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  2. cannonball

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Dimension of the Boomed & MAYhem 2016

    MAP15 - “Klockwerk” by Paul Corfiatis This map feels like a PCorf map, even to the standard issue archvile at the exit. Not really much to say as this is probably one of, if not the easiest map of the set. Ammo is tightly distributed but you can grab yourself a chainsaw to deal with the weaker foes and keep enough ammo for the end. A reasonable little romp with a nice use of textures, nothing will catch you off guard here. There is a secret exit, though it does feel a little forced due to where this map ended up (This might be accurate or not).
  3. obake

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Game I am currently playing: Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon. Think oldschool Castlevania, but updated with sharper animations and more refined gameplay.
  4. obake

    Huge Sprite problem

    I am very tired right now, and in desperate need of help solving this issue with a sprite. For some reason, the sprites of one monster (called the Wavegunner") appear with their feet above their head, and doubling themselves when they attack (I don't know how else to explain it.) Another problem is, the sprites are in the alpha stage of the community project 'Verse Hopper, so I don't necessarily want to release the file yet for testing. My hope is that you guys can still figure out by my descriptions what is happening, and help me fix it before I go crazy! (If worst comes to worst, I can make a truncated version of the alpha, so you don't have to download a whole unfinished megawad of maps alongside the Wavegunner.) Thanks for any and all help :)
  5. Demonologist

    First-try Demo Contest #18 (June 23rd, 15:00 UTC)

    A reminder that the contest starts in 24 hours.
  6. FrancisT18

    What are you playing now?

    I'm still playing Mayhem 2016 and also doing some testing. Most of my time in DooM lately ends up on my YT channel (Francis T18) so I sort of guess 'look on my channel' is a running answer to the thread's title question.
  7. Empyre

    Doomworld's thread of adorable!

    What is the deal with the brown under the eye? Is that tears? Some other fluid from the eye? Or just the color of the fur there? Without knowing what it is, it makes me concerned for the poor animal's well being.
  8. In my case it's happened just because I compress wad BEFORE makeimg (it even not needed to be compressed). Now map playable and maxable, I've added colorings for sectors. Also I need to reduce some steps to get more stable framerate at the courtyard. Some other opinions: -important quirk of PSX DOOM engine is possibility of activating actions if the action line too near, as example on TNT:MAP10 now I can lower red bars from the other side or just open hell knight closet through the outdoor wall! So all who converting maps should bear in mind that they need to check situations like this and make changes to map. -negative texture offsets leading to stretching/reversing textures. -"Reverb off" sector flag should be applied to outdoor areas (according to original PSX maps). -in original PSX maps there is "line block projectile" flag used on some glass windows, but not all of them. -in MAPSPR01.IMG there is a limit, the output should be about no more than 730kb, otherwise ZMALLOC error will happen. You probably need to sacrifice some sprites to make space for this or that thing. Anyway, it would be convenient to see used sprites and free space in VRAM Viewer. -monsters on plutonia maps can be slightly nerfed, according on PSX controls and speeds. About monster usage. Now I understand why mancubus is rare kind in PSX DOOM. Because his sprite is big and used many space in VRAM, along with spiderdemon. So if you use fatso on your map, get ready to sacrifice two another monster types. Baron is also high consumption, especially when you can use hell knight even in Ultimate Doom maps. @Erick194 I found crash in map editor, when map have no sky, GZDB crashes. The DoomED thing 50 (hanger) have chain hook sprite. Also I hope there are more automated tools will available to build image without many hassle (batch files, e.t.c.)
  9. Jimmy

    PNAMES/TEXTURE1/2 sucks.

    What is the point of this post? I know how the system works on a basic level, you numpty. I'm talking about combining different texture sets together, something I've done numerous times and always run into problems with due to how the system is structured.
  10. Novaseer

    Enemies you don't want to return

    Not exactly omitting anything, but I'd like to see the Possessed Soldiers have a rework. They were too tough in the early game but became too easy once you obtain the Super Shotgun.
  11. ZDaemon City 2 will see its first public beta release around December this year. To celebrate that, I'll release the finalized version of ZDaemon City 1. So, you may ask; why this version? I had always been so annoyed with what ZDaemon City looks like. And always thought of releasing a finalized somewhat remastered version. I started working on it, however after some rational thinking I thought ZDaemon City 2 would make up for this, so I stopped. On a rainy day (which is quite normal here in the Netherlands), I was talking about this with a friend. He wondered how much work it would be to finish it, as he was still interested in seeing this version online. Just for the sake of it. He offered to help and well, there you have it folks. Thank Flambeau if you do not like ZDaemon City. btw. ZDaemon City is capable of generating highly intoxicating love relationships, relationships just like the one we saw between Alteus and Ghost-cat-sarah. If you are hypersensitive and highly influenceable, do not join this session. Or even better, just do not play ZDaemon City at all. Settings: Game Mode: Cooperactive IWAD: doom2.wad (or freedoom) PWADs: zdcity1.wad zdsskinsv3b1 Wad url: Maps: 01 DMFLAGS: 17056772 / 1179722 / 0 Players: 64 + 12 spectator slots Skill: 3 Date: Saturday June 23, 2018 Time: 19:30 BST
  12. Today
  13. Are you sure you have no idea? And it's hardly more monotonous than a great many maps from over 20 years ago.
  14. Cacodemon345

    What are the good Doom-style randomizer mods?

    I played it, but from what I've seen, it isn't what I was looking for.
  15. pitchfork also always stuns them for some reason, stunlock to death lol.
  16. Nems

    What are you playing now?

    Playing through Doom 2 Redux with Doomzone as the Support class again.
  17. Phobus

    Post your Gamer Throne®

    I upgraded from one of those (a year or two after it broke when somebody sat on my lap) to a mysit racing chair in black leather(ette?) and grey mesh, which is pretty comfy and feels a bit more robust than the IKEA one did.
  18. Avoozl

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    At some points there is gargoyle statues which come to life when you open a door or press a switch nearby, you can push them into any water nearby and they eventually drown somehow.
  19. Dark nights on the streets... Looks like DirectX renders do the game justice. Pretty dark, but OpenGL is probably too bright and seemed to also be really outdated.
  20. Agent6

    Enemies you don't want to return

    Better not.
  21. Touchdown

    What kind of campaign style are you hoping for?

    Level-to-level progression but with levels that are less linear and more exploration-based.
  22. Urthar

    Enemies you don't want to return

    Those two rock elementals that looked like they had stepped out of World of Warcraft. Archviles resurrecting Summoners summoning Archviles?
  23. Blood is just way harder than Doom and Duke3D. Shadow Warrior has its merciless moments so they are kinda equal. Especially on highest difficulty, both go crazy and need perfect execution in many areas. You can also trick the hounds to jump into water which kills them. If you are too far when you jump into it they might just lose interest instead and go run around and possibly hide in a corner.
  24. scalliano

    Recommendations for Total Conversions?

    Legacy of Suffering. Be warned though, while the aesthetic is very Doom3-insipred, the gameplay is very much Painkiller. Community is Falling 3. Immature, puerile, hilarious, brutally hard and one of the biggest, most ambitious undertakings ever to grace the ZDoom engine. It's basically the PC version of PO'ed. And while I also recommend Winter's Fury, be advised that it's pretty taxing on hardware.
  25. Slendr_Playr918

    What are the good Doom-style randomizer mods?

    I'd recommend Æons of Death, by DBThanatos, Major Cooke, and Michaelis.
  26. scalliano

    PC Doom sound effects VS PSX Doom sound effects

    I started out on the 32x version before migrating to Playstation. Hence my bias towards the PSX sounds as anything was better than that crap.
  27. map15: Klockwerk, Paul Corfiatis [category: 160 things] zdoom2.8.1, uvmax, pistol start, no saves, first time played An excellent map with a quake aesthetic, featuring lots of clocks by veteran and prolific mapper Paul Corfiatis. With only tier 1 and 2 enemies and no nasty traps, this is one of the easier maps in the set and I certainly enjoyed it. The secret search nets backpacks, chaingun, rocket launcher and a soulsphere. The rocket launcher makes the archvile exit guardian with his revenant friends easier to handle. Note there are 2 exits, the normal one to map16 and the secret exit to map31. Finding the secret exit does not count as a secret.
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