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  1. Yesterday
  2. Baby's got a new reactor core...



  3. I'm planning to release one of my projects in near future, hopefully in this upcoming summer - I realised that I already met personal criteria for it, just need finish that one level I started and balance/fix others before release. I'm curious how it will play for others and if reception will be positive. 

  4. Nice profile feed

  5. Last week
  6. anyone watching the spoilers for the MTG: Baldur's Gate set? they just released multiple cards I wanna say THIS IS MY GIRL to


    Mazzy possibly foremost among zem

  7. 2437 notifications


    a new record!!!


    wow i didn't remember my pfp being so shit i might re-draw it someday

  8. only now ive seen that you asked for my version of map11 on the doom 2 from memory thread


    oops im sorry if i looked like a jerk i swear i just never saw that notification


    oh well its been half a year since them

    1. thiccyosh


      Nah you're good. I did map11 from scratch anyways. No need to excuse yourself!

  9. Hey David. I could not find your map 07 anywhere. Can you post it here? Thanks. 

  10. "No rest for the living?"

  11. Hey bud - are you doing ok? Your last post was a bit worrying, hope you’re not in a bad way..

  12. If you had to set up your desk in any spot in E1M1, where would you put it? 

    1. Use


      Hmm great question. It would have to be the little secret area overlooking the zig-zag nukage room.

  13. fish-furry.gifsquiddog-changed.gif

    Changed Squid Dog Animations

  14. Anyone interested in testing? AllSlayer 00.zip

    • GZDOOM
    • Dynamic Lights
    • Bloom (Recommended)
    • 1 Map so far


  15. More progress on AllSlayer's Dark Textures and a new map...790943208_AllSlayer-Map01Snapshot01.jpg.6c5b1efce687a43dba49a1bff353752d.jpg1521333237_AllSlayer-Map01Snapshot04.jpg.466073c44f23822b8dff1dd136c2ccc0.jpg738632575_AllSlayer-Map01Snapshot02.jpg.6d1d542514789722dd1d2ee33ce962ca.jpg1811373872_AllSlayer-Map01Snapshot05.jpg.e8dfff908e9eb92d0c25ae6157907b99.jpg639057797_AllSlayer-Map01Snapshot06.jpg.5882376b95ccd2c1bbb11e0ec33dd1fa.jpg951488158_AllSlayer-Map01Snapshot08.jpg.dff64f8bc9e12af606e08cf913c2ec86.jpg615713076_AllSlayer-Map01Snapshot10.jpg.3219990a8e96ee653b48d3c2533ce999.jpg1469275113_AllSlayer-Map01Snapshot11.jpg.1d8972590f4bbf24a22b5cfc26465571.jpg

    AllSlayer - Map 01 Snapshot 03.jpg

    AllSlayer - Map 01 Snapshot 07.jpg

    AllSlayer - Map 01 Snapshot 09.jpg

    AllSlayer - Map 01 Snapshot 12.jpg

    AllSlayer - Map 01 Snapshot 13.jpg

  16. Joined the forum for more than a year, and every time I open up Doom General makes me feel like I'm stuck in a cycle.

    1. NoisyVelvet




      I like the evergreen, comfort-food threads like "Doom 1 vs Doom 2?", or "What's your favorite IWad map?", or "Why i liek/haet Revenants", etc.


      They seem cheap but are part of the life-blood of Doom.

  17. Hello stranger, I'd like to inform you that I'm officially stalking you now!

  18. among us isn't funny


  19. Ok, Prism-Stream (my 100% Common Lisp MIDI player) now shows channel note on/off activity, the next/prev commands are working, the "remove song from current playlist" command works, and has a skeleton file browser screen.  There's even some live coding in the video because I realized while I was recording that I was drawing channel activity one line too high lol.  Yay for Lisp.

    So yeah, this is now usable enough that I can use it as a MIDI player while I'm playing Satisfactory or doing dishes :D  I mean, I could just use Emacs + EMMS + midi123 for that, but that's not nearly as fun now, is it?

    No release until the file browser is implemented, though.  Right now you can only load up songs from the command line, and that's not ideal.


    Also, CL-MeltySynth now has support for RMI files (RIFF-based MIDI files).  I apparently have some of those in my collection, and I thought it would be nice if I could listen to them with Prism-Stream or midi123 :-P  Any DLS data or other info in them is currently ignored.



    me as of late:


  20. Nice to see you posting again, Summer! Welcome back.

  21. Sup everyone, ive been 2 years on doomworld (12.5.2022) And i can say this community is still super good. Thanks for good time spent here! Also sorry for no special map, i dont feel like doing anything these days even mapping, i will try to finish the 1 special map, cya and have a good day.

  22. Putting "duke nukem 3d damn i'm good tips" into Google gave me your thread! Quite the surprise, cheers dude!

    1. 7Mahonin


      Hope it helps, but I learned a lot of those tips watching the YouTuber DNSKILL420!

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