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  1. Today
  2. I want to take music commissions.

  3. Just jumped in over at Patreon! Brutal Doom forever!

  4. Yesterday
  5. Last week
  6. I've upated https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/103336-videos-made-for-the-doomwiki/ because of some bad news.

  7. Continuing on with the Robinson family roundup is my review of Dissolution by @Gunrock (posted today, 11/11/19).



  8. The Cacowards are less than a month away :0 There's some tough competition this year, especially for Ultimate Doom, but there wads were some of my favorites.


    The Ultimate Doom

    -Bury My Heart Knee Deep


    -Lunar Catastrophe




    Doom 2



    -Lost Civilization

    -Mass Extinction

    -MMDCXIV Journey Into 27 Century


    Also gotta mention Hedon an entirely new game for the GZDoom engine which is simply amazing.



  9. Doomkid is a great pillar of the DooM community.   A community needs pillars, or else it might fall over.

    1. Doomkid


      Thanks Gokuma, I appreciate that. I’m working on some more tutorial videos to help newbie Doomers, the more resources we have to get more new people involved, the better.

    2. Gokuma


      You're welcome.  Yeah, this renaissance of late is pretty awesome.   Some of the older guys may get frustrated with the amount of new people, especially the obviously immature ones, but it's actually a lot like the early days except much higher quality overall.   Someone makes a post "This is my first (or second) map" and half the time it looks amazing these days.   It's a good time to be into Doom.

  10. Hello, thanks for the follow ^_^

  11. Everything is getting boring here...

  12. My review of Remnant by @Aurelius



    We really wanted a resource pack that ended up making things less vibrant with colors and leaning towards something that will set up a gloomy atmosphere in any map it is used and flat-out succeed in that regard. OTEX showed us that perfectly. With Eviternity being one such set of maps that used OTEX to its most dazzling capabilities, it's only a matter of time before others followed it in the same year.


    Remnant sets a perfect example of that. It draws inspiration from modern maps and is made with a simple story of Doomguy fighting out of captivity and showing the demons who's the real demon out there. In many ways, Remnant shares a lot of traits with the ever-popular Miasma three years ago, yet somehow it feels like it could have been an Eviternity map that was held off for any reason. It's a huge single-level wad that is non-linear. It has a high monster count, but everything is spaced out well enough to make any and all setpieces fun to play around in. It's size and nonlinearity gives players multiple avenues of travel with so many ways to get around enemies. And most of all, it breeds a powerful atmosphere, made even better with the usage of OTEX. This all makes the entire experience memorable. The castle interiors are well-decorated, and through the trees, shrubbery, and waterfalls outside the player has to decipher the ways of getting the two keys needed for the final area. A nice battle with the custom Cardinal monster is shown at the end. The stops are all hit, the gameplay leaves you wanting more and more even when you do get done.


    For a mapper that spent about 15 years on and off (but mostly off) Aurelius decides to give off an actual release for once (this is the second map Aurelius has actually published), as there has been "nothing worth mentioning" prior to Remnant. And what a release it was. One does wonder, what were the other "remnants" Aurelius had beforehand if this remnant proves an experience like no other remnant could? Just keep watch of remnant monsters as you fiddle around here.


    1. Aurelius


      Thank you for the review, much appreciated! There is.. *a lot* of stuff on my harddrive for sure, but nothing is in any shape to be published. I might return to some at a later date, but I feel like I can do much better now than in any of them. You might definitely see parts of that abandoned stuff in my future releases!

  13. Hello! It is time for the second stop on the Gene Bird Community Chest prelude tour with my review of Blind Alley P., "The Boardwalk" by @Searcher, posted today (11/08/19)



  14. Update 11/8


    I got more comfortable with detail in level designing, I decided to go back, start designing from scratch on the levels that needed minor touch ups or serious attention.


    What I have redesigned/completed levels:



    Minor touch ups:

    • MAP01: JAZZ PAD - Changed the platform area behind the house. Now it has easy to jump sectors to get back to where the player started. You now have the choice to take the platforming path behind the house, or, once the switch is flipped to open gate, a hidden area nearby will open up to a teleporter that will take you to the gate.
    • MAP02: CARROTUS HQ - Changed the exit sector.
    • MAP05: MEDIVO CASTLE - Changed the exit area, fixed unpegged textures or misaligned textures.
    • MAP08: WATER DEPTHS - Added a hidden path to secret level, removed any errors through F4 on Doom Builder 2.
    • MAP13: COLONIAL CATASTROPHE - Changed a certain texture; to avoid any confusion to the player when exiting the level.
    • MAP14: SLEEPLESS NIGHT - Brought the brightness up. Too dark.


    Work in progress/TBA:

    • MAP10: TANKS - *TBA*

    Leaving As Is:

    • MAPS 12,15-20 - This was around the time my level designing improved. I'm still planning on going back and look for any touch ups.


    Besides the levels, I also tweaked with the enemies attacks and features, redesigned a few of the Turtle Gunner sprites... now they have more detail. I removed a few of the weapons Jazz uses. Added a new enemy, which is a Flower for level MAP09. I am doing my best when it comes to balancing the weapons. Added new textures to match the levels themes.


    Y'all have a great weekend coming up.

  15. Lower back injuries may be the least fun thing ever. Take it easy out there.

  16. Oi, do a playthrough of alien world order, I've run out of duke3d content to watch.




  17. Earlier
  18. ZDCode now has macros and anonymous classes!


    class AaaSpawner {
        is NOGRAVITY;
        macro SpawnEither(A, B, C) {
            TNT1 A 0 A_SpawnItemEx(class extends TeleportFog {
                set Translation to "Ice";
            TNT1 A 0 A_SpawnItemEx(class extends RandomSpawner {
                set DropItem to A, 128, 22;
                set DropItem to B, 200, 6;
                set DropItem to C, 255, 1;
        label Spawn {
            TNT1 A 35;
            x 3 {
                sometimes 60 inject SpawnEither("ChaingunGuy", "Revenant", "ArchVile");
                sometimes 60 inject SpawnEither("ChaingunGuy", "Revenant", "PainElemental");

    Hell yeah!

  19. Hey everyone. I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in helping create monster sprites for me. They would be similar to these, only with roller blades, and no helmet, revealing a Samus-Aran type lady with blue or green skin. I have more details if anyone wants to help.

  20. been playtesting to the point my eyes are about to fall out. 

  21. Missing Doom 64 monsters coming on 03/20/20... :(

    1. whatup876


      Is this because of Eternal?

      Specially if for the Titan and IOS?


    2. Gerardo194


      Nope, not because of Eternal...

    3. Gerardo194


      Neither those monsters... they have nothing to do with Doom Eternal.

  22. Here is a link to my review of Overheat by @Memfis, posted today (11/05/19).



    Once the review for Suteni is posted (and a review of Memfis's forgotten DTWID submission!) I will be moving onto his 2013 output. It'll be an interesting tour since 2013 was the year he released Kuchitsu, for which he was awarded a Cacoward (which I wrote for) after which he suffered a meltdown due to embarassment, largely due to how lowly he regarded it. IIRC Xaser was a strong proponent of giving the nod to Kuchitsu; I'd only seen Memfis's work in the community sets of Heroes' Tales, Whitemare, and Interception and a well-intentioned first stab at his back catalogue with Voyage to Deimos E2M1.


    Mid-2013 I came down with walking pneumonia. It took about a month to recover physically but my attempts at taking advantage of the down time left me feeling sick whenever I tried to play Doom. I wasn't sure whether I was going to give the thumbs up if I got contacted to do the 2013 Cacowards, but I eventually did. This left me grinding through releases in an attempt to catch up so that I could actually shoulder half of the writing load. 2013 was one of my least favorite years writing for the Cacowards and the root cause was how unprepared I felt since I hadn't played much of anything since July. And, uh, the whole "where is Alfonzo?" snafu.


    I had good intentions to play through Memfis's works in 2013 due to the positive buzz, but I didn't. I got around to Kuchitsu because it was a strong contender in the judging booth and it was to my benefit to not burn out trying to marathon megaWADs all the way up to a finish line which we missed by leaps and bounds. After having played through his full 2011-2012 catalogue over the past year I have a much better idea of what caused the positive word-of-mouth leading into 2013. Memfis also published 16 levels during 2013 between /idgames and the forums so it'll be interesting to see whether Kuchitsu remains the humble, plucky victor or if it can be upstaged in my mind.


    DID YOU KNOW: Plutonium Winds and Hellfire: Dreams were in the initial 2013 Cacowards running order? During the December of 2013 clusterfuck they were replaced by Stardate 20X6 and Swim With the Whales and Ribbiks was crowned MOTY.

  23. gone but not forgotten


    working on my pixel art. bunny man took about 5 min


    fivrr min file size.png


  24. In the ending of Doom E1, you die and go to hell. Is Doom an isekai?

  25. Does anyone have this wad file? The level is titled "Walk in the Park".

    Doom 2 Walk in the Park.png

  26. He'yo.

    Yeah, quitting the quittance for a while. Things had happened and I've actually found some useful tips (ones I could actually perceive) on the subject that caused my last sorta tantrum-ish asservation. On the actual subject though...

    My new year's resolution for '19 was that I would stop posting in the 'Share a random fact about yourself' thread. Courtesy of @seed, the one whose pattern I followed by updating my 'About me' section with a Spoilered wall of text. However, there are specific things that are required to be addressed publicly, and so is the following a primary example.

    Not sure if any of you guys really caught that, but I really tend to be a vermin if it comes to mocking certain people about their - preferably long-forgotten - screwups or other funny, but regardless, to a degree, compromising stuff prior. Notable mentions include (but are not limited to:)

    - RevenantWithAHat. My dude @Katamori was going to partake in the development of Community Chest 4 in August 2011, and this one user (most presumably a clueless 10-15 y/o kiddo at that time) created some mediocre map (an E1M8 rendition I believe) to fill in the slot Katamori was opting for. Sadly or fortunately, he was oblivious about one of the project's main guidelines (not sharing his work publicly, only in PM for one of the project leaders), and despite being told several times by other participants to "delete the links ASAP", he repeatedly committed this offender which left no other choice but for his thread to be Helled and him to be Losered, soon this to be upgraded to Banned thereafter. To this day I sometimes mention this to Katamori, and I also scribbled something together in MSPaint quickly just to keep reminder of it for a long time.
    - Speaking of Katamori, here's this, courtesy of @dobu gabu maru and again, my image editing skills.

    - Another one involves @Jimmy, or more precisely, his custom title prior to the JoM sessions. I had a quirk for calling him "Jimmy, whose name rhymes/doesn't rhyme with MIDI" for quite a long time (even with 'Joyful Mapper' already implemented), and only recently did I knock it off for good. Though I personally prefer to think this is/was a tribute to his ace composing skills, but whatever.
    - This one's gone on a really long trip and started with this particular confession by @Scypek2. (Holy geeze, it's turning 8 slowly.) I don't believe I have to elaborate about this, searching the term 'barking texture' on the Forums would unfold information sufficient enough. And only recently did I find out about that the specific stuff has actually manifested in some form long ago, for which I feel like an idiot, because I myself was partaking in the exact same project as well.
    - This one's rather a confession, too. I still have a high tendency for binge-searching @joe-ilya's stuff from time to time. Particularly noticeable once I happen to upvote comments addressed to him.

    To whoever I've mentioned or has a fraction of memory about occurrences similar in nature, I should definitely mention that I in none of these cases mean any offense. Might come down as provocative or insulting (or more so, instigating), I am aware, but as far as I recall, I've never done any intentional emotional harm to anyone. (Calling Terrywad authors lifeless homosexuals at the age of 16-17 was another thing, sort of justified on one hand, but still just some emotional awkward adolescence burst on the other.)

    So yeah... stay healthy, folks, and mock only when it's time-relevant. I suppose.

  27. @beloko can you give me a code pls ? 

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