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  1. Scabbed Angel

    Best Quake 1 episode?

    E3, E1, E2 and E4 tied... although it's been a long time since I've played the whole thing through... sad when I do that I still remember where every monster is... guess I played it WAY too much. I wonder if id or raven or whatnot will ever to a direct sequel to this game. Prolly not : (
  2. Scabbed Angel

    Gta:Sa Offically recieves AO Rating

    Sorry man!
  3. Scabbed Angel

    Willy Wonka Willy Wonka!

    So anyone seen it? I may tomorrow. From the clips I've seen, Johnny Depp is very very creepy and that song gets stuck in my head. I was reading Ebert's review and was humored because he remarked that Depps acting reminded him of Michael Jackson. This is hilarious because he was using Marilyn Manson as an inspiration for the role. Marilyn Manson sucks. "What was he thinking of? In "Pirates of the Caribbean" Depp was famously channeling Keith Richards, which may have primed us to look for possible inspirations for this performance. But leaving "Pirates" aside, can anyone look at Willy Wonka and not think of Michael Jackson? Consider the reclusive lifestyle, the fetishes of wardrobe and accessories, the elaborate playground built by an adult for the child inside. What's going on here? Bad luck that the movie comes out just as the Jackson trial has finally struggled to a conclusion."Heh.
  4. Scabbed Angel

    Gta:Sa Offically recieves AO Rating

    I think maddox has put it best. Very funny post too, thought he'd started to lose it.
  5. Scabbed Angel

    Guy Spoils New Harry Potter Book (SPOLIERS)

    HARRY POTTER DIES![/END SPOILER] Ohh NOOSs!!!!!1 Seriously, aren't they children's books?
  6. Scabbed Angel

    The Devil's Work

    Thanks a lot! I was trying to use the empty space as a means to draw the viewer to and past Otis, and off the panel where the trail of blood leads... but I see what you mean, there probably could have been some background elements. ;D
  7. Scabbed Angel

    The Devil's Work

    Thought I'd share a picture I've done to celebrate the release of the new film by Rob Zombie, The Devils' Rejects. It is a comic style/painted rendition of Otis Driftwood, one of the killers in the movie. Thought some of ya'll might be interested: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/20750258/
  8. Scabbed Angel

    THE Official Sock Thread

    Likewise, hanes crew socks! :D
  9. Scabbed Angel

    Aliens action figures with comics

    Wow, I didn't know they had action figures for aliens back then. Nice!
  10. Scabbed Angel

    This Summer go to Hell

    The Devil's Rejects comes out in one week from today. I am a HUGE fan of the first film, House of 1000 Corpses, and am excited as hell for the second installment. Rob Zizzle was on Connan last night and showed a new clip "Clown business" which can be found in the below link with some other new ones: You can check them out by clicking on this sentence. The first film has become a cult classic, being recieved with black and white results. Either you love it (like I do) or you hated it (like most other people have. To my disapointment, Senor Zombie has removed a lot of the campier qualities of the first film in the new one. No more music video style cut scenes, Otis is no longer an albino but resembles a blonde Charles Manson, Baby no longer has her characteristic giggle, Spaulding donns his makeup only for a short while, etc. I hope this wasn't done as an attempt to be more accessible to a wider audience. RZ says that he wanted a grittier, realer, meaner film this time around. From what I've seen so far, especially the short clip from conan with Spaulding, I'm still excited despite a few of my disapointments. I know it won't feel like H1KC, but from what I've seen so far, I think it will be an awesome film. Also in preparation from the upcoming release, I will be posting a painting I'm working on of Otis B. Driftwood, seeing as how he's my fav character from the movie. So, post your thoughts on the clips, trailers, or the movie when it comes out. And why not do a poll then too, which did you enjoy more, House or Rejects?
  11. Scabbed Angel

    This Summer go to Hell

    Though this thread has bombed, thought I'd still share the picture I painted for it... can be found in this the following thread. Feel free to post thoughts on the painting there, or any thoughts on the movie (two more days!) here.
  12. Scabbed Angel

    Aliens action figures with comics

    I had the cougar, praying mantis, gorilla, scorpian, crab, bull, queen, king, and I know there were more but I don't remember... the scorpian was the coolest because there was a button on his back you could press to make him explode and he had red organs inside.. really they shold have been green, but red was cooler anyway. Funny how they were totally marketing a violent, vulgar rated R movie to kids... heh Don't have any one the comics though, hell I don't have many of the toys anymore. I feel bad when I think of all the money my mom wasted on me....
  13. Scabbed Angel

    art forum sucks

    LOL! I love the "this way up" on the sword. Great job dn!
  14. Scabbed Angel

    Silent Hill Demon Child

    Awesome job, sir! *hat's off* Very well done! God I love Silent Hill...
  15. They would still sell the console versions wouldn't they?
  16. Agreed. I do. If it's not MA, it probably sucks. I don't see what the big deal is. Considering how incredibly violent and vulgar the game is, how can people claim that the esrb wasn't "looking out for their children"? At the least 17 year olds can play the game, and that's the only minor group that should be playing it legally anyway. It's not as if it's real porn. I mean two poorly animated/modeled characters (i'm sorry but that game's graphics sucks) can't represent that much (I haven't seen it so maybe I'm wrong). If it wasn't meant to be played in normal game play anyway, and can only be accessed when modding it, no one should be respnsible. It wasn't arguabley rockstars or take twos intent to have that viewed in the context of normal, unmolested (no pun intended) gameplay. Also.. any one to my knowledge can pick up say a Stephen King novel... they are not hugely graphic, but to some degree, and they are especially vulgar. Him or any other major novelist... Clive Barker... especially gory, violent, sexual etc... there's no one complaining about books... be consistent if you're going to be at all. **For the record I do not want them banning books as I love books.
  17. Scabbed Angel

    nin: Only video

    Interesting.. although with NIN and Fincher, I have to admit it was not what I was expecting...
  18. Scabbed Angel


    What if you just leave the damn thing at home?
  19. Scabbed Angel


    It's not like they're call "Al-Quality". Their attacks don't have to be huge and calculated. Also, a lot of the higher ups have been captured or killed. My condolences to the victoms and their familes, and my heart goes out to them.
  20. Scabbed Angel


    Reminds me of the "Girl in the Box", who was brainwashed into a sex slave in northern california in the 80's over a period of 7 or 8 years. Crimelibrary.com is funtastic!
  21. Scabbed Angel

    Reading this article causes dry heaves

    Scuba, why don't you understand what his point was instead of crafting it around your own? People aren't saying "Oh hay blah blah" etc, but when a viable (heh) out is available, people tend to take more chances without thought of consequence. Perhaps I just wasn't as big of a moron, but I did consider pregnancy as a consequence to the actions I chose as a teen. EDIT: Sorry for the double post. EDIT2: I completly agree with you that birth control should be make more readily avail to teens, and also should education on the subject.
  22. Scabbed Angel

    Reading this article causes dry heaves

    That is very poor logic and inconsistent with my "own words". It's best to DEAL with an issue, not be a coward. Do I say KILL the mother if she wants an abortion? Hell no. If you're going to make a point only to mock, and not to address, why waste your time?
  23. Scabbed Angel

    Land of the Dead (spoilers)

    I'm sure people will have it on their computers before then. EDIT: How'd it compare to the Dawn remake?
  24. Scabbed Angel

    Reading this article causes dry heaves

    I assume you're joking because I find the alternative.... unpleasant. If you're not joking, please read what you quoted and consider its context more carefully...
  25. Scabbed Angel

    Cartoon Revisited

    I should have read the whole thread before commenting in DA.. mind the comment