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  1. Today
  2. Will likely be releasing Tech Wreckz tomorrow - a 6 map pack of techbase deathmatch levels designed by myself and @Endless .


    Just doing the final clean-ups!



    1. Endless


      Time to get wreckedz.


  3. Yesterday
  4. I wonder what originated this (appears if you hover over the blue arrow).



    1. Endless


      In all my time navigating the archives, I have never noticed this.


  5. Started two wads today!


    Community Chest (first playthough)


    And Back to Saturn X (not the first playthrough, but haven't played it in years)


  6. 1cYH3hw.png

    MAP31/46: 'Treachery'         :)


    Might change the lava texture yet - don't know if I like this one as much as the one I usually use. This map is basically a base within Hell.


    Gonna keep dropping status updates every time I complete a new map for this project.

  7. I6iN3O5.png

    MAP30/46: 'Toxin Distillery'                   :D

  8. https://twitter.com/LudiUnderground


    I have a twitter now, follow me for horrible content

  9. "Ludi" sounds similar to "Люди". On Russian it means "People".

    1. Ludi


      It was originally a reference to the Pokemon "Ludicolo", but everyone called me Ludi and that name has a better ring to it anyways, so I changed it to what I have now. I can't see myself changing it again, it's perfect!

  10. I wanna say that NBA YoungBoy is easily the most annoying ass rapper in the game rn, I'm listening to NAV before fucking YB 


    Also listen to the new JID if you haven't yet, you deserve it <3

  11. compilation of maps that i have created in the past month or so


  12. Last week
  13. The Inner Circle of Hell released:-



  14. The worst demons are the ones that reside in ourselves. Fasting is just one such way to slay them.


    Ramadan Mubarak for my fellow Muslim Doomers, wherever you are!

    1. TheMalayDoomer


      Ramadan Mubarak for you too!

    2. gamingcooler


      even though I'm Christian I respect that

  15. This should bring me to use the revenant a lot more...




  16. This is getting funny


  17. ModDb stopped working...

    1. RastaManGames


      Yeah... For several hours now (if not more).

    2. Naarok0fkor


      At least it's our computers that are malfunctioning...

      Wendigo pea soup barrel.png

  18. dungeon dungeon dungeon dungeon

    dungeon dungeon

    dungeon dungeon dungeon dungeon


    can't get the mapping bug back... no matter what idea I open the editor with I don't have any passion for it. boo etc

    1. yakfak


      am gonna be working on games with a few other people from now on


      realizing that working in a group sometimes means having to dedicate yrself to worlds you didn't think up yrself and I hope I'm not totally incompatible with that. i'm never really into Extended Universe shit (Doom as a flexible game engine rules, Doom as a setting is kinda awful) & I always wanna subvert them so I hope that instinct doesn't kick in to ruin a friend's ideas.


      then vice versa I love weird forgotten game formats (dungeon crawler still being the pinnacle to me) but if yr entering a game jam, it often pays to get more gimmicky, eg. "Diggin' It" which we made for a roguelike jam was platformer-view rather than overhead and the main method of progress was using tools to descend. but it's a case of no longer being able to make anything AT ALL vs. needing a group to keep my attempts worthwhile

  19. You know what? I haven't been active here in a while. I'll try and get into the swing of mapping again, hope it works out without me getting into another period of being completely unmotivated - even if that's harder than it sounds.

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