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Skulldash: How to die less (A guide by Lazorical)

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I'm finally finished with my nightmare run- Pretty much everything is 100%, beside nightclub, vibetech, strength and the last boss. Strength and the last boss are both 75%'d, but the last 2 bonuses have yet to be completed.


Which means i can *finally* continue writing this guide.


Tier 3


Might wanna get 200 HP, because the tier 3 opener is a big bad.


Level 9: Jungle Altar


In front of you there's coins, grab those. Shoot the switch you can literally see at the start- It lowers a wall.

2 things you can do- Keep the berserk, or take it to punch everything in the face. I recommend keeping it for when you're low. Proceed to grab all the coins on the low ground, starting with the right side- RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! You want to back off into the back of the right- There's a SSG guy. Kill the demon left from you, grab the red coin he was guarding, and snipe the SSG guy with your shotty. That's the first dealt with, hope he doesn't respawn for ya. Next, go to the left from the door, and behind the cave you shot open there's a stairway up right? Take it. Not the exit one, no. That's bad. Take the one across. Proceed to take the 2 coins on the small ledge and back off instantly after that- Kill the chaingunner and grab that. Now open the door you passed by and instantly take cover and crouchpeek if needed- There's a SSG guy. I recommend using the chaingun. And infights.

Get Prosperity, and take the left door to the caco. Proceed to kill everything in your way, and to the right of the caco- the wood part, yes, that has an arrow pointing to it on the automap? use it. Grab the gold coin. Exit the room, go forward. take the door to your left after the caco room. Good job so far! Trigger the monsters down the ramp next to the door, and crouchsnipe the SSG guy. This area is safe, so go on. Proceed to snipe the first SSG guy if he's alive and roaming. Take the small door down- Kill the demons and hope you don't die. Rush to the next small door, open it, back all the way off. Snipe the SSG guy, continue. Proceed to the higher part of that room by going to the door the first SSG guy came from. Grab all the coins and cell packs, shouldn't be too hard. Go back to where you found prosperity, kill the SSG guy. Take the door infront this time. Kill the monsters, grab the railgun, flick the switch, take out your railgun. 5-6 railgun shots on the archvile to kill it. Continue, take the white coins there- Kill the mancubus and its dark imps, open the door, take the red coin kill the dark imp etc. Backtrack back to where the demons were in last room- There's a wood part missing on the left. Use the elevator, since it's an elevator. Grab the remaining coin- You should be done! Try getting to the exit- and exit.


Level 10: To hell and back

Map's pretty straightforward so far i remember. Shoot once, hide behind the pillars, and proceed to snipe the zombiemen one by one. Conserve health. Take the SSG, deal with the demons. Now jump on the left pillar from where you spawned and jump on the big pillar with the blue coin on it. Proceed to grab every other coin and flick the switches in the meantime. Take all the coins after the switches are flicked in the next room, and jump down the pit. Move ALL THE WAY so you land on a ledge. There's a red coin. Now jump down. Don't take any blue coins until you have the railgun and every other coin. 6 railgun shots for a cacolantern, i think. Proceed to jump to the dark imp pillar thing and take his blue coins. Jump down into the pit. Flick the switch, take the backpack, etc. Backtrack to where you came from, but this time the low ground- Some coins dropped. 3, to be exact. One green, one red, and a white. Now go up the staircase with your railgun ready.

Try to line up the barons and shoot them with your railgun. You want to conserve ammo a bit. You can also use the SSG since it's safer ammo wise. Go to the revenants, dispose of them. Go ahead- There's a belphegor. Lure it out, then run forward. SSG guy on your left, kill him take the coin. If you were smart enough not to use your railgun, now's the time to use it a bit- There's a demon swarm. After killing that, move forward. There's another big room, take care of the mancubi with your SSG.

Take the cell ammo, on nightmare you should have enough for the next fight.

Flick the switch, back off to a pillar.

If you have 200 cell ammo, you should be able to do this with railgun alone.

Kill the Spider Mastermind, take all the coins if you haven't yet, and exit.


Level 11: Liquidation

Please do note this level is very, very, very hard without rocket jumping. You can try, but the safest bet is to rocket jump at the end.

Take the minigun, and one ammo pack. Then take the green coin, dispose of the demons and the caco. Take the other ammo pack, proceed onward. Don't grab any colored coins until i tell you to. Deal with the monsters in this room, and walk through the green area. Notice that everything is green? Yeah, it's because you picked up a colored coin. Basically, the colors match the portals. If everything is red, you can only enter red portals, etc. So don't grab the blue coin yet. Anyway, proceed to your right and kill all the stuff. Take the coins, flick the switch. Don't take the golden coin either yet. After flicking the switch, enter the cave. Proceed onward, grab the blue coin at the end- Grab the backpack. Proceed onward, flick the switch, etc. Kill the demons, take all the coins, jump across to the imps, take the coins there.

You should have 75 or 74 coins when exiting the area. Go back and take the blue coin, then the yellow one. Don't grab any colored coins from here- You want to keep the yellow liquid for now. Proceed onward, take the coins in the left area. Go on, kill the pain elemental, then the imps, etc.

Jump down to the chaingunner, and enter the yellow portal. Take the red coin and run back. Take the red armor now. Try to keep that as long as possible. So the door has a SSG guy behind it, so open it and prefire carefully. Proceed to open the door with the switch. You should have 11 coins after dealing with the pain elemental and taking the pathway's coins. Open the exit door and crouch through the left- Prefire the SSG guy. 3 coins left after flicking the switches? Good! flick the left/right one last. Proceed to take the coins without alerting the hell knight, and rocket jump on the platform. Good job you won.


Level 12: Black Death

Take the SSG and deal with the demons, You can even telefrag them. Keep the redcoins for heal. Open door, deal with stuff in building. Flick the switch, take the minigun. Back off to the right (when you're looking at it, the right, otherwise the left) of the switch. That tiny corner magically makes only 1 demon able to chomp you at once. Deal with the demons, continue. Oh and take the clips for ammo. Next, flick the elevator switch and jump off- There's a golden coin under it. From the left of the elevator, there's a gap you might've seen in the building with the green coin and all. jump there. Take the teleporter and kill the dark imps. Unless you want to die, don't flick the switch yet. Go to the right, dispose the chaingunner. When you look behind the chaingunner, you can see https://imgur.com/a/5lP82yi

Shoot that switch from afar. You can now get the 5 coins by running on the platforms. Flick the switch, and kill the revenants. I recommend crouching near them, and behind eachother, then disposing of them. Open the door, move down, kill everything. Take the grenade launcher. At the bottom of the stairs, don't turn around, grenade the next part. Just bounce them off of the wall, and kill the shotgun guys. Take the coins and rocket ammo. So behind the shotgun guys there's a walled off corner. Grenade it, carefully, from the open gaps until you hear a mancubus death sound. Flick the switch- flick the mancubus switch, and move to the open part left from the mancubus. Take the coins and yeet away. Now go up the stairs across where you picked up the blue/white coins and got harassed by chaingunners and imps. That should've opened up. Either carefully grenade everything, or minigun it down. Left from the demons, that odd wooden wall, use it. Golden coin! Yeet the hellknight, move on. Basically, after taking all the coins outside, jump into the next room. It's barricaded, but there's an opening on the left. Kill the chaingunner and take his coins if you haven't yet. Go back into the room, kill the hellknight etc. Don't flick the switch, please, for your own safety. Just go behind the switch, on the tiny ledge, and jump grab the coins. You should have all the tokens! Go back to the exit, somehow, and exit.


Boss time!

Boss 2: Emerald Inquisition

So this boss should be easy. Take the coins except for the reds, take enough ammo, flick the switches. Circlestrafe like hell, and change direction sometimes if you can- You gotta learn how this guy acts. Don't bother with the tesla coils, just dodge them. Thunder will kill em anyway. The only thing you really have to watch out for is when he teleports and you want to learn how to counteract it. Basically, don't move near him. After doing all this, you should've beaten tier 3!

Good job. You made it far.


Have fun with tier 4, which will be added later, when i feel like it. I can say one thing however- Maltreatment is stupid.

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