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  1. Today
  2. You know, something I just thought of... Is there a function within EPI endianess routines to convert from an Integer to unsigned short? I just realized...if I did that i could technically avoid having ROTT patches in their own struct entirely. . .keep the code tidier by just having everything in the base patch_t structure and that could potentially make it easier to handle those patches.


    Also, does EDGE explicitly require a pnames and/or TEXTURE1/2 for textures and patch displays? Since ROTT just displays patches directly, i wonder if even a lone dummy value would work..its either that or i would need to meticulously hand-roll one... I want to say EDGE has that capability but I could be wrong. .

    1. andrewj


      Sometimes a struct like patch_t is used to represent the exact (bit-for-bit) structure of the binary data in a lump or file.  So you cannot change, for example, a short to an int in that structure because the sizes are different (16 vs 32) and it won't read the binary data in the lump properly anymore.


      Other structs are used in memory, and it is less important if a field is a short or an int.  EDGE code does not make the distinction between these two usages very clear.  In Eureka and AJBSP, the file w_rawdef.h contains the structs for on-disk binary data, and they are only used to read/write the binary lumps, other structs are used for in-memory version (of a linedef, sector, etc).


      For example, raw_linedef_t is a struct for the raw (on-disk) representation of a DOOM linedef, and raw_hexen_linedef_t is the variant use in the Hexen map format.  These are converted to a single in-memory struct "linedef_t" by code which reads the LINEDEFS lump in maps.  This linedef_t has enough fields for both the DOOM version and the HEXEN version.  The types of fields can be "wider" too, e.g. the "flags" field in linedef_t is an "int" (32 bits) whereas the on-disk structure uses a 16-bit value (a "short").


      The EPI endianness conversion functions need to be a specific size, like 16 bits, since they need to work on the raw representation of binary data.  If you are reading the value into a different struct, you can have a wider type (like an "int"), but you don't need any extra endianness functions, in C and C++ integers of different widths are automatically converted.


      (will answer the other question later)

  3. Yesterday
  4. an also everyone i have a youtube channel i play doom 2 wads an i play touhou https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCytnPyRW_2xBI24h6ukdMeA?view_as=subscriber

  5. I'm hosting a Telnet BBS.







  6. Let me embed Opus music, please!

  7. now i have a wad that i made in 2017 called shindark an hey everyone this wad has nothing to do with heaven invasion shindark has 1 map it is not the best wad but it is a horror wad right it is a Halloween wad well the song in this wad is smt nocturne  it is the Shinjuku Medical Center theme well enjoy the wad            


    1. mArt1And00m3r11339


      I just beat Happy Time Circus 1.

  8. Last week
  9. This is it, I wrote the best Node.JS module ever!


    function caseRep(letter, low, upp) { return letter.toLowerCase() == letter ? low : upp; }
    function furrify(word) {
        return word
            .replace(/(w)(h)/gi, (match, w, h) => caseRep(w, 'u', 'U') + caseRep(h, 'w', 'W'))
            .replace(/(g)([aeiou])/gi, (match, g, vowel) => caseRep(g, 'g', 'G') + caseRep(vowel, 'y', 'Y') + vowel)
            .replace(/(o)(u)/gi, (match, o, u) => caseRep(o, 'e', 'E') + caseRep(u, 'e', 'E'))
            .replace(/(l)(l)/gi, (match, t, h) => caseRep(t, 'w', 'W') + caseRep(h, 'w', 'W'))
            .replace(/(t)(h)/gi, (match, t, h) => caseRep(t, 'd', 'D') + caseRep(h, 'h', 'H'))
            .replace(/ph/g, 'f')
            .replace(/ph/gi, 'F')
            .replace(/(p)(p)/gi, (match, p1, p2) => caseRep(p1, 'p', 'P'))
            .replace(/([lL])([aeiouAEIOU])/gi, (match, l, vowel) => caseRep(l, 'w', 'W') + vowel)
            .replace(/y(?=[\.\,\;\:\?\!])|y^/gi, (y) => caseRep(y, 'ya', 'YA'))
            .replace(/r(?=[\.\,\;\:\?\!])|r^/gi, (r) => caseRep(r, 'y', 'Y'))
            .replace(/(r)/gi, (match, r) => caseRep(r, 'y', 'Y'))
            .replace(/y(?=!a)/gi, (y) => caseRep(y, 'ii', 'II'))
            .replace(/(i)(n)/gi, (match, i, n) => caseRep(i, 'iy', 'IY') + n);
    module.exports = furrify


    Use case:

    $ node
    > var furrify = require('./furrify.js')
    > furrify('Why did I write this?')
    'Uwy did I wyite dhis?'
    > furrify('Were I sober? Were I serious? Were I even myself?')
    'Weye I sobey? Weye I seyiees? Weye I even myself?'
    > furrify("Gah, I can't even think!")
    'Gyah, I can\'t even dhiynk!'
    > furrify('And I thought I had sanity enough to be the President of the Brazilian Republic.')
    'And I dheeght I had sanity eneegh to be dhe Pyesident of dhe Byaziwian Yepubwic.'
    > furrify('Oh, dreams, fleeing down the sinkhole...')
    'Oh, dyeams, fweeiyng down dhe siynkhowe...'


  10. Are you working on a Doom clone? :D

    1. wheresthebeef


      Its a game made with GZDoom and the heaviest inspiration is Doom, but it's going to be more than that :D


      If you've browsed the Post Your Doom Picture thread, you've likely seen some of the progress




  11. Here's Don Ivan Punchatz's EGM magazine cover, color shifted to match the Doom palette (original is here). I did this a while back for whatever reason (I think I was just interested in palette shifting and how to better adapt things to the Doom palette). Feel free to use it in your mods if you like.



    1. Anidrex_1009


      Hi, that looks fantastic, bye.

  12. catchin' up on gaming

    wary that the theme of Mass Effect 2 is "everyone's a dickhead"

    1. yakfak


      wonder who came up with "star trek but none of the characters are likeable"


  14. Thanks for the follow.


    Now, I am radioactive, that cannot be good.

    1. NuMetalManiak


      I'm waking up I FEEL IT IN MY BONES, ENOUGH TO MAKE MY SYSTEMS BLOW, welcome to the new age, to the new age, welcome to the new age, to the new age...

  16. I'm thinking about making a separate profile for posting topics and responses on the EE forums, because I am tired of waiting for the moderators. Although, I know that is loophole abuse. 

    1. Myst.Haruko


      Most likely they will ban your main account and additional one. I wouldn't risk that. 

    2. Starkiller


      Yeah, I shouldn't risk it. It sounds stupid indeed.  

    3. KVELLER


      Yup, bad idea. Your IP isn't a secret at all for mods.

  17. cache_2473213693.jpg?t=1538667036

    1. bendylives


      Stairs of "Doom" what the fuck is holding them up when the supports come out!!!!!!!!!

  18. wadget 0.0.9 has been released! Easily download files from /idgames using this "apt-get like" utility from the command line. Get it here: https://averyre.github.io/wadget/


    New features in this release:

    • Use DOOMWADDIR instead of working directory if -wd is specified. Allows your WADs to easily be found by source ports.
    • Progress bar added for downloads.
    • Various bug fixes.



  19. My grandfather lived a long life and was a good man.. it’s hard to accept that he just left us a few hours ago. Everything has to come to an end.. Rest In Peace Eric Post, it was truly a pleasure knowing you. 😞

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Catpho



      +What Avoozl said

    3. Doomkid


      Thank you all for the kind words, I appreciate it

    4. taufan99


      My deepest condolences, mate. May your grandfather rest in heaven.

  20. I like how now that YT went down, all the video threads are full of people posting a monkey

  21. Shadowcaster is a complete pain in the ass to reverse engineer. int32s that store a single int8 field, map files absolutely filled to the brim with meaningless garbage data, and ravdata lumps referenced by lump number - oh my

  22. https://www.patreon.com/posts/22094944

    authentik dos dungeon music

    1. yakfak


      doom neural upscale 1.00000002x

  23. bad mood @ this time

  24. Is HACX 2.0 finished?

    1. Voltcom9


      Not that I am aware of. Nor has work been done on it in a long time as far as I know. Hacx 1.2 was completed.

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