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  2. I had the initial idea to set the Slayer testament VOs to some kind of music and then settled on the Peter Jackson styled "Army Worthy of Phobos" OCremix. Added a bunch of artwork and screenshots that somewhat fit the VO. Feels epic :P
  3. MTF Sergeant

    Most recent movie you saw

    Ready Player One, and ended up being disappointed for not finding a Doom reference.
  4. Ichor

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I used the invisible actor with a DamageFactor of 0 except for whatever I want to use to destroy the wall (in this case, it was those Heretic pods). In this case here, you could change the damage type the rocket would do, so you could use rockets to blow up the wall, but nothing else would work, even revenant rockets (unless you change their damage type too).
  5. I want a cacodemon. We could fly off together and play in the clouds!
  6. MTF Sergeant

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    About Hayden. For what reason would he go fight Doomslayer in Eternal? Just because he got all Argent Energy out of the facility or something?
  7. Agent6

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Yes. What do you want to say?
  8. Sparktimus

    Schism - A Limit-Removing Doom 2 Map

    Updated it a bit. Moved some enemies around they won't get stuck and fixed the difficulty flags for the blue key vile and HK so they aren't stuck together.
  9. MTF Sergeant

    The story behind your custom avatar

    Most of my custom avatars are from the YouTube comments section :p
  10. MTF Sergeant


    Sad to say, but I grew up playing PSX Doom.
  11. MTF Sergeant

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    After all, he teleported the Slayer to an "unknown location" at the end of D16.
  12. doom_is_great

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Sadly, it seems the cartoonish visual aesthetic and goofy tone of the game is a deliberate design choice on part of the team. Hugo Martin: "...the goal is that it looks like a AAA version of the 1993 Doom. That’s what I’m so proud of with that footage. If you were to modernise Doom in a AAA game from 1993, that’s what it would look like. There are a lot of little things that we do to pull that off. I know some fans who love certain aspects of Doom 3, and totally, I do too. This is a cartoon. This is supposed to be fun. That’s what Doom was in 1993, so we take a lot of the dark shadows out of the world. We bring up the fill light. It kind of flattens the world a little bit, but it creates all of this visual detail and it does give it this cartoonish effect, which ultimately kind of balances out the ridiculous amount of violence in the game. The gore is handled in a cartoonish way, which is totally consistent with the original Doom games. And if it wasn’t done that way, you’re blowing off all of this flesh on this guy’s arm and he’s coming at you. We’ve had internal devs comment: “How is this guy still standing? He just has a femur on his leg holding him up.” It’s just a cartoon…" https://www.trustedreviews.com/news/gaming/doom-eternal-id-softwares-evil-dead-ii-3528907#Y3AwRTLq3Al5VB2x.99 Sigh. Growing up, I never thought of Doom as just a cartoon. To me it was a more serious gaming experience, a game about survival and overcoming overwhelming odds. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed Doom 2016 and will still probably enjoy Doom Eternal, but it just isn't my vision of what Doom is.
  13. Agent6

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Kinda doubt that. After all, in the gameplay reveal Doomguy has the Crucible, so perhaps at that point the confrontation or something with Hayden already took place.
  14. MTF Sergeant

    Single player dlc is coming to doom eternal

    Um, I was of course thinking, will there be multiplayer for Eternal at launch? I think not, as the devs did say about SP DLC first though( but still, that can't just mean there would NOT be MP for Doom Eternal).
  15. Odal

    Best/Worst maps in TNT

    Can't say I remember too many maps from TNT (off the top of my head, so I'll have to consult the Doom wikis), though I haven't played it nearly as many times as the other IWADs. Stand-outs for me are Map 6 for the atmosphere and creepy tone, Map 20 for the exploration, and Map 28 for the aesthetics and overall Casali goodness. Map 29 is pretty cool too (green marble is fun). Worst maps? Let's see, how much time do you have? :P Probably Maps 8, 11, 12, 19, 21, 22, and 27
  16. MTF Sergeant

    Your Favorite Doom Weapon

    I love all of em'! Well, to pick up a favourite from them, I might just go for the Shotgun, cause that's the weapon I had spent most of my time with, while I'm conserving ammo for the big guns. Guess I had a pretty good time with it. It has a pretty decent rate of fire, a large amount of damage at close range, and get it, 50 shells max is just enough to get the job done for me!
  17. MTF Sergeant

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Hoping we won't get a boss fight with Samuel.
  18. Gustavo6046

    Post your Doom textures!

    More to come once I'm back from high school.
  19. It seems like this fork has been abandoned by cybermind, but I still really like it, so I'm gonna keep running tests for it. This was a test to see if saving and loading in the middle of a demo would cause it to lose sync. It seems not, but it looks like you shouldn't try to talk while in the main menu, as it'll just cut off your recording when you load. I also tried saving, closing out of PRBoom, and opening it to keep recording, but it doesn't seem to save voice data, so when you watch the full demo it'll start playing the voice recording from where you loaded. So if you wanna do voice recording, you better beat the map in one take. If you feel like listening, this demo is me subjecting myself to a 1996 classic (which I mistakenly say is from 95). It's a lot of "fun." PLAYTHIS.zip Also, to answer this: no. -voicerecord only works while recording a demo; it seems to do nothing if using -playdemo.
  20. Gustavo6046

    Text Adventures and Interactive Fictions (e.g. Zork)

    In a somewhat related note, I've tried playing Castle Wolfenstein by Muse Software in a Commodore 64 computer. It was difficult to figure out the control scheme; it's a very hard game!
  21. EffinghamHuffnagel


    Very fun stuff. Yeah, it certainly has an Egyptian-Alternate World/Time feel, but not so much that it's no longer Doom. Loved the first three maps. Not so much the fourth, but that's probably me. I kept dying like a dog so I had to cheat my way through it. Once I got to the end, I appreciated your design choice. I liked it. I just wish I was able to handle large crowds better. No bugs that I found, but a couple of aesthetic things on MAP03. In the SW area I knocked the AV off his platform with a rocket, through the bars. I did the same in the NE room with a couple of the Imps in the alcoves. Probably need to be monster-blocked. And the bars on those alcoves are not offset, so there is a cut-off half-face on the right edge of each alcove. Really enjoyable. Thank you.
  22. If it's in the notable WADs list, then I generated a skeleton page for it. If it wasn't notable, then maybe it shouldn't have been in the list to begin with. Though I understand that notability has been a notoriously tough concept to agree on at the wiki. For multi-level WADs, I prefer to wait for other contributors to create an overview page with map list for them, before I turn my bot scripts loose on them. :)
  23. Pegg

    Best/Worst maps in TNT

    Habitat looks and plays like unfinished garbage, so I'll go with it.
  24. Degree23

    Schism - A Limit-Removing Doom 2 Map

    I played on UV and enjoyed it quite a lot. I wasn't looking out for textures or anything like that, and the only real comment I have is that it might be worth locking the player in the final room so they can't run back too far and just wait for the exit to open.
  25. Unknown Winged Demon = Gargoyle, Cherub or Afrit most likely. Also if you download the official screen shots, the pic with the baron is referred to as Fire Baron.
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