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  1. Vominus


    It seems to me that any girl who is into Doom must be worth talking to... Kinda like if I see some girl wearing a t-shirt for some obscure metal or punk band, I'd go talk to her. ...not that I wouldn't talk to ther girls, I just don't approach them.
  2. The first game the really got me hook, line and sinker was Zelda for the NES, but long before that I had my first attachment to a way oldschool game on my dad's 8088 (complete with 512k RAM and not one but TWO 20 MB drives, cost him $3000) called "Tink-Tonk in the Land of Buddy Bots." You walked around and picked up scattered parts of your friends (the buddy bots) to put them back together, and eventually you penetrate the castle of the evil king and the final battle ensues. There was even a minigame where you could build your own buddy bot. I loved it to death, and I also noticed that my one-time cohort still vaguely remembers it: Lüt Wolfenstein was introduced to me at a classic sleepover with several friends in 3rd grade (at the almighty Christopherson's). I never forget what I played that night and would always tell my dad about it. One day he came home and said: "Well Son, I don't know if it's the game you played your friend's house, but one of the guys at work brought this in and I thought it looked a lot like what you were talking about, let's go check it out!" So we hunkered into the den, and as I took my first baby steps in E1M1 of shareware version 1.0, I realized: "I see windows... Whoa, I see mountains... WHOA, I could get down there somehow!" I turned to my dad and said "No, this isn't Wolfenstein."
  3. Vominus

    isn't this ironic?

    This talk of avatars compells me to briefly inform you of my own. That display of human tolerence you see on the left is infact yours truly. It's from a photo session with Lüt and friends back when "Six Mad Chefs" was his latest conception. The inspiration for these photos came from the layout of the Rammstein album: "Sehnsucht"
  4. Vominus

    A very cool idea (in my opinion)

    Perhaps when Doom 3 is upon us and "Doom Fever" once again sweeps the nation, the movie will materialize. Chances are it will have correlations with the latest installment, but whatever they end up doing, I'm sure they will find a clever way to pay homage to the original. Anyone who never has (hey now, you never know...), must go and watch the first 5 minutes of Congo.
  5. Vominus

    Check out these screenshots

    Those are some nice grabs, Quast. I particularly liked Imp 1, Pain Elemental 3, and the Demons.
  6. Vominus

    What's your style?

    Growing up with Lüt, I had the benefit of being the first to play many of his maps. I must say, of all that I've seen and played in my time, his were really always my favorite for their flashy style. I can only imagine how long he spent making some that architecture... In a few instances, he took ideas that I had created and vastly expanded upon them. I once got the idea to make a subway level when I realized how simple it was to make rails, so I sat down and hammered out a nice little opening scene. Steve took this and weaved one of his own masterpieces right around it. Another fun level from back in the day was called "Cryptic Slaughter." This stemmed from a small graveyard scene I created on a burst of inspiration. Steve took this and built a system of crypts that led to an instense courtyard type battle. That was a level from our episode we called "Ticket to Hell." (this goes back to 96/97) My levels were pretty straight forward with simplistic designs, but I still managed to create some interesting individual scenes. All in all we took 6 months or so to create the episode, then uploaded it to AOL (it used to be great for getting Doom and Heretic levels, and other random garbage that people had created [anyone ever play Hell House 1 or 2?????? That's what I mean by garbage]). Naturally, we didn't hear from AOL for 8 months, then suddenly Steve gets an e-mail informing us that our zip file has been rejected due to offensive content found within the text file. There was one swear, and it was in the title of a section. (Something like "Credits, Disclaimer, other Sh*t...")
  7. Vominus

    Most Hated Map

    I've never really hated any, but I did get bored of map 5 after a while. And now that I think of it, I've completely forgotten how to get that plasma rifle. Downtown is a bitch, but I like the parts where you're up high.
  8. Vominus

    Oh lord help me!

    Howdy folks, need your gracious helping hands again! I'm currently writing my research paper (which includes the poll that some of you voted in [how exciting!!]) and I need a particular source. Could someone please give me the URL to a site stating the enormous size of the patch required for Daikatana? (I need a credible source, please.) Thanks again.
  9. Vominus

    Just one question

    I just have one simple question that I need answered. Do you prefer gaming on a PC or a console?
  10. Vominus

    Just one question

    I have no idea man... The question is which do you prefer, I know it's not always easy to make decisions, but you con do eet mon!! I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who participated in my poll as it was actually something I needed for school. You've all been a great help! p.s. I like the signature with the GWAR quote, I'm a huge fan myself. They were one of the bands that started it all for me! For those of you not aware, I am the Metal Master and I dare anyone to try and defy me!
  11. Vominus

    Need some help.

    Yo Doomworld, I need your help now. I have to do a simple survey for a school project and I want to post a poll for it. Can someone tell me how I would go about doing this? I've tried to figure it out but the noggin just ain't workin tonight...
  12. Vominus

    your music in a musicless Doom

    Oh yeah and about the VPOs, I was playing on a: 486 SX 25 MHZ 4 MB RAM 500 MB HD and on a 14" monitor no less I'm not that knowledgeable on the subject though, if VPOs aren't related to your hardware then I apologize for the extraneous post.
  13. Vominus

    your music in a musicless Doom

    Yeah that's it!! That's actually what really turned me on to NIN as well. I'd seen the video for Head Like a Hole and Closer by the time I played that map, and I thought they were pretty cool. My sister actually owned The Downward Spiral too. When our dad happaned to overhear Closer he actually stormed right into the room, took the CD out of the player, broke it in half and threw it in the trash can! But anyway when I heard HLaH in the realm of Doom that just put it in a whole new light and completely opened my eyes.
  14. Vominus

    your music in a musicless Doom

    I don't remember what it was called, but I played some pwad back in the day that used a midi version of Head Like a Hole by Nine Inch Nails and I remember that translated perfectly into Doom music. If I remember correctly the level had a huge outdoor scene with a gas station and it usually caused a visplain overflow. I didn't put Napalm Death down because I consider them to be more of a death/grind band (depending on what year the recording is from). Scum is a classic album! There's actually one band up there that isn't a thrash band. Whoever knows it or can figure it out wins the game.
  15. Vominus

    Scariest Doom monster?

    When I was 11 I nearly fell out of my chair in horror when I encountered my first demon, and my first spectre encounter was equally as frightening. The second most horrifying experience was hearing the Cyber Demon's roar before I had ever seen him, and then of course seeing him! Anyone who says the Doom monsters aren't scary completely missed out on one of the game's most important elements, or is a complete liar...
  16. Vominus

    your music in a musicless Doom

    If it's a fast paced level with lots of killing I need some good pulsing speed metal such as: Death - Living Monstrosity Death - Defensive Personalities Death - Killing Spree Death - Pull the Plug Possessed - The Eyes of Horror Possessed - Swing of the Axe Possessed - Death Metal Kreator - Pleasure To Kill Kreator - Endless Pain Destruction - Bestial Invasion Destruction - The Mad Butcher Destruction - Curse the Gods Dodheimsgard - The Crystal Spectre Hallows Eve - Plunging to Megadeath Hallows Eve - Metal Merchants Whiplash - Power Thrashing Death Whiplash - Pistolwhipped Whiplash - Voice of Sanity Blood Feast - Blood Lust Blood Feast - Menacing Thunder Piledriver - Metal Inquisition Marduk - Christraping Black Metal Misfits - Earth A.D. Megadeth - Hook In Mouth Megadeth - Rattlehead Megadeth - Mechanix Venom - Witching Hour Venom - Black Metal Slayer - Chemical Warfare Slayer - Angel of Death Slayer - Silent Scream Exodus - Piranha Exodus - Strike of the Beast Anyone who's interested in what real thrash metal sounds like should go and download some of these songs. And if you want to know more about metal just let me know, I am the Metal Master!
  17. Vominus


    Damn, I caught this one a little late but it's a complete blinder!! I really liked map 15, now that's a bitch! (Even with IDDQD... only cheaters use IDCLIP!) Now someone figure out where this brilliant work of art came from, I wanna get in touch with the genius who created it.
  18. Vominus

    Your Signatures

    I think my last signature was definitely my best, but I'm sure hardly anyone bothered to check it out. Shame on you all, now what will you have to fear? My new one is just an attempt at opening up your ears to the strange and wonderful music that is created by the combined creativity of my friends and I. Anyone who never got the chance to hear the bizarre creations of Lüt and friends can do so here. It's too bad we never got around to making our grindcore project into mp3s. All I can tell you is that it was called Barnyard Perversions and we had a song featuring Mario and Luigi. And we had so many other collaberations too... Dying Corpse, 9 Inch Prostitute, Pfingsten, Chuck-Core, Spaztic Bastards, Cybernein, Six Mad Chefs...
  19. Vominus

    Emulators and Roms

    I think video game emulation is great. It's been the spark of so much creativity for amatures and it's even gotten a fair deal of recognition in the professional world. Plus I love playing all my old favorite games. And just like with mp3s, if I really like the game and have the ROM, I will still buy the cart when I can afford it. I also agree that it's not fair to publishers to possess an emulated version of a game that is still being made and sold. I only have the classics, but boy do I have a lot of them! My emulation directory is about 3gb!
  20. Vominus

    smoking/tobbaco doomers

    I find myself thinking about the power to kill far too often. I also have an obsession with unrated 70's gore flicks, so that might have something to do with it. As for tobacco... I don't smoke cigarettes or chew regularly, but now and again I will indulge in a cancer-stick. Actually last week I tried chew for the first time ever, but I was really drunk at the time and just ended up chewing it like food and swallowing it. Needless to say I puked my guts out and don't think I'll be trying it again! Just the other day I tried a clove cigarette for the first time. It was very harsh to breath in, but quite enjoyable when I just puffed it like a cigar. If you lick your lips after a few puffs they taste very sweet.
  21. Vominus

    Who here likes PSX doom?

    I seem to have stumbled across this thread a little late but I still wanna get my pennies in. The PSX Doom was a gift from above for me when it came out. My crappy old Packard Bell 486 SX25 couldn't even run the game in low detail without a good deal of choppiness. When I finally got to play through the game I got one hell of an experience, and the ambient soundtrack is a big part of that, but the controls were also very tight. They did a great job of making it playable on a console. Now the SNES version on the otherhand... what a joke! It's very cool that they were able to make it, but I can't see any reason for playing it unless you're a masochist. It doesn't even have floor/ceiling textures! The music is pretty rockin though.
  22. Vominus

    Drop a Monster, Pick a Monster

    I'm not as impressed with the new monster designs as I would like to be. They look great for what they are, but I don't think they do Doom complete justice. This isn't all a bad thing though - it just means the players will have to get creative if they wanna see their favorite enemies of classic Doom on the new engine.
  23. Vominus

    E3 Awards

    I expected nothing less.
  24. Vominus


    I've probably done more drugs than any of you can shake a stick at. And in all my experience I can safely say that they are not as bad as most people make them out to be. The only one that I experienced negative feelings from was LSD and that's because I did it at a time when I was mentally unstable to begin with. You can do most drugs as long as you do them in moderation, but I never have and never will do heroine through a needle, and I strongly advise everyone else to avoid it. You may think you'll never have to, but you'd be quite surprised what kind of situations you can end up in a few months down the road when you allow drugs into your life. Since weed is the main idea here, this is what I have to say about it: It's a blast when you first start getting high. You'll have some great times rolling around on the floor laughing with your friends about nothing in particular. Then you'll start combining it with various situations and find that it makes them quite interesting (try going to an amusement park or for a walk in a big rain storm!). Then you'll see what it's like to get high on your own and eventually you'll make some startling realizations while under the influence. It's helped me make some important decisions with my life for sure. Then you'll really notice the tolerence building up and you'll also start to realize that it just ain't what it used to be. That's usually the point that people turn to harder drugs, but you don't have to. Moderation is the key. Don't get stoned every night just because you can. Save for the perfect moment, when it feels just right. You'll know when it's a good time for a smoke. Infact I wish I had some right now, damn.....