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  1. If the UAC had the technology to create an artificial atmosphere and various labs and a military base on “one of Jupiter’s moons” (as mentioned in the backstory for the game in the Final Doom manual), which one do you think it would be? I think it would be Europa, because Europa is the most potentially habitable thing in our solar system behind Mars (to my knowledge), so it would make sense if they wanted to take it to a different planet, to follow Mars (and its moons) with Jupiter’s Europa. Only that the sky texture in the first chapter has mountains surrounding, and I’m pretty sure Europa is known for its smoothness. Also its gravity is comparable to that of the moon, so the UAC had to have created an artificial atmosphere to change the gravity due to all of the outside levels allowing to sprinting and normal movement. Also, the sky being white on the outdoor levels where there is no atmosphere wouldn’t make sense, so that’s where I’m leaning towards. About the mountains, Jupiter’s other moon, IO, is actually very well known for its mountains, it is covered In volcanoes. So maybe chapter 1 is on IO, and chapter 2 (the one with the space/stars sky texture) is on Europa? (Kind of like the phobos/deimos thing from Ultimate Doom) the only thing with that is that canonically the manual only mentions one moon, “on one of jupiter‘s moons” it says. So maybe its just a fictional moon that is a combination of IO and Europa, and that has an artificial atmosphere and has had its gravity levels altered by the NEW TECHNOLOGY. Hahaha, yeahhhhh thats right. Heck maybe “TNT” is the name of the company that can change a planets gravity thru tech, and they are partnered with the UAC and their name is all over the crates and doors. And yeah I know I am thinking way too hard about this and that the backstory was probably tacked on after the game was already finished as an afterthought.
  2. LucidLocomotive

    Which moon do you think TNT Evilution takes place on?

    I think I know why you guys remember it being Io. The reason is because there was that weird commercial (i think) but non-canon map pack, I believe it was called “the lost episodes of doom” or something like that, and that one did specifically say it took place on Io (as well as callisto and jupiter itself as dumb as that it lol).
  3. It doesn’t seem to make sense to me. I will have it checked to search for any of the words in the search term, and checked to search within both the body and title of all posts of all time, but somehow no results come up. I searched up “Evilution” both with and without quotes. Does this mean that nobody on any thread on this entire website has ever written the word evilution? That can’t possibly be, so what gives exactly? What am I doing wrong? If I want to search something on this forum I pretty much have to just go to google and type in “site:doomworld.com (insert search term)” I have searched a lot of other words and phrases too. “Canon”, etc. with no results.
  4. That is interesting. I found metal to be one of my favorites so far. I love going through the tight corridors with the chainsaw and save/load trial/error dark souls style strategizing with the traps, and the music
  5. Yeah Metal was actually one of my favorite levels so far, along with prison. In metal I just love having a chainsaw and going through the tight corridors shredding everything. And the music in “prison” as well as the cosmetic designs, like the two large pump things with the switch, are just great touches
  6. I haven’t played Plutonia yet but I agree about Doom II. I love Doom 2 but I feel like the level design in TNT is more detailed and makes more sense. Exploding barrels and toxic waste warning signs in Hell? Really? The TNT levels feel like a return to the quality of UD imo so far
  7. Were the wads made by their respective developers, and then the stories tacked on by iD Software? Or were the stories designed originally with the wads? I wonder who wrote the story lines for each game, especially TNT. I really like the whole Jupiter thing, and it adds to Doomguys character in a way, and the PTSD he would be experiencing in Doom 64. And the fact that the TNT story mentions Doomguy has been having nightmares about the creatures between D2 and FD, makes me think that the Master Levels for Doom II could be dreams/nightmares of Doomguy after the events of UD and D2, leading up to FD
  8. I know for me, Doom II feels like it was designed more for pistol-starting each level, since most levels have a chainsaw, and almost all of the weapons. I remember reading about how one of the developers said how Doom 1 was too easy because the levels were not designed accounting for weapons and stats from previous levels carried over, and how the levels were all designed and playtested with pistol-start in mind. I was just wondering what you thought of this, and also whether you think the episodes of Final Doom feel this way too. I like to have the complete experience and I can’t tell sometimes if I am cheating or cheapening the experience by starting off with my super shotgun.
  9. Wow, id took their names out of the credits? That is weird and messed up if true
  10. The level order in the PC Master Levels is alphabetical, but in the current Classic Doom port on modern consoles, the levels are arranged in a different order. Does anyone know the logic behind the ordering?
  11. The arch vile is needed to boost you up onto the platform with the secret exit, but there are still enemies past the arch vile in the thin corridor. You cannot get back onto the platform if you kill the Archie and then hop down to kill the last enemies, and it seems there is not enough room to pass the arch vile while he is still alive in order to reach the enemies and then return to the spot where he can boost you up onto the secret exit platform. Does anybody know of a consistent way in which you can make this work without cheats?
  12. Do you know if this can be done on Hurt Me Plenty? Or is it only possible on UV? I don't remember if HMP has 2 Archviles in the final room like that