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  2. Templum Dormiens Dei by @Vordakk aka Stormwalker (review posted 11/30/17)




    LCcM2JH.png dyFmatu.png NTiPrMX.png


    vKO2kbt.png i8OUrTe.png FWbK6zH.png

  3. I come back on after a bit and theres a server downtime thing. Golly!

  4. Yesterday
  5. I just realized playing OpenTTD without the original Transport Tycoon Deluxe data files is like playing Freedoom instead of Doom.

  6. I want this dude back.

  7. Anybody like my new cover photo? Its a "sessy mancoobus". And yes I intentionally spelt that wrong. Maybe later I'll have Scarce with a gun as my cover photo if people don't like this.

  8. awesome avatar

  9. Hey you! I wish you the very best outcome in whatever situation you're going through in life right now.


    Now leave my presence!

    1. dmg_64


      Nice try ;D

  10. FAKE TITLEPIC for Four Maps by @Snakes




    While backfilling the screenshots that Imgur disconnected I've been making fake titlepics for the older reviews. Four Maps isn't the most distinguished set I've ever played. As a result, it has a similarly nondescript pic that borrows from The Beatles' album cover for Let it Be. The logic sort of suggested itself and I often turn toward the music of my life for inspiration to varying degrees of success. I pasted a screenshot from the titular content over each Liverpudlian, then faded it a bit and increased the contrast in order to evoke the original photographs. The font is something that's close but not exactly the same as on the album - Futura Bold. It's not the most effortful fake titlepic I've done but it beats the oldest ones I did. For Four Maps, I think it checks out okay.

  11. The Gate by @joepallai (review posted 11/25/17)




    ua2aLxB.png  1MDfVRG.png

    1. joepallai


      Interested in playtesting an Ultimate Doom map?

    2. kmxexii


      @joepallai I don't consider myself to be a useful playtester because I feel that I am more oriented toward the needs of the author over that of the player but I am down to play something and give you my opinions.

    3. joepallai


      okay that works;  I'll send it over the weekend once i finish it (I'm roughly 90% complete)

  12. Last week
  13. I hope you will not mind if I take your "Hangar 7" midi for the E1 Community project? Credited also.

    1. Jimmy

      Go right ahead. The MIDI Pack stuff is meant to be free for community use. Thanks!

  14. sOQwhTs.png

    we need a doom port that supports mipmapping and we should have the completely accurate doom 2 gba experience. with the extracted colormap even fuzz looks right.

  15. Just discovered that my oldest post on Doomworld turned 18 years old last month, meaning that it's now of legal drinking age in the country where it was born, and could in theory now get married to another > 18 year old post, or even appear in a porno.


    On 12/26/1999 at 3:14 PM, fraggle said:

    That's right. Enjoy, and email me if you have any queries


    1. fraggle


      It's also older than I was at the time I made it.

    2. 40oz


      oooh thats weird to think about.

  16. My screenshots are liked but my maps are barely downloaded

  17. I believe in miracles...




    1. Jon


      Looks more fun than elite: dangerous!

    2. Jon


      Looks more fun than elite: dangerous

    3. Jon


      Oh yay for transactional comments 

    4. fraggle


      Why do you hate ED?

    5. Jon


      Honestly I don't hate it; I just haven't got into it, and I really thought it would be for me. Now I've moved off a Mac at work there's almost no chance I'll play it again, sadly. I've been thinking of picking "first encounters" up again, though. Ever played that? Some assembly required, these days. Flawed but interesting. 

    6. fraggle


      Heh, fair enough. I've become quite a fan myself but I can understand why it's not everyone's cup of tea. The gameplay can become quite repetitive. I hear they're planning to overhaul some of the basic gameplay this year to try to improve things.

    7. Jon


      I think last time I sat down I managed to get my 8bitdo sfc30 pro joystick mapped to fit the ships and completed the docking tutorial, just barely. I at least admire it requiring patience, persistence, practice; I think I just lack the time in one consistent lump needed to get into it properly.

    8. fraggle


      Ah, it sounds like you didn't get past the tutorial stage then? I completely understand.


      I recently got my wife into playing it with me so I've been watching her experiences learning to fly a ship. It's certainly not an easy game to get into - the learning curve is almost comically steep by modern game standards. I've compared it to learning to drive a car, except you're doing it in 3D. Lots of crashing into walls, crashing into ships, etc. In her case using a proper flight stick instead of a gamepad helped a lot.


      But it can be quite a bit more fun once you do get the hang of it. Particularly as a multiplayer game it plays quite nicely, though it's a shame the multicrew feature isn't available on Mac.

  19. Currently working on:

    Survive in Hell D2ALL UV Max

    Expect a 2:20-2:30 time for this one.

  20. Having a lot of trouble with my breathing and my heart recently. A ton of people don't really believe me whatsoever for some reason, hopefully it isn't actually as bad as it often feels like it is.

    1. Fonze


      Shit, be careful out there. I've actually been having somewhat similar problems and have been thinking of giving up smoking for more oxygen intake later on, heh. Best wishes to you

    2. fraggle


      Go to a doctor

  21. Is it impossible to read the Community Chest forum now? There was a lot of valuable historical info about the development of the wads.

    1. Grain of Salt

      Grain of Salt

      I think the threads just got moved. Not sure where though.

  22. I realized that I've been desperately trying to reclaim a past that's long-gone by reconnecting with old friends. I admit I've been forceful in trying to mend things. Perhaps the best thing to do is be passive and do my own thing, and whatever happens, happens.

  23. rivers cuomo weezer snuggie

  24. Doom Playthroughs (Great Maps, Great Mods, Great Fun)


    1. I played through Zero Tolerance by Dutch Devil with the Wonder Chicken mod on difficulty 2.

    2. I played through Hellfire Reborn by Shadowman with the Wonder Chicken mod on difficulty 2.

  25. TIL that changing code pointers in HHE does work.  It just works differently and a bit less conveniently than doing it in DeHackEd.


    Will have to update the page on my site accordingly when I get a chance, but for now...



    I have the power!

    1. fraggle


      It's really annoying that they changed it in HHE. I have no idea why it doesn't just work the same as Dehacked does.



      I assumed it was that DeHackEd continued development longer and got more polish while HHE was abandoned early, rather than that HHE "reverted" to a worse way of doing things.  Is that not the case?

    3. fraggle


      I actually don't know, but probably you're correct. I assumed HHE came afterwards.



      Figured it was worth looking into, and if timestamps are to be believed it seems like it was almost certainly the case.  The EXE for HHE v1.1 is from May 1995 while DeHackEd v3.1 is from November 1996.

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