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  3. @kraflab

    Hey, man, sorry for bothering, I think there's a little mistake in one of my demos from dsda (You run the site, right?. The wad is mohawks (Ray Mohawks Manic Monday) It's about my map 03 run, it's registered as a pacifist run, but on the text file I wrote that it belongs to the "Other" category, since it's a skill 3 pacifist run. Do you think it can be fixed? Thanks for your time :)

  4. Yesterday
  5. If I streamed a different game besides Doom would you watch?

    1. Reelvonic


      Yeah, I'd watch.


      I didn't even know you stream.

    2. Dubbag


      i havent in a while. I've been thinking of doing Alien Isolation.

  6. Trying to get used to mapping with my morning coffee; work is taking up all of my time so this is pretty much my only free time right now.   It's good that my maps have no deadlines attached to them...


    Progress is incremental at best but there's less reworking happening now.   Thinking about adding in new textures but that's always a gamble (do I corrupt my working copy of Doom2 this time or do I get it right?).  Slade looks like a better tool for texture insertion that SlumpEd so we'll see.

    1. Naarok0fkor


      SLADE is great although I had corruption issues when inserting new textures before placing them in the patch. Plus, working new textures into a WAD isn't good when the WAD is opened in UDB...In the end, as long as you keep putting at least a few minutes in your WADs every week, things will get done without having to rework your way into them...a slow but steady train can go far...

  7. Happy birthday!

    1. Xyzzy01


      Thanks, Chainie! :D (i would react to that post, but I already hit the limit looking through the Random Picture thread >~<)

    2. MidnightMage


      Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!

    3. Xyzzy01


      Thanks! :D

  8. wtf i though your name was forgettablepyromancer not maniac what is wrong with me

    1. forgettablepyromaniac


      I've been called ForgettablePyromantic before, don't feel bad xD

  9. oh the thread got send to oblivion

  10. Last week
  11. Tomoko a cute

    1. CherryMvffins


      thanks i edited the nine inch nails shirt on her


    1. Chezza


      Are they really that crispy? KFC in Australia is as oily and greasy as an Italian mechanic.

    2. [McD]James


      Splendidly crispy. 

  13. doom2 map4 is brutal on uv


  14. Doomslayer for Smash

  15. Hello Catch up on DOOMTIME with me
    I'm doomtime2 by the way same person too!

  16. :WeirdChamp: 

    1. Scotty

















  17. not all hope is lost now i have 20 cents in crypto lol

  18. well aparently i have schizofrenia or something. which is bs. i feel and know i am sane, and all here. i do not have delusions and am functionable. i dont hear no voices eaither

    1. omalefico32x


      hey dude as another fellow mentaly ill person dont worry about that you are not insane because you have schzofrenia or something like that its always as spectrum i dunno if that will make you feel better or worse but just know you can totally live with a mental illness you will just be a little different

  19. i got zandronum to work on linux but man it was a battle 

    first the linux port was having some kind of audio issue so it never booted up so i had to run zandronum via wine then it worked just fine but doom seeker wasnt able to run zandronum because it wasnt a linux aplication so i also had to download the windows version of it to run under wine and finally i could play zandronum on linux multplayer... without music

    i had the same problem with zdaemon on midi music but i though it was just some wine bug but i dunno now any one knows why wine isnt playing midi music?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. omalefico32x


      wine is a weird beast on older games i can be sure that it will work 100% of the time even if it has some issues (im looking at you cid meiers pirates with the long and frequent loading screens not present on windows even during combat) 2004 games and beyond i feel like its a 50/50 i managed to make prey work on my pc but doom 3 bfg and bioshock 1 and 2 didnt work tomb raider worked though

      reminds me of a quote from ross "it might as well be magic but its SLOW MAGIC" he said that about a software that translated games from german to english on real time with made his pc slow as fuck

    3. Lol 6

      Lol 6

      I guess it really depends on the program you want to run

    4. omalefico32x


      oh also how i forgot to say some games work on full screen no problems others like half life and american mcgee alice only works using the desktop mode inside winecfg with wouldint be a problem but because of the top bar on ubuntu i cant run these games on higher resolutions then 800x600 without the pc choping the botton of the window and for some reason i cant get the gnome extensions to behave on my pc to remove the top bar

       i feel like im becoming crazy but im also still learning how to use linux

  20. any good doom megawads?

  21. I've recently setup a dropbox account, so expect wad uploads soon.

  22. Hi Matt.

    1. MattFright


      Hello there Director Producer of Selaco.

  23. I just saw the new Smash character

    My dream still didn't came true

    1. omalefico32x


      i dont understand why kazuya heihachi is way more recognasable but well i like that we are seeing more representation from fighting game franchises in smash


      im also happy that it isnt another anime sword fighter

    2. Teo Slayer

      Teo Slayer

      I am relived that it isn't an another anime sword fighter

      But I'm sad cause no Doomslayer ;-;

  24. @gaspe a black mage has joined the party.

    I find the lack of final fantasy avatars on this forum disturbing.

    That is all.

    1. gaspe


      Ahah thank you. I like Black mages too, burning and zapping enemies with multi-target spells is fun. There are some other fans of the series around but I guess it's something rather niche here, but it is understandable given the main topic of the forum.

    2. NuMetalManiak


      I have recently just beat Final Fantasy X. I love Lulu, she's an awesome black mage overall (though she can't really multi-target unless using her overdrive). And then there's FF9's Vivi, who I just adore. Mages are great in the series, especially early-game and especially if you can tweak them up properly.

    3. MidnightMage


      Mages are pretty much the best. I love area of effect spells and having the ability to zap enemies with a ton of smiting power.


  25. I wanted to make a small map in the spirit of E1M3. Now I already have twice the sectors and I'm nowhere finished. It's fun. But I will have to stop for some time now. Only to continue more next week... ;-)


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