    3. crazyflyingdonut


      Okay, so I did that and every time I tried signing in, Doomworld just keeps giving me an error. I did find out how to link my Doomworld with Discord, however, and it worked.

    4. KVELLER


      You could also put a link to your Twitter in your "About me" section.

  19. Hey beloko! I would really appreciate it if you have me a code for quad touch! Thanks for reading! BTW: Quake rocks too!

  20. Hello! MAY I get a code please? It will be very appreciated!

    1. beloko



  21. More fake cacoward writing. I think it might be a little to wordy, but oh well.



    Last year the Doom community awarded Erik Alm as the winner of the Espi Award, a mapper who's legacy shined on to many modern projects. His influential Scythe 2 was a cornerstone wad for the community: a multi-themed megawad, with five levels of each of the six episodes pertaining to a specific theme, afterwards ushering in a death exit so the player can start the succeeding episode anew and ready for the next bouts of action.


    Whether or not Eviternity is directly inspired by Scythe 2, well, you can draw your own conclusion there, but regardless, you get the serving of "six episodes with five levels each". Not only do you get this kind of serving, but you get a whole lot more. @Dragonfly and Team Eviternity started in March of 2018, using a brand new texture pack also being developed at the time, OTEX, to make each of the maps. These textures make the Eviternity experience more grand. As you blow your way through Eviternity's encounters, you get to gawk at the new textures and how they are used well, encountering architectural designs you've never seen before. And it feels wonderfully fresh, just like the texture pack that got released on that faithful anniversary along with Eviternity's initial release. Being a wad made for MBF-based ports and also given some specific DeHacked work on some new enemies, expect to find more than just lovely textures in Eviternity. Look out for the fast-moving astral cacodemons, the rocket/hitscan combo that is the annihilator, and the final boss itself in a battle that can be considered heavenly, along with a few more denizens that haunt the many themes.


    It's amazing to think Eviternity, as ambitious as it was, was finished in roughly two months from its initial release. Dragonfly, the team head, livestreamed his mapping process on Twitch, showcasing his mapping style and the maps that would eventually make it into the megawad. With his maps being the cream of the crop, expect them to be somewhat short, but also expect them to adhere well to each respective episode theme. And he sure does it well, from the Inauguration that is the first map in the rainy castle to the techbases that make up some of the middling maps, then to other cool maps such as the heavenly nonlinear romp that is Heliopolis. And also the episode ending maps, expect to have it rough in these levels until you reach the warp that leads to the next episode. This doesn't mean that the guest mappers cannot be understated, as their maps are just as memorable, if not more. Don't miss Frimaire, @antares031's ice cold outing, or the equally cold Cryonology, where @Atronx will let you figure out what the map title refers to. @Xaser will show you what Transcendence really is to start off the final episode, and the collaborative efforts of Dragonfly and @Eris Falling will help you fly sky high in the penultimate level. Definitely don't miss either of the secret maps, where @skillsaw shows you how brutal the encounters in Eviternity can truly be while @ukiro, the maker of the texture pack itself, brings you one heck of an odyssey that truly defines Eviternity for what it really is. Ambitious, fresh, artistic, well-themed, and tough, these are some of the many terms to describe Eviternity, a project that no one should ever miss.


  22. I had a dream that I wanted to write down so I found this site and registered.It is odd that now I would think of this dream from 15 yrs ago.It was the only dream I can remember that was like this,and I remember it well due to the lack of dreams and very few I remember.

      I was single,living reckless and only with my dog and cat.It seemed every year was same where work was concerned,having 7 days a week demanded in good seasons with no work at all in the winter holiday season.This particular year was a little more stressful as I had moved to different city,home,and bought my first house.It only got weirder as I had a dream purly from imagination about equipment and soldiers that have no existence I know of in this world.

      I had been off a few weeks to move and got all situated about the time my boss said that the work dried up.This was added stress,a quick reminder of how little savings I had to make it through emergency times,and I couldnt sleep with no work to make my body tired.The days on end tossing and turning and waking 3-4hours after laying down fighting to get that were making my life feel the pain of what life looked like for my future.It was before the marriage and child I had,in fairness,I was a no nothing upper 20's kid that thought most of my life was over.

      I started out my dream in a home I didnt know,and with four or five military dressed people that obviously counted on me as well as futuristic weapon to stay alive.When I say futuristic,I am referring to a large rifle that was bulky with odd connections and wires that pluged into our outfitted suit with headset and communication.I was just starting to get away from the inside of this house when these weapons I had seen were also held by several people out front shooting into the building we occupied.

      I felt the vibration of this electric bolt going through this second floor as I head downstairs and out of the building.Its always something in dreams that always clues me into knowing its a dream,but this dream full of things that told me this wanst real still felt so real it had my heartbeat raised and sweat poured of my body.I felt the bolt of this gun at the same time I could see what appeared like a video game screen that my enemy was looking at as they fired into the house I was in.As I said,It was a dream that had so many clues that this want real. 

      The time was now as I leave the now burnt house behind me and am running toward buildings my team of soldiers had fled for.This was where I first encountered the damage these large guns did.It had no bullet,no projectile that was loaded,and only a strong bolt of electric feet long came out.It evaporated anything where it was shot by enough space and strength to remove a 6ft by 6ft hole missing from anywhere on the buildings the gun was shot at.I mean all the way through the house top or bottom like swiss cheese.

      Finally,I got my hands on one of these big guns and was looking at this tv screen that showed an x-ray of the people and movements made around me.This was about when I shot this gun,and whoa..Now I am awake,and what the hell was all that about in the first place.

    1. KVELLER


      It seems like a weird decision to create an account just to write about a dream (in Doomworld of all places!) but it was fun to read :)

  23. I hope one day you come back and finish scythe X

  24. Hi, I haven't posted here anything for a long time and I see there are tons of map projects who are worth playing. Well i don't know what to give you because most of the projects of mine ended up a big waste of time.

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