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  1. Today
  2. Deus Vult II 2nd edition when???Good to have you back

  3. French Doomer plays my Tic Tac Toe level. It is super funny.


  4. So, Doom is now twenty-five years old. It's been a constant companion since my early student days and to this current day our little community is not just active, but vibrant. That's... amazing. And while you could pick out individuals and point to their contributions, it really is all of us, from the old-hands to the newly arrived, who made this happen and who will carry on the torch.


    Thank you all, Doomers.

    1. taufan99


      I've been in this community since 2011, and now that we'll come to 2019, I can't say how much I love this game series and its community, even with a-few-year period of hiatus (that may or may not happen again)!

  5. When will scifista return??

  6. eron gjoni is an abuse survivor

  7. hello everybody me an my sister was in one video that i made where we was playing doom 2 now in this video we are doing a wad called icarus an the mod is called aeons of death the version it is v4.2 well i hope you like the video well enjoy           


  8. Yesterday
  9. Working on a medkit model for a 3D mod I am making. Though to be honest it ended up looking more like a berserk pack :/



  10. tumblr_pip2r3xjDt1qzeui2o1_1280.jpg


    I brought you a serval.

  11. Looks like I came 25 years late to the party, but I hear Doom is eternal, so there's that.


  12. So update v1.1 for Facility of the Damned is being pushed back...

    Because of Mistral, my new puppy, he's an awesome little guy but he needs my attention during the day and that has taken my time away from mapping, I'm still working on it as well as preparing and making textures for the Torex wad (long ways away from even being a beta) but I have to prioritize the pup so I can train him and keep him out of things he shouldn't get into right now.

    The new touches on map one are 98% finished and map two needs some more detailing and item placement needs to be started, I'd say it's about 70ish% done though.

    So I'm sorry to the maybe one person looking forward to the ver.1.1 FotD update, but real world stuff must always come first.

  13. Hi!You are cool :) wanna be friends?

    1. Lazorical
    2. SOSU
    3. Catpho


      That's gotta be the fastest friendship ever :P

  14. Lately, I've been in mood for iDOLM@STER, but either way I don't forget about Love Live!, in fact it's my introduction to the entire 2D aidoru world.


    Yeah I'm such a massive weeb lmao

  15. Last week
  16. Screenshot_Doom_20181211_085500.png.8898016fbbbcf9ee4d0ab4745af8f9d5.png


    DM is getting huge!

    [Doomshack.org] Doom's 25th Birthday! on Zandronum


  17. I may not contribute to this amazing community at all, but I love it, and the game is just special. Happy birthday DooM! 25 years of rip and tear! 


  18. hello i made a video about DCD map04 i hope you like the video an also some announcements about my miku doom 2 wad i will make a new version of the wad i hope you will enjoy the next version :) here is the video.




  19. Happy Birthday Doom! 

  20. Stroke of midnight, Happy Doom 25th anniversary!

  21. hey guys! me again. thanks for sticking around. My third project, now called the demons domain, is just about done... I really feel like I've learned so much about Game making. It's like being a different person, Honestly. 

    Im gonna keep pushing to get the demons domain finished, and afterward, If all goes well, Ill return to

    work on Surrender the dead.


    One of the big things I learned most recently is that the focus of a game should be on fun, Not story.

    A good game will tell it's story through game play...Theming, I think it's called.


    Ive been doing...so much just to improve my Game design skills, so when i return to this project, it will be that much less of a headache...and that much better(This is probably gonna be my only large contribution to the Doom Community, of course i want it to be as good as I am capable of.)


    One of the big things I've really been hammering hard on (hah) is pixel art. Ive been following this guy who makes amazing tutorials, (https://www.tumblr.com/search/Pixel+art+tutorials)


    and i think it's really starting to show, here is some of my work as a sample.


    anyway! I'm hoping to get back on surrender the dead, but it's five levels long, and tbh? so is the demons domain, and that has been very...interesting to work with...Honestly never though 5 levels could be so hard to make. And the bugs! my god, The bugs! oh, but that's all fixed now... Last two levels, and cut scenes, and the demons domain will be public. so thank you again for your patience, ill try to get back on this soon.



    i just found out a bunch of you had twitter accounts! by all means, let me know if im not following you!

    i love seeing your creative content, it's always inspiring.

    my handle is @DanimusTV


    Peace guys!




    wolf head2.png


  22. So, Doom's birthday is right around the corner and I was supposed to post an update here with a 4 level wad celebrating it. Sadly, it's not finished. Only 2 maps are complete and a 3rd almost. The 4th is a long way off. The levels are themed after each of Doom's 4 episodes btw. I hope that someday I can find the time to finish them and release them.


    But all is not lost. Amongst all the awesome content constantly being posted here on DW, I want to point your attention to @DMPhobos' thread here, where he's done the exact same thing as I intended. And he's done it very well too! Go check it out if you haven't and take a day off and play all the other cool stuff that's bound to be posted within the next 24 hours or so! :D


    Congratulations Doom on your 25th birthday! We love every pixel of you!

    1. DMPhobos


      Hope to see your UD mapset soon :D

      Happy 25th Doom Birthday!

  23. 1 day! 



    Almost 100% done


  24. I don't think anyone gives a flying fuck about Y.E.E.T anymore but i'm just gonna put this here

    this is an updated story of Y.E.E.T


    Date:March 14, 2299 4:22 AM. Location:some UAC base in france
    It was a day like any other, scientists were doing some research, conducting some experiments and other sciency stuff
    But then, A Blue gateway opened. And mysterious aliens emerged.
    They went on a rampage. Destroying equipment, killing scientists, and some other stuff.
    "SACRE BLEU!" one of the scientists shouted...
    Millions of liberals are now supporting these vile creatures (Even going as far as funding them)
    An hour later, A Live action tv show that's supposed to be "Hip with the kids" started.
    One of the guys on the show was Victor assmunch (who is known as Victor coolbro in the show because his real surname is very unfortunate)
    As the show started, A nearby radio was making a shit ton of distorted noises.
    "What the hell's goin on with the radio?" Victor wondered.
    Suddenly, he heard someone with a french accent speaking.
    "Mayday! Mayday! Our base is under attack! There are aliens everywhere! And they're destroying our stuff!!! Is anybody there? WE NEED HELP!" 
    The transmission went silent.
    Victor was then captured by UAC marines, and woke up near a similar looking radio, but in a very different place.
    "Now look here you god damn maggot! you're goin to be hearin the shit goin on, I will not let you leave your post, Do you understand me?!?!?!?!"
    "Uhh, Yes sir? What the fuck am i doing here?"
    The radio made distorted noises again..
    Victor heard Xenomorph-ish hissing, People screaming, Gunshots, Explosions, Roaring, And finally, Silence.
    Victor got out of his chair and looked at the angry sergeant.
    "I'm going to murder those motherfuckers as much as i can before death."
    He grabbed the sergeant by the collar.
    "Now look, i'm going to say this to you sarge, If i somehow manage to survive all this i am going to kick your ass for bringing me here."
    "Get your greasy ass hands off of me!"
    Victor grabbed the sergeant's pistol.
    "Do you want me to shoot you, Sergeant?"
    "No sir."
    Victor grabbed some armor and left his post.
    After he exited the room, he heard animal like growls coming from the other side of the door ahead of him.
    They know you're there victor, There's no turning back now.

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