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  2. @Rimantas I saw first messages in topic and think same, but got "1 warning point" from moderator. Be careful here. And it's 100% serious.
  3. As i understand this topic is for fun, just to share ideas. I think Doomworld is really right name.
  4. SiFi270

    "Caco" in "Cacodemon" is pronounced:

    I've always pronounced it how it was pronounced the first time I ever heard it.
  5. After your request in HAK's "I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps" I thought I might try playing the map while he's away I quit after about 15 minutes of map 8 on HMP. Sorry, but fuck this. I might have had more patience if there had been fewer archviles and a lot more ammo. Maybe this is fun for somebody else, but it isn't for me. If you want it then I can send you the recording, since I won't be uploading it to youtube, but it's mostly just me dying and cursing.
  6. nottheDwordworld.com rrr.. yeah.. Oh wait let me google that.
  7. Multiplayer stuff: Ok, Right and that makes sense, no worries. I just noticed there wasn't much on the side of command line parameters for it, although in game there was some options, which even allowed bot/ai players. But it sounds like you guys have plans to rework the network code?
  8. Maybe we can request the iconofsin domain from Romero if we hit such a crisis. He might actually consider it!
  9. d00mworld.com Zeros instead. Can't defeat the 1337 speak.
  10. Chezza

    Why do Christians hate DOOM?

    @Mr.Rocket The OP made an obnoxious comment against religion in another thread of his. I believe he is a young person who is anti religion and assumes most people share the same viewpoints.
  11. meapineapple

    Desecrated Station V3 (Gzdoom Map) Out now!

    Ok, I finished playing through version 1. I enjoyed it, but I do think that it could be improved: Like @DynamiteKaitorn mentioned it's easy to get stuck on the architecture details, which wasn't a gamebreaker but it was annoying. In the videos you can see me fail to dodge projectiles a few times because I got unexpectedly caught on something, it happened several times in the second half. I avoided pressing the yellow key "exit" switch and kept searching for a way into what turned out to be the actual exit area because I thought that the switch was the exit itself and I wanted to shoot at the last few monsters before I ended the map. Maybe the "exit" signs should be around the bars that the switch lowers? Sometimes it took me a few walks around an area to recognize one of the wood doors as being a door. Maybe that's just me being dumb? I feel like they could be made harder to mistake for scenery details, perhaps with lights or something. There were a few encounters that I felt could have been more aggressive - such as monsters teleporting in front of me but not behind, in at least one case. (I think a few more? I can't remember very well.) That could have just been because I played on HMP instead of UV, though. I personally didn't mind the pistol play at the start of the map, but yeah a lot of players won't enjoy it very much. Part 2 of my playthrough:
  12. I wanted to suggest Entryway.com, but sadly it's already taken. Maybe Knee-deep.com which is available? Or a slightly less serious one: Daisyrabbit.com (also available).
  13. Today
  14. KDITD, Doom II up to Map 7, NRFTL.
  15. Antnee

    Doom 64: Community Chest

    Floors or walls? Keep in mind that with floors/ceilings, you have to also set the "set ceiling/floor scroll" flags, as well as the scroll direction.
  16. Yes,Tei Tenga would be the right choice IMO as well.
  17. i really like chaingunner's suggestion of tei tenga. it's a good short name that isn't hard to read and probably isn't trademarked by id or anyone. it's a unique name making it easy to remember (both words starting with the same letter also makes it easy to remember) and it pays homage to doom's inception in tom hall's doom bible.
  18. +1 for E1 and E2 of DooM I. sometimes vanilla, sometimes from DooM:One project.
  19. Mr.Rocket

    Why do Christians hate DOOM?

    Ah I'm Christiane, but it's just a game, and you're playing the hero. It's nothing like what you're thinking unless there's some demonic reason. There's crosses though so I guess it's alright So to answer the OP, who told you that? LOL
  20. Try using "make sector mode" and use it on both the highlighted sector as well as the one you actually want to highlight. That *might* solve the problem.
  21. ketmar

    k8VaVoom: no good thing ever dies!

    yeah, it is hard. but i know how to at least make it much better. as savegames are mostly dumps of the game objects, and the whole game lives inside VaVoom C VM, the only thing i have to do is to write objects as "field name, field type, field value" triple (i have all this info easily accessible). as saves are broken 'cause i added a field to some game class, on loading i can just set missing fields to default values (and ignore fields i removed). most of the time it may work, and when i know it isn't, i can bump save file version. i have this implemented, but vavoom's save system slightly more complicated than this (it intersperse VM data with C++ data written from `Serialise()` methods), so i have to slightly redesign the thing. tbh, i am mad 'cause i just lost several saves with various interesting rendering glitches. i also want be able to get saves from people and if not load them, then at least inspect and reconstruct. anyway, i think that having file format with extra data is useful in many cases, and worth doing. still, thanks for a nice insight. i myself usually really MAD when upgrade breaks saves. but i think with k8VaVoom i can say that we don't really have "releases" per se, and developement snapshots are expected to break things. sounds reasonable. ;-) wow. another vanilla quirk i completely forgot. i.e. it was working this way in original VaVoom, but worth fixing anyway. ;-) tnx, i will check decorates. this is the part i didn't touched, assuming that decorate definitions are ok. they seem to be taken from older version of ZDoom, so i'll look if i will be able to simply upgrade decorates from some pre-zscript [g]zdoom release (as i am obviously too lazy to manually check each one ;-). thank you! it is great that people still remember VaVoom after all these years, and willing to spend time testing things i am throwing at 'em. ;-) after this initial rush development will probably slows down somewhat (too little hours per day, i need irl console to change that cvar), but fear not! i always dreamt to be "known as a DooM developer", so i won't leave. as i can't make a playable map even to save my life, i'd better go with sourceport development. ;-)
  22. So, recently I have this problem: I want to select the ceiling behind the crosshair in GzDoom Builder Bugfix. Yet, it is not highlighted and instead it highlights the other ceiling. There are no other linedefs inbetween, etc. I did not have this problem in "regular" GzDoom Builder, only when I started using GzDoom Builder Bugfix. Is this a common problem or is something wrong with my map? :(
  23. DooM_RO

    Why do Christians hate DOOM?

    There's not enough Jesus in it.
  24. FraxGamer314

    Why do Christians hate DOOM?

    Smh I'm christian and I play Doom all the time dunno what you mean.
  25. StevenC21

    Why do Christians hate DOOM?

    @Nine Inch Heels It's stated in the Doom Comic if I recall correctly. Ninja edit: This too!
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