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  1. BuzWeaver

    Doom3 on 9600Pro

    The only problem I was having was occasional lock ups. Some levels seem to be worse than others.
  2. BuzWeaver

    Wal-Mart Sale!

    If a private business doesn’t want to sell a product then they are entitled. You do not have a right to purchase a product from a private business. As much as people talk about their rights you’d think they would take the time to find out what their rights are.
  3. BuzWeaver

    Damn it!

    I'm not sure whether I'll play it again once I've completed it.
  4. BuzWeaver

    What is martianbuddy.com

    Booty Magazine.
  5. BuzWeaver

    Well does Doom 3 deserve the title Doom ?

    The Teleporting Imps are very similar to Half-Life, the building structure and design is very similar to Half-Life. Interacting with various people, the Health Charging machines, just to name a few things.
  6. BuzWeaver

    Well does Doom 3 deserve the title Doom ?

    It’s Doom, well, because it’s Doom. I wasn’t a Doom player but my best friend was. His impressions were that it felt much more like Half-Life than what he would have imagined. I didn’t play any of the other Doom games so I have no frame of reference. To me the game is fun and that’s why I bought it.
  7. BuzWeaver

    Why is Kenneth Scott the lead artist?

    Its their company and product, so I'm sure they wanted to be part of it.
  8. BuzWeaver

    No liquids? No Swimming?

    I'm not all that concerned about swimming, I'll sure there will be plenty of that in Half-Life 2.
  9. BuzWeaver

    Custom Keyboard layout

    Just don't bind Auto-Save and Auto-Load next to each other.
  10. BuzWeaver

    Custom Keyboard layout

    Forward: Right Mouse Attack/Fire: Left Mouse Back: B Left: V Right: N Crouch: C Sprint: M Jump: Space Bar
  11. http://www.ati.com/support/infobase/4547.html
  12. BuzWeaver

    about catalyst 4.9

    I assume you did a Add/Remove program to remove all the ATI refrences? Were you having problems with the 4.9 Cataylst?
  13. BuzWeaver

    Save/Load (DOOM 3)

    I use quick save and quick load with no problems.
  14. BuzWeaver

    Where and when did you got Doom III?

    Tuesday at 10am EBGames.
  15. BuzWeaver

    Gamespot gives Doom3 an 8.5

    I thought GameSpy and GameSpot had very honest and accurate review. Naturally the Doom purest (or game purest for what ever game) are going to want the game to get high marks and accolades, but then they are biased and the Game Reviewers don’t have that luxury, well, unless they really want their credibility shot. As a consumer I do read the reviews because I want to get various perspectives and I know these guys know more about games than I do or at least more than I would care to know. The points they bring up are valid, logical and reasonable. The game is dark, it’s kind of annoying, but I understand that’s part of the atmosphere and ambience of the game, however does it have to be that dark to generate the same ‘startle’ factor? It would only seem logical that there might be some type of goggles or infrared weapon scope that would allow you to see with a little more clarity than the flash light or have a weapon with a mounted flash light, its in the future after all right? The gun sounds aren’t that big a deal to me, but the point about the spider droids being able to mow stuff down was another type of imbalance. The graphics are no doubt the games savior, very impressive and immersive. Despite the reviews the game to me is fun and that’s pretty much why I bought it.
  16. BuzWeaver

    Will it run nicely on YOUR system?

    If it wouldn't run good on your system we'd all be in trouble. I have a 2.8Ghz, 1024MB RAM and a ATI Radeon 9600 and it runs pretty good. I play on 1024x768, Medium Setting. I downloaded the ATI Beta 4.9 Cataylst its improved the game play, feels smoother and looks better over all.
  17. BuzWeaver

    Self Shadows in Single player

    I made the changes to the config and it does add a little more to the game, there is also one for increasing the lighting.
  18. BuzWeaver

    Gamespot gives Doom3 an 8.5

    I do agree with most of the reviews, but the bottom line for me is, is that the game is fun. I’m not as much a Doom fan as my friend is; he came over and played a bit yesterday since I had bought it. He and I got the impression that it felt a lot like Half-Life.