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  2. Just did some self surgery ( - the best kind !) on myself to treat an ingrown nail. Nothing makes you feel more like an android than that.


    Using a paperclip, I bend the ingrown nail part upwards. Under that part of the nail I inserted a bit of a paper tissue drenched in an astringent liquid solution, using the clip to jam it in real tight. You know it is successful when you can touch the swollen area without pain or discomfort.

    It is important to swap the paper tissue for a new one after no more than half a day !

    1. Gothic


      Ingrown nails are the absolute worst

  3. Today
  4. Illa qui impetunt homines bona mente mala sunt.

  5. Yesterday
  6. I have a Patreon now. https://www.patreon.com/V0idH0und Lets hope it's existence is justified by my next project.

  7. im..perturbed...

    there is a clearly defined...boredom...as i am now....

    i don’t want to draw on this computer anymore. I don’t even want to watch you tube anymore. im sick of THIS computer alone.


    almost like everything about this is an inconvenience. I would be lying if i said different, however....

    this feels new...perhaps a somber reminder that things are not the way they were?

    yes, it is certainly the little things. the unfamiliar things...using Linux instead of windows, using yahoo instead of Google, the unfamiliar key shortcuts...learning everything new all over again...

    im so tired of my computers giving up, and this will be the last one.

    because i will work like a dog, if that's what i must do, to build modern pcs. to make at least three. and throw out my stone age pc.

    to fix what is broken, and to make quality of life better..

    i must...i must.

  8. What the hell is this?

    1. Myst.Haruko


      Status update?

  9. For some odd reason this mod won't start up. Delta Touch ran it before. Maybe the new update happened. Can someone fix the mod please?


  10. You have the most badass avatar on this site!

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    2. Shanoa


      Ah yes, Chasm! I've yet to play it, this month there's quite a few metroidvania coming out ontop of Chasm. Such as Dead Cells, Guacamelee 2 and so on.


      Can't say for sure about Chasm though, I haven't played it yet.

    3. Catpho


      idk about that game @SOSU

      @Shanoa ADOM was "completed" some time ago (updates are mostly bug fixes now). The free version now has a nice tile set, and some sweet music to boot. There's a tutorial and a much more simplified UI. It's now much easier to hop into the game compared to most "ancient classics" imo

      Nethack is still it's same ol' self. Guess that's what happens when you are timeless. Although i haven't checked the latest version yet.

    4. Shanoa


      @Catpho Thanks for the info friend, I think I'll check those out, I'm sure it's gonna be good!

  11. Last week
  12. some thing i forgot to mention was that i going to post these as proof that im a: working on the game

    or b: working to make my art better

    with that said,

    dear lord. every time i detail a face it looks like  lurch from the adams family. (that and i suck at drawing hair) two things to look into, i guess.


    1. zaszthedestroyer



      but im messing up the details somewhere



  13. One of the reasons I made the, "Will Doom Eternal Be Unfinished?" thread was because I got worried that the game might overshadow the classic Doom games, especially if it had full mod support.

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    2. The-Heretic-Assassin


      No, it won't. I might have got carried away, huh? The classic Doom games are just so awesome that I don't want them forgotten. Doom 4 came out a few years ago and the original games weren't forgotten. Will that change with Eternal though?

    3. Ex Oblivione

      Ex Oblivione

      The classic Doom games will never be forgotten! They are iconic games that have stood the test of time and that wont be changing anytime soon.

    4. The-Heretic-Assassin
  14. some concept art. its not as good as i would like, but im pressed for time today.


  15. Good night everyone!!! I had a busy day, I'm gonna reply some threads by tomorrow afternoon. But we really enjoyed the Doom Eternal gameplay reveal. It was absolutely fantastic.

  16. i am painfully aware of the content gap. i will endeavour to bring you at least one piece of concept art each day until the game is ready.


    i bought a tablet, to get better at drawing, and so far i think it's been going well. ive been sketching eldritch monsters, and angry humans.


    i initially wanted to use the screaming man for the main character (it fits) but it looks too much like the gman from half life to me. That, and the hair is god-awful.


    i dont really want to do pixel art as much anymore, so alot of the files are probably gonna be bigger than normal, but i feel this will make the game look better artisticly.




    1. zaszthedestroyer


      oh! and the "why" of the tablet is to make some thing like the picture shown here. (from DOOMX.net Credit to the owner idk his or her name) again, NOT MINE.


  17. I have a new response to the question: "Hey V0idH0und, what's the new project your working on?" First of all, you have no proof of such a project. But if I was working on one, this song would describe it nicely.


  18. Hey, do you still make maps?

  19. My 2 weeks family trip ended up that i got sunstroke. I starting to lose my love with summer because of this extreme weather. What a beautiful ending :D

  20. I wonder if Brutal WOLFENSTEIN is a thing

  21. https://lehrdotme.tumblr.com/ :D Six Albums, Downloads are name your own price on bandcamp. Free in other words.

  22. Finally got textures from Cry of Fear imported and usable in my project (with permission, of course)! Seeing those textures in a Doom map is beyond surreal, and I'm totally stoked to start work on this!

    1. Ex Oblivione

      Ex Oblivione

      Cry of Fear is awesome! And so is Afraid of Monsters. Both are amazing mods.

  23. Hi. I've got a problem with taking clean screenshots in QZDoom:


    Can you offer some help? Thx!

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    2. bzzrak


      "bind x screenshot" will make the x key take screenshots

    3. Gustavo6046


      @bzzrak Is that empty spoiler insinuating there's no secret? If so, genius, man. Genius.

    4. bzzrak


      I was on mobile and accidentally added a spoiler which I couldn't remove @Linguica do something NOW pretty please?

  24. Username change bc Takashi was taken 50% of the time. I've tested the name beforehand, so far no problems.


    Hopefully that will be the last time I'll change her last name

  25. Flips through the TV channels...


    Finds nothing decent...


    Goes through the high numbered, never watched channels...


    Comes across chess boxing...



    1. Liberation


      Actually had to google chess boxing to make sure it was an actual thing. Wow, who knew?

  26. Hello Doomworld! what a wonderful day! How is everyone? what are you up to? I'm just working on this proje... I mean folding laundry! I'm not working on no super special secret project! you can't prove it! JUST FOLDING LAUNDRY! OK! good. Have a great day! :D

  27. mun

    Here's a tribute song to Heath Ledger that I found: (Lyrics here.)


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