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  1. i don't really know how i'm supposed to react after everything that just happened. i have come to figure disconnecting from this community is the best thing i can do for now, until i am no longer ashamed to come here. well, maybe not ashamed but definitely uncomfortable. thank you, mods, for successfully managing to take care of this before it escalated to a whole different level (like posting my face). i am logging out, not knowing if this will be the last time i do so. i wish you all the best, thank you for the unforgettable experience. goodbye.

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    2. Biodegradable


      Don't let the hacked account incident spoil your fun here, dude. Nobody blames you too much for what happened and it was handled reasonably quickly. Hope to see you back and mapping again soon.

    3. Doomkid


      Step 1) Make a new account with a new password


      Step 2) ????


      Step 3) Profit

    4. URROVA


      Its so sad that you have to go from here... The account hacker is very stupid, but if you have to go for protecting your private data, well... I hope you return to this forum anyday.

  2. elio.exe

    Doom Sucks

    thank you, THANK YOU
  3. elio.exe

    Doom Sucks

    thank you deeply, i won't have to worry anymore (online, of course, offline will be hell as usual)
  4. elio.exe

    Doom Sucks

    he's bluffing, he doesn't have my ip address and can't find it
  5. elio.exe

    Doom Sucks

    i already have just please please PLEASE report him
  6. elio.exe

    Doom Sucks

    he hacked my previous one, this one is the new one i created a while ago just report him
  7. elio.exe

    Doom Sucks

    everyone this is not me, someone in real life hacked into that account please report it as soon as you can, he's trying to destroy my reputation
  8. elio.exe

    24 carat speed- A limit-removing megawad!

    i am not affiliated to this account, please report this account
  9. elio.exe

    24 carat speed- A limit-removing megawad!

    Oh, okay, yeah! Episode 1 is generally weaker, but there are some enjoyable maps later on (like the last two). Map 1 is actually my first serious attempt at mapping, so technically not a speedmap. And speaking of Barons and Hell Kights, their hp has been reduced to 850 and 450 respectively. Thanks for playing the first few maps!
  10. 24 carat? You wish. Speed? Now that's more like it. 24 maps, each done in almost a flash. Yup, these are all speedmaps I made while working on a video-game as an indie game dev. So... you wanna know the story? Simple. UAC fucked up again and you're in Charon now. Demons everywhere. Here's your super shotgun, you take care of the rest. Well, the first episode is Charon. The second one is, you guessed it- HECK. The in-game stories? I changed the strings, but it's too damn chaotic, considering my god-awful writing skills. Each episode starts from a pistol-start, and I made sure of it. So how much time did it take for each map? Well, there's a lump you can check out on SLADE. 3 actually, including the credits and map recommendations. Btw, I personally like episode 2 much better than episode 1, but the penultimate and final maps of the first episode take the crown for me. What else to cover? Check below. Here's the wad: 24carat.zip Port: Limit-removing Maps: 01-24 Dehacked: Yes Custom enemies: Yes Music: Doom 1, 2 and Final Doom Difficulty: Hard, but not too much, quite frankly. Plutonia-ish difficulty, maybe a bit easier/harder. Advanced source port: PrBoom+ works just fine. Crispy doom is also quite nice for playing it. GZDoom and Zandronum also work, though I haven't tested them out as much. Designed for: Singleplayer, Co-op and adapted for DM Bugs: You can get stuck in a lift in map 13. Quite rare, even if you're unlucky. Jumping: Hahaha... no Crouching: Umm nope Freelook: As you wish. Really unnecessary tho. May not run with: DOSBox and Chocolate Doom. Sorry vanilla :( DO NOT LEAVE THIS WAD WITHOUT PLAYING THE MAPS COVERED IN THE FAVMAPS LUMP. That's all I could cover. For more information on the '90s gimmicks and gameplay you'll find in the wad, check the screenshots below. Whew, I'm soooo nervous about this T-T
  11. Due to a small irl hacking problem, I had to give up my old account. It was a really... disturbing experience and I hope that account is taken down for security measures. 

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    2. elio.exe


      i'll clear this out and get your account taken down

    3. elio.exe


      @Linguica can you take his account down?

    4. Biodegradable



      The Elio AF account has been compromised. Please help